Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

OK, here are 2 week's worth of reader's questions...

How do you get "picked" to go on these cool trips/tours like the Campbells tour? Does the company call you and offer to have you come to their location, or do you call them and beg them to let you come tour their facility so that you can get a break from the kids??? Also, who pays for these trips?
LOL, I've never called anyone and begged. Companies find me. I'm guessing it's because of the amount of traffic I get. The smart companies are figuring out that mom blogs are a great way to spread the word. Speaking of, I still have more to tell about my Campbell's trip. And I've got some giveaways too! I'll keep you posted.

we are planning on going to FL for spring break. We have one day to spend in Orlando. I have 3 kids (16, 13, and 11). Can't decide on a day at Disney or SeaWorld. If we go to Disney, which park would be the best in your opinion? We've never been there and my kids LOVE roller coasters. Let me know what you think, please! Thanks!
I'm no Orlando expert, but if you told my kids they could spend one day at some Orlando park, half would say, "Discovery Cove" and the other half would say, "Magic Kingdom"! I've heard Universal has a lot of roller coasters and attractions for older kids. I've never been there myself though. I'm sure my readers will have some good advice for you!

okay now, where are the pictures that you promised to show off?! you gave us one to see, but then never mentioned them again.
OK, I just have no idea what pictures you're talking about. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Now that you finished the book and have so much free time and all! Is there a potential third book in the works at some point, or are you just focusing on getting the first two out?
Right now, I'm waiting to hear from my editor to see how much the manuscript stinks. Then it's time to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. After that, well, I'm not sure. I have an idea for a book that I really, really want to write. We'll see, I guess...

You SOOOO need to find a way to get a Duff cake for your launch party. And I so want to invite myself along -- and not just to see a cake in person.
Well, anyone who is in the vicinity of Chicago, mark your calendars for April 4th. Save the date for my book launch party. Details to be announced!

do you find yourself having to limit TV a lot with your kids, especially the younger ones? My 4 yr old would stay glued to the thing all day long if I let her!
Heck no! I encourage them to watch TV. Unfortunately, they're usually too busy goofing off, destroying the house and experimenting with soap, diaper wipes and household appliances to watch TV. ;)

do you get hate mail or hateful/ridiculous comments ? Probably not too many, but if you get some, I bet some actually pretty funny. Maybe future blog material???
Oh yeah, I get plenty of hate mail. I generally ignore/delete it. Once I responded to a piece of hate mail I got and I received a whole bucket of hate mail for responding to it! Generally it comes from people who think they know everything about me and my life from reading the little snippets I share here and it's ignorant so I just ignore it.

I'm thinking you sleep like a rock most nights! I hope that is the case!
Nope, not exactly.

does your family have/had any pets?
We've had a dog, a newt, fish, snails, hermit crabs, and frogs, but right now we have nothing and I'm good with that!

I just thought of this: someday, when our kids are older and our houses are quiet, we'll have plenty of time to call our friends. And I bet we'll miss the messes a little.
Yeah, you go with that. Let me know if it works.

How have you allocated chilodren to bedrooms? I note from previous posts that you have a 4 bedroom house, and that Savannah and Lexington share a room. From your recent 'bedrom cleaning' post it looks like perhaps Jackson and Clayton share a room? Does Austin have his own room? When Brooklyn isn't sleeping with you, where does she sleep? My husband and I are weighing up adding an extra bedroom to our house or having kids share a room.
I'll be doing a video blog about this soon, but yeah, Savannah & Lexi share, Clay & Jax share, Aj has his own and all Brooklyn's stuff is in my room.

Will your book be available on the Kindle on Amazon?
I have no idea!

Is there plans for an audio version of your book that you know of? I have no idea! You'd think I'd have a clue about this stuff, huh?

I thought the plan was to release the book around Mother's Day? Yep! April 1st is around Mother's Day. It gives husband's plenty of time to shop for it! ;)

is that a picture of its a small world ride in WDW?
Yep, be thankful I didn't put the video on my blog! "It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small, small world...."

I won't ask for your opinion on recent events since you've been quite clear you don't blog about outside news, and I respect that. But say, what would have been your reaction had you been expecting...say...triplets? (Assuming you weren't on fertility drugs and the chances to naturally conceive more than triplets are very slim).
Triplets the first time around would've been ok. Surprising and scary, but ok. Triplets after having 5 kids would've probably sent me over the edge. And yes, I think the single woman who had 8 through fertility treatments after already having 6 is clearly not thinking straight. I can't fathom her life.

I have to admit I do love texting! I normally spell things out and my almost 12 year old is good about it too! Now when I twitter and I have too much to say I will use "2" in place of two, to or too!
OK, I will admit that I use shortcuts occasionally when I Twitter because Twitter only allows you very few characters to get your point across.

My biggest nailbiting words are LOSE and LOOSE. It drives me batty when someone writes, "I need to loose weight." I could scream and I see it at least once a day when reading blogs online. In fact, I've seen it VERY recently...that's all I'm going to say....
Oh no, please don't tell me I messed up that one! PLEASE!

Why is it that I have to imagine Milwaukee looking like the set from Laverne & Shirley? Totally can't bring myself to think of it as up-to-date! Bottles going by on a conveyor belt, a glove on top of one of them...
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated. We're gonna do it!

Okay that's funny - your room looks 99% identical to the room I got at the Hyatt across from Woodfield for our reunion. But the question is....did your honor bar have one of those handy dandy "intimacy kit" thingies that upon first glance looked like a tin of Altoids?
Ummm, no. LOL! Knowing me though, I would've thought they WERE Altoids! That would've made for some funny blog material though!

Oh...and my name is Adrienne, and my son's name is Jalen, not Jaden...but close enough.
I'm so sorry Adrienne! I'm TERRIBLE with names. I've always been awful at remembering names. Your son, Jalen is adorable!

You've stated several times that you only planned on having a couple children and ended up with a litter :) I'm a mama who has always wanted a litter and have ended up with only a couple. I want more and am interested in adoption by haven't felt God calling us in that direction yet. But I digress. I know it's different for every person/couple but I'm curious how you and/or Joe decided whether or not to have another and another? And how you two knew your family was complete?
Good question. After our 4th was born, we decided we were done. God had other plans though. Hmmm, I dunno. I guess we just thought 6 was a good number and probably couldn't handle or afford any more. The DVT I got while pregnant with my 6th didn't exactly make me want more either.

Who is Oata in this story?
Sorry about that. I didn't even realize I'd written Oata. "Oata" is what the kids call Brooklyn. I don't even know how it started, but they've called her "Oata", "Oat","Oatlin" for over a year. If you call Brooklyn by her real name, she'll look at you and say, "My name is Oata." I have no idea. Nicknames are unavoidable.

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Bateman Family 2009 said...

Hi there Dawn. I love your blog and books. You truly represent so many moms out there. Thank you for all your hard work! You make me feel better when I start feeling bad for letting my kids watch tv all day!
I was wondering if you had the drawing for the free wireless printers?

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I think the photo question was referring to the photo shoot you had. I think it was one of just you that you promised some photos from. But I"m just guessing.

Shari said...

Hey Dawn! Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you a lot lately and were wondering how you were. Hope this finds you having a wonderful week! I hope the kids behave and you get some relax time. I know it's hard to find. I actually 'plan' it into my day! :o) It helps me stay sane. And a funny! The other day my six-year-old was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs in the church foyer. This particular kid has a lot of neuro issues and the people understand. However, one lady said, "I would go insane." I replied, "I am insane. I just hide it real well." Is that how you feel?

Mum-me said...

That was interesting to find you'd decided to stop at 4 children but ended up with 6, because the same thing happened to us! Always wanted 4, but we got two bonus rounds!

noexcuses said...

I just love cracking up at your answers to some of your readers questions! You sound like you have a blast answering them.

I would rsvp to your launch party in a heartbeat, but I'm going to a wedding in Vegas that weekend.

From the sound of it, you may want to reserve one of the Hyatt's ballrooms to accommodate your following! It will be a great party, and you certainly deserve it!

Esther said...

First of all- Stop kidnapping me on Facebook!! Geez!

Also, you said you like to read other people's blogs. I don't know if you have time anymore, but please stop by.

Tanyetta said...


At the bottom of your comment section of your blog there's:
Links to this post

What does that mean?

P.S. My favorite part: Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

HaHa!! That was priceless :)

Sandra in ABQ* said...

WoW! I feel famous! You used my comment in your SSO. And, no, you were not the one who spelled LOSE with the extra O. It was another person who commented to that same post about losing your voice. No worries!

Michelle said...

Well, Dawn... April 4 is a Saturday and 24 hours for a party sounds lovely, but I'm too old. Can you share the details as it gets closer? It's on my calendar AND my parents are taking the wee ones down to Champaign that day. And is there a Duff cake? Nosy people (ok, me) want to know!

Anonymous said...

Florida, spring break suggestion, with older kids, Universal Studios!! I have boys and they had more fun there then Disney. We did both but they did not enjoy Disney as much.

Karla with a K said...

Hi Dawn,
Just a couple things. I just finally got to read your Baby Expo post. The Hyatt Regency letter is a freakin' riot! ("platitudes" - great word!)

And secondly, to Adrienne,
Look at YOU with a 12 week old... you look FABULOUS!
And Jalen is a cutie (ok, did I spell it right??)

Thanks for the laugh - I needed that.

Anonymous said...

hey, i think the photo question was about the photo shoot you had with other authors.

Carol said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks so much for posting my Florida spring break question. I appreciate your help and the help of your readers. I knew you'd be able to help! You are GREAT!

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