Friday, November 16, 2007

What Was the Question?

Speaking of carseats. My son is 4 but not yet 40 pounds. Am I the only mom in the world who still has the 4 year old in a carseat vs a booster?
My 1, 3, and 6 year olds are all in carseats. My 9 year old is in a booster. The two older ones just wedge themselves between the car seats! So, you're not alone.

Just curious Dawn, when you are leaving the house with all the kids how long does it take for you to get everyone out the door (with coats, books, shoes and misc.) and into the car? Seems like it takes me forever with just one kid and you have 6! Is there much repeating and pleading involved?
It takes four days of planning to go anywhere. Ok, not really. But I inevitably forget something every time we leave the house. Every time! Seriously, once I drove straight to my destination without first circling the block and pulling back in the drive because I'd forgotten something. My kids were confused for days.

And what do you do when there is GUM on the part of the buckle that slides? That's what I'm trying to figure out right now!
Scrape it off and chew it to help freshen your breath when you've forgotten to brush your teeth that morning.

How do you keep mittens on your baby? I have a 12 month old who pulls them off with her teeth EVERY time!
Duct tape

...what is it they say about dementia sufferers forgetting recent things and remembering things long ago? Does that include reading blogs??
I'm sorry, what was the question?

A friend of mine has a sign on her fridge that says, "having children is like being pecked to death by chickens"
ROFL!!! I love it!

Hi! I was wondering how you manage the mountains of papers and pictures that the kids bring home from school. I'm flailing in the quicksand of school papers and I only have 2 kids. Do you have a system that you can share?
They're supposed to bring their papers home from school? Just kidding. Actually, I have a Rubbermaid container (about 10 gallon size, I believe) for each of my kids. I keep a small sampling of their school work each year. I put the work along with report cards, awards, and such in the box. The box lasted my two oldest all through grade school. I don't think I need to start another whole box for junior high because they don't bring much home anymore. I used to keep every last paper for each of them, but then I realized my house had become a fire hazard. Now we have a nice sampling from every year without having to wade through a sea of paper.

One of the funniest things to me is that everyone is always seeking that coveted prize of being first to comment on your site. We sound worse than your kids (I get the front seat! No, I was here first! No way - I was!)
I laugh every time I see that comment (though secretly wondering if I ever will attain this "holy grail" myself!)
This cracks me up every day. Maybe I should raffle off a signed copy of my book to the first commenter of the day!

And might I suggest a topic, if not for your blog, then for your book?
I'd love to hear some good old fashioned pregnancy/birth stories.I'd love to hear your funny birth stories so I can feel I'm not alone!
Funny you should say this because this is exactly what I'd like to write the second book about - pregnancy and childbirth!

Love reading all your posts I just hope i will be able to buy the book easily in the UK when it comes out!!!!!!
Though a trip to the USA to buy it sounds good to me. LOL
I'm sure it will be available online.

Harpo studios? Are you going to be on Oprah? If so, I'm sure everyone would love to know so they can catch the TIVO is on standby!!
Not that I know of. Perhaps in the future. I imagine they book their shows WAY in advance.

Reading your blog is a bit like watching a TV hospital drama series - looks glam, sounds fabulous, and the pressure I presume is involved makes me feel happy to have my own very non-glam job and lifestyle.
Oh yes, my life is very glamorous. Want to see what I just found?

This is a little toy safe that belongs to my middle son. I found it in his room the other day. No big deal, right? Until I opened it...

This is what was inside the safe. That's a piece of pizza and an apple core. I think the last time we had pizza was four years ago. Well, maybe not quite that long...

Mmmmmm appetizing! I'm wrapping this up, labeling it "Grow Your Own Penicillin Kit", and giving it to him for Christmas.

The thing I can't understand is - Did he really think this needed to be locked up in a safe? Was he afraid one of his siblings might take it if he didn't lock it up?
Yep, that's a glamorous and exciting life if I ever saw one!

I love your blog - You go girl! I have another idea for a topic - potty training. What did you do for each of your kids? What worked? What didn't work? What did you learn along the way? This would really help out us moms who are embarking on the journey for the first time.
Good idea. I did something on this several months ago. You can check it out here.

Quick question being your so busy.
Have your kids or DH acted up with all the demands on your time.
You mean any more so than usual?

What no homophones? Really, you're slipping on the parts of speech.
OK, here's your lesson on homophones...

Do we get bonus points if we know the group you are referring to in the pic (Right Said Fred)?
Umm sure. Give yourself 250 points, but much like Whose Line is it Anyway, the points don't count.

Ah, jeans...the bane of my existence! If there is enough room in the trunk, they gap at the waist,..if they fit in the waist, they are way too tight in the trunk
OK, I've got to share this little secret with you guys! If you're a size 2, skip to the next question. For those who are, um, not quite a size 2 anymore, listen up. I have found the most awesome jeans! They're pear shaped and they fit! Seriously, they have 3 different fits, including pear-shaped (not to mention different lengths as well) for different shaped bodies. And (here's the best part) if you ordinarily wear a size 20, for example, you'll take a size 2 in these jeans. Yes, I know you're not really a 2 and the people at Lane Bryant know you're not really a 2 and you know you're not really a 2, but the tag in the jeans says 2!!! Really, I don't think I've ever had a pair of jeans fit so well as these do.

I anxiously await your alliteration lesson. If you are taking requests I love a good oxymoron too.
I'll get to that as soon as I finish my boneless ribs, jumbo shrimp, dry martini, and evaporated milk.

How can I view your older blogs, besides the "Favorite Posts?"
Go to the right column and click on a month under the heading "Old Stuff". I don't think you can access the old stuff if you're looking at one specific blog post. I believe you have to log into my blog at to be able to access the older stuff. Does that make any sense to you because it sure doesn't to me!

Check out grocery pods, countdown boxes, pillows, and more on Mamaslike!


suburbancorrespondent said...

As far as that "pizza in the safe" incident, I'm not surprised. Maybe it's large families, but my kids tend to be possessive about their food. If they get up to use the bathroom during a meal, they're always saying, "Don't eat mine!" And they watch everyone else's plates like hawks, making sure that no one else gets even a milligram more of mashed potatoes (or a milligram less of vegetables). And Lord help me with the homemade cookies not being identical sizes!

nita said...

name your first commenter!

nita said...

i suggest: shotgun!

Shannan said...

I just got some of those jeans yesterday!!! I'm a 6! Haven't been that size in almost 8 years. Those people are geniuses.

Heather said...

I love the new Layne Bryant Jeans, I am now a size 3 petite. I have never been that size, it is great, even if it is only in their jeans.

Tripletblessed said...

OMG I have to turn around and go back home almost everytime we leave, I never thought about the kids getting confussed! Thanks for the laugh!

Tiffiny said...

Lol I sincerely doubt that I've achieved that "Holy Grail" status as making the first comment, but I'd love a signed copy of your book!

You have the best blog I've ever read, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Thanks for all the great posts. I hope you do another Q&A soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog but haven't commented. Anyway, have you written anything on getting your kids to sleep? I have a 3 year old that still sleeps in my bed and her 1 year old brother doesn't think it's fair (we learned our lesson the 2nd time around a sleep trained him at 5 months but it hasn't worked with her- seems like she's too old or something.) So have you written anything on this or have any good ideas?

Sarah, SLC, Utah

Tiffiny said...

Congrats on getting your book published. When can we order advance copies? :D

Anonymous said...

I now know why even thogh it says you have no comments (yet),that I am not have to approve them! LOL! I am still learning about the blogging son is 6 yrs old, over 0 pounds and over 4 ft tall and he still in a carseat/booster. It has a 5 point harness and everything. While overseas ( military husband), England changed their laws about them, and most of our friends whose kis were out of carseat ( mostly to arly in my opinion) had to go back in them. As you can imagine that did not go over very well. A former friend's child kept making fun of my son every time I gave him a ride home from schoo until I went online and printed out the laws and sid "Here give this to your Mom." and then explained what it meant. I have no intention of taking my child out of that carseat until he is too big for it.

Lucille said...

I actually LOVE the idea of having a raffle for a signed copy of your book!

First one to comment on the day it comes out should win! I can't believe I WAS FIRST one time and didn't realize it! Someone else pointed it out to me.

We are really like your extended kids aren't we?

Hmmmm what number am I today? LOL.

Valarie said...

I once found half a glass of milk (at least a week old) in the fridge in my daughters toy kitchen. It was nasty.

Emma and Natalie's Mommy said...

OMG it's too good to be true i'm, the first one!

Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Just got a Signals catalog in the mail today and thought of you. On the back cover is a shirt that reads, "Careful, of you'll end up in my novel." You should have that.

Anonymous said...

After reading the blog about being the first to post a comment, I just had to join the bandwagon! I am the first today! Yeah! Love your blog on those days when I just feel like curling up into the fetal position and hoping my 2 kids don't see me!

Trish Y. said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm somewhat of a lurker, but love the your blog. I'm a mom of 5 and can relate to your "exciting" life. Super congrats on the book deal!

All moments remembered said...

I never get to be first! It's no fair!! You always like everyone else better then me! I hate my life! WHY WHY WHY can't I be first? LMAO!!! It is funny that soooo many want to be first to post on your blog. Hmmmmmm am I missing something? Are you giving away awards for that? DANG I missed out on that too! I never win! You never pick me first! My life is soooo unfair! When is it my turn to win the prize? WHAAAAAA
Okay now that I threw my tizzy fit I feel so much better! Hope things are going wonderful for you Dawn!!

Cracker Jackie said...

Dawn, I have to say that if any stay at home deserves success at doing this, its you. I read you blog most of the time, you are always so sincere and kind to people. Keep up the good work, you are being so blessed right now!

Jan Scholl said...

Chico's has some interesting jean sizing too. A size 16-18 is a 3 and they have half sizes and short, normal and tall. I am amazed at the comfy fit and I finally bought a pair of jeans for the first time in abut 5 years because they fit so well. I was just sewing and repairing the other ones. (I tried some jeans from the Avenue and they smelled so bad even after a dozen washings-so goodwill got those)

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you do this!

After the week I had - I needed these laughs! Thank God for blogging, it is my sanity! (and I only have 1/2 the kids you have)

You kill me!!

Shelley said...

I have a five-year old who weighs 29 lbs soaking wet. She should probably still be in a regular car seat, weight-wise, but she's in a booster. She doesn't think she needs even that, since somehow she knows the law is 5 years old OR 50 lbs. Sorry kiddo, the booster is staying, at least for a while. Here, have a brownie.

Kate said...

so i have been shopping at lane bryant for years and they are always changing the way that they do their jeans... new size charts... new ways of saying "small waist with a big ol' ghetto booty and hips that could birth a volkswagen"... you know what i mean... then a few months ago i ran in to get a new pair of jeans and low and behold they had a WHOLE new system... am i a red? yellow? blue? a size 8 is the biggest they have??? am i in the GAP??? but alas... they have finally wised up and made a jean that fits beyond perfectly! especially for what you describe as pear shaped ( that sounds so much better than my description above... ) so i relish my new size and i wash my one new pair of jeans practically daily whilst i save my money for more... they really are the best jeans EVER!

Jolene George said...

Love the question and answer post. Thanks for the tip on jeans that fit "fluffy" girls. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, PLEASE don't tell me I have to shop at Lane Bryant!!

I remember being a size 6 not so long ago. Broken leg, new I'm a size 14. :-(

New baby is number 6 between us. I thought I was past car seats and baby bottles - but I wouldn't change it for the world. She is the light of our life.

Of course, I have two small sport coupes. Tell me, is there any car seat that is actually EASY to get an infant out of?? I can hardly wait until she's old enough to sit forward.

annie_thejourney said...

Speaking of Jeans...this is usually what im doing..When i found something that fits on me nicely. I usually buy 2 or more of this jeans in different colors. So i can wear the same fit even in daily basis..just in different colors.

Nice site there Dawn..

Nalventures said...

LOVE being on the West Coast... that means I get to be #1!

Seriously, thanks for the question answering... it clears up a lot! :)

Look forward to reading you everyday. -K

Lisa said...

Too funny!
Our kids each have their own safe to lock up their things. I sure hope we don't have any food in ours. (Other than candy I mean, heaven forbid we should have to share something)
Can't wait till the book comes out!

Vincent said...

Is it ok if I'm not deliriously happy I'm the first commenter? If not... YAY ME!

Anonymous said...

Woohooo I'm the 1st one to leave a comment!!! I cant believe it ;-]
(p.s. looove reading your blog 'down under':)

taylorcamel said...

Love the language lessons. My personal favorite is INTERJECTIONS!! That was my favorite song from school house rock. Interjections show excitement, or emotion. They're generally set apart from a sentence by an exclaimation point, or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong.
You can see the clip on youtube at

Anonymous said...

I just have to ask, are you going to be selling any more items on ebay anytime soon? Love reading your blog. . . brings a smile to my face everytime!!

Rick said...

Hey look! I made the first comment. I made the first comment. I MADE THE FIRST COMMENT!!!

I know that I didn't. I just wanted write something very moronic.

Anonymous said...

Even when you answer us you are still too funny!!! Congratulations on the book and I for one can't wait for it. I'd even buy a copy if I won a copy!

Becky said...

LOL, Dawn. You're like Erma Bombeck and Dear Abby with an attitude. Scrape off the gum and chew it to help freshen your breath when you've forgotten to brush your teeth that morning. And here I'd been swishing with mouthwash on those 'running late' mornings...this would save me a step, lol.

Sarah said...

"Speaking of carseats. My son is 4 but not yet 40 pounds. Am I the only mom in the world who still has the 4 year old in a carseat vs a booster?

My 1, 3, and 6 year olds are all in carseats. My 9 year old is in a booster. The two older ones just wedge themselves between the car seats! So, you're not alone."

I personally am glad to hear this since I'm a CPS advocate. Harnessing is much safer then boostering. My sister is 9 years old and is 70lbs, still harnessed. Not for much longer, she's nearly outgrown her seat by height, but for the time being, she's still harnessed.

Dejastar said...

So here I sit, hoping and Praying to be the first poster! I mean really why would anyone be up at 253am CST to post to you? Because I just can't sleep! Why does one mom wake up from the deep slumber to go on to the computer?????? I can actually surf the net without the interruptions of 'can you go to nickjr, or my fart is gross dot com?'.....really don't know it that exists, but the 7 year old learned about google.
I am glad to know that my kids aren't the only ones that grow your penicillian kits....I mean because we suffer from such famine in this house....they have to hoard the food in case I decide not to feed them.

nutralady2001 said...

Ah jeans !! They showed some new jeans on TV the other night called "Sweet Cheeks"........yes really, guaranteed to make you look 2 sizes smaller the only downside was they were nearly $200.00AUD Considering I bought my last 2 pairs from an op shop for $5.00 (for both pairs) am not sure I'll be paying $200.00. The 2 pairs for $5.00 were brand new never worn and a GOOD label,and they fit perfectly. I felt really chuffed must have been my lucky day I usually turn up zilch in those shops

On the same programme they had a wonder bra of sorts the straps could be adjusted every which way you could even wear it strapless I think and it gave you CLEAVAGE!

mom 2 3 said...

Love it, Love you. I KNOW if we would be friends, if we lived closer. Congratulations on all your success.

Monica McQueen said...

LOL hilarious. The dementia question lost me too and then I read your response. You funny lady. Visit mi blog (insert fake Irish accent) when you have time.

Jen said...

One more question...Do you find yourself trapped in Blogger Brain - where you are constantly thinking of material to blog about, instead of just living life? Not that I have this problem, I was just wondering...

Bronie said...

wow. that whole parenting and chicken thing...i posted something just like that a few days ago. i had no idea there was a sticker or sign or plaque or, do i need that one! LOL

i guess i should be glad to know i'm not the only one, huh?

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You crack me up, this is why I check your blog every day before attempting mine. And we have the Veggie Tales clip referred to in my house, its great when vegetables tackle the English Language, I have enough problems with English and have two degrees in it.

Mandalynn said...

I love love love the new line of jeans at Lane Bryant!!! I'm in the yellow line...did I say that I love worth the $$$$

"Amanda" said...

Holy grail, huh?

Melissa said...

Ok, that pizza and apple core are just GROSS!!

larry the cucomber said...

Ha ha. Love that veggie tales. I know I'm not first.

§wanny said...

I just love it when you answer back to people who have posted comments and questions. I laugh at some of the questions and your answers are very witty!!

Anonymous said...

I love silly songs with Larry! and although I'm in high school I still don't remember what homophones are.

Debi said...

Surely I am not first to post a comment? WOW if I am, I'm honored. Although I too am confused at the fight for the coveted prize, LOL, but it's funny to read. It's like when my kids use to boast about being 1st to finish eating...congratulations you can be first to start cleaning that kitchen! Amazing at how long they'll sit & talk at the table when faced with that!

I LOVE what you found in the safe.Maybe he's saving it for the day he fears will forget to feed them!! I have one child that thinks you have to have 3 meals a day...yeah as long as you're up by 9am...if after'll be lucky to get 2 at my house!

Kids are so adorable, we only have 5, and ours are older. I have 3 girls 22, 18 & 15 and 2 boys 20 and 9 so it's a fun house with a 20yo (our oldest it on her own...but you know how that can be), 2-teens and 1 single digit midget that THINKS he belongs in the 1st group. It's the greatest, hardest, most frustrating, blessed thing I've ever done and your blog just makes me appreciate it even more.

Thanks for the laughs.

Judah First said...

First commenter?? How can this be?!? lol

Anyway, I wanted to share my jean find as well. I have "thick" thighs, but a relatively small(er) waist, so finding jeans these days is a nightmare! Every clothing maker now assumes that if you're a size 12-14 it means you have a ginormous stomach and teenie-tiny thighs. HA! Okay, so Gap makes a jean called "Reverse." They are NOT stretch (Hallelujah! - sung in four part harmony like Handel's Messiah), they are not boot-cut, and they fit the waist with plenty of room for thunder thighs! Sweet. Problem is, they don't sell these in stores - you can get them online at

Keep writing, Dawn - your insanity is keeping the rest of us sane!

Hope you and the family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I found leaky cherry tomatoes in my son's desk drawer. Why?! I don't FORCE him to eat cherry tomatoes. Was he saving them for later? Ripening them? Starting early on his science fair project?

I have refused to learn how to open his toy safe because I really don't want to know what's in there.


ummmhello said...

Have you read Vicki Iovine's The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy? It was my bible during my first voyage into pregnancy, and now I give it as a gift to my newly pregnant friends. My point is that I'm sure you could write a gestation book to rival it! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us :) Your family is amazing :)

Anne Marie said...

I have an idea for saving kids artwork/paper. Scan them on a scanner and save them on your computer - then you can save the best and the brightest in a smaller container. Of course that means you have to back up your computer and save them on hard disk too - but we have a very small house so that is my plan!

WendyK said...

It is nice to know that I am not the only one who still makes their 7 year old sit in a booster seat. None of her friends do, but I feel it is safer.

Thanks for the jeans tip!

Em said...

I didn't even know it was a contest to be first to comment. I think I win today!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn!! Love the blog! Just have to say that I too, LOVE the new Lane Bryant jeans!! I haven't been a size 2 since....NEVER! Now I'm a red 2 and I'm loving life! They fit wonderfully! Congrats on the book deal :o)

Have a great day!
Phoenix, AZ

denise said...

just discovered your blog, passed onto me by a friend. my husband and i are fulltime houseparents at a boys ranch. we have 6 in our house, love reading your stuff!

Nancy said...

I thought the pizza and apple core in the safe was hilarious, and I agree with the first comment about being possessive of one's food in a large family, although I can't imagine why an apple core would be of such importance. I was watching some home movies of my childhood at mealtime, there were 9 kids in my family. My brothers were all sitting with their arms around their plates as if somebody was gonna yank it away if they left it unprotected.
BTW, to all the first commenters, please refer to comment number 10.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of carseats. My son is 4 but not yet 40 pounds. Am I the only mom in the world who still has the 4 year old in a carseat vs a booster?

My 1, 3, and 6 year olds are all in carseats. My 9 year old is in a booster. The two older ones just wedge themselves between the car seats! So, you're not alone."

Nope not alone! My 5 1/2 year old is 42 lbs and in a 5 pint harness still... the Britax Regent!

Conny said...

I'm new here... well, a bit of a lurker for a few weeks now but never dared comment. I'm a 25 year-old mother of 18 month-old fraternal twins I hope won't murder me for naming them Luca Gavin and Lucia Gillian when they're older.

I loved the section about finding food in the oddest places... since the Twin Terrors learned how to climb, I've lost count of the times I stuck my hand in something gross up on the bookshelf. Sometimes it's half a rotten cucumber, sometimes nibbled-on strawberries, once it was porridge (I have no idea how they got porridge not only out of the kitchen but up on the bookshelf without either a bowl or leaving traces on the shelf itself. These kids are a mystery!)... Somehow, hiding this stuff on top of our books is a favorite pastime.

Car seats... the twins don't like them. They haven't figured out the buckles yet though I wouldn't put it past them for long. Luca has completed his first ten-part puzzle this week, and Lucia has been taking the playpen apart (it's just four fences clicked together).

Jeans... well, I worked out like crazy these past eight months once I stopped nursing (every Saturday is Daddy Day for the kids, and Mommy goes to the gym to get rid of the pounds the Twin Terrors put on her) and I'm a size 4 again as of November. I can't even describe how happy I am! I was a 2 before the kids, but I don't think I'll ever get back to that again. I actually like my new fuller figure- I have hips! And cleavage! For the first time in my life! Yay!

I'll definitely buy a copy of your book, too, Dawn. Anyone who has as much of a humorous outlook on life while dealing with six kids must be a saint- I'm so exhausted today I can't even think of anything witty to say about first comment hunting. The kids decided that, apparently, our neighbor's cat (he's (the cat, not the neighbor) really old, good-natured and especially slow) would look much better in red and green than in tabby colors, so they took the food coloring out of the top drawer!!! in the kitchen and proceeded to not only paint the cat but also the neighbor's front door. The food coloring proved rather sticky and difficult to remove. The cat is fine, if a bit more colorful (he was impossible to wash. Food coloring- no problem, but come at him with something wet and he's faster than the Flash!). The kids were excited beyond measure and really hyper at dinner (as proven by my new look, now including tomato-sauce hair decorated with spaghetti bits). I can't even imagine doing this times three- you're amazing, Dawn!

So goodnight everyone!


Marilyn said...

Hi-I love your blog-I read almost every day. I have a blog at Today I wrote some stuff about my childbirth experiences. (yes 7 of them)

Amie said...

Thanks for the Q&A, you always crack me up. I went back and read your old post about potty training and I think I have an original experience.
I used the potty training in one day method with my first two and it worked like a charm. One day and no more wet accidents. Pooping took a couple more days, but I swore that method was THE answer for potty training. Well, along comes the time to potty train #3. I did everything just as I had done with #1 and #2, but my third son has a total panic attack when he has his first accident. Now I don't use the phrase "panic attack" lightly. He literally started screaming and crying and panicking when the pee hit his leg. I remained calm (although confused) and told him it was ok and we practiced running to the potty and changed him and cleaned up the mess. Well, he sat on the potty for long periods of time twice that day with no success. Then in the afternoon he had another accident with the same screaming, crying, and panicking. It scared me that he was so scared. After accident/panic attack number two we went back to diapers. He still held the pee and poop in for a few more days going only slightly in his diaper when he was asleep. Even with a diaper on he was too freaked out to let it out.
He is now asking to sit on the potty again and I've put him on a few times. No successes though, which is ok. I'm deathly afraid of what might happen if we try potty training again.

Brandi said...

Have your children watched ARTHUR or POST CARDS FROM BUSTER on PBS? In the shows Buster Baxter has a food collection. He saves food as souvenirs.

Malibu Stacey said...

Dawn, you are a true legend... a maternal goddess... I have trouble coping with 2, AND YOU HAVE 6???

But I thought I'd share a hint I was given, about saving the South-American-rainforest worth of paper upon which each child creates one-of-a-kind artwork. Every week.

Scan them. Yes, you heard right... scan them onto the computer, save them in files named, for instance, 'Grace' & 'Dane' (hi kids, your names are on the net!). Then when they leave home (not that I'm looking forward to that... much), copy them onto a disk and give them to the kids, and delete all but those you can't live without from the PC.

I got to throw out removalists' boxes full of artwork this way, but I still have the copies of the originals. I even back them up on disks in case the computer dies. But I have less space taken up with boxes of artwork (may the person who invented pasta-paste-paintings suffer!), my kids know I've kept everything they've ever done, and I know that one day, if I want to find the seahorse that Dane made that actually looks like a graph of root canal pain, I still have it.

We all know I'll never need to find it, but I can't bear to delete it. Insert tragically-maternal smile here.

Malibu Stacey said...

Ah, Anne Marie mentioned the scanning thing first... is this the price I pay for living 'down under'? :) But she's right.

korkie said...

So, New Best Friend,

Have you considered a 'contest', of sorts, where the prize would be a signed copy of your new book?

Please do not use 'first person to comment' as any part of the contest.


Dawn, one day at time.

korkie said...

I remember reading somewhere, and this was years ago, that sometimes the child has panic attacks because they actually think/feel they are loosing part of their body.

Sorry, can remember what the advice was. Maybe you can 'Google' for suggestions.


MarshmallowMomma said...

Haha! Love your blog, Dawn!

Do you do sticker or chore charts with your kids? It's been working for my three little ones lately, to help reduce misbehaving at preschool, screaming, spitting, potty accidents, etc. We even give them a "Good Bedtime" sticker if they help pick up and go to bed without a fuss. All I have to say is, "Do you want to lose your X sticker?" and it usually curbs the behavior. They get to go out with Daddy for ice cream on Saturday (or sometimes we'll do a special sundae at home) if they get enough stickers. I found a great website where you can make custom charts.
Do you know of any other websites like this?
Plus we've been giving them computer time after dinner (usually the zaniest time of day here) for having a good day. JumpStart has some great educational games for preschoolers.

Kathy said...

In response to the older blog posts: I subscribe to this blog and get email updates whenever a blog is posted with a link to the actual post. It also gives me a drop-down menu to select from past articles to view as well. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Your son sounds like mine. He's now successfully potty trained, but we did take a step backwords because he TOTALLY freaked when he had an accident. He's a complete perfectionist, and I'm pretty sure he's on the Asperger's spectrum (not that all perfectionists are). We're actually getting him a pediatric neurological consult .. in Feb, which was the earliest available appointment. Not that that's relevant, but I have been there.

What worked for us (and who knows if it will for you -- but there's hope; he's potty trained now!) was putting him back in diapers and literally not talking about the potty AT ALL for a month. Then we showed him how mommy and daddy use the potty (mostly daddy, really, we just talked about how mommy does). We explained a LOT about how it works and why and how his body works. We did a lot of asking him if he "felt" anything before he "went" when we changed him. Using pull ups was wonderful for him because even when he couldn't always feel it, the stars that showed if he'd gone or not gone easily told him, and it was a GREAT reinforcement for him when they were still there. "Mommy, look! I still have stars! LOOK LOOK LOOK!" Once he got comfortable with all the ins and outs, he was trained easily (because he knew he'd be ok). I had to use the "potty timer" at first to get him to go because he was convinced he didn't have to go and didn't believe Mommy knew what she was talking about but when the impartial "potty timer" went off, he knew he had to go because the potty timer told him (and it obviously knows more than I do). Good luck, and don't stress (ha!).

As far as outgrowing the carseats, how do you know when they're too tall even if not too heavy? My only fear is that if his head grows over the top and, God forbid, I'm in an accidcent with him, his neck will snap back and do more damage than if he'd been in a booster. Anyone with good knowledge know how to check on the height side of things (we have a Triumph 5 btw -- one of the great instantly and constantly adjustable strap kind).

Oh, and with regards to the boosters. In Illinois, we're now required to use them until age 8 or (and?) 80 pounds. I'm obviously not there yet, but when I saw my pipsqueak niece not using ANYthing this summer, it kind of freaked me out. How about they learn to drive in them? :)

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Dutch Momma said...

Ha Dawn, someone sent me this, thought you would get a kick out of it!!

PARENT - Job Description

If it had been presented this way, what would you have done?

Mom, Mommy, Mama


Long term, team players needed, for challenging permanent work in an, often chaotic environment. Candidates must possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be willing to work variable hours, which will include evenings and weekends and frequent 24 hour shifts on call. Some overnight travel required, including trips to primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far away cities! Travel expenses not reimbursed.
Extensive courier duties also required.

The rest of your life. Must be
willing to be hated, at least temporarily, until someone needs $5. Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly. Also, must possess the physical stamina of a pack mule and be able to go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat in case,
this time, the screams from the backyard are not someone just crying wolf. Must be willing to face stimulating technical challenges, such as small gadget
repair, mysteriously sluggish toilets and stuck zippers. Must screen phone calls, maintain calendars and coordinate production of multiple homework
projects. Must have ability to plan and organize social gatherings for clients of all ages and mental outlooks. Must be willing to be indispensable one minute, an embarrassment the next. Must handle assembly and product safety testing of a half million cheap, plastic toys, and battery operated devices. Must always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Must assume final,
complete accountability for the quality of the end product. Responsibilities also include floor maintenance and janitorial work throughout the facility.

Your job is to remain in the same position for years, without complaining, constantly retraining and updating your skills, so that those in your charge can ultimately surpass you.

None required unfortunately. On-the-job training offered on a continually exhausting basis.

Get this! You pay them! Offering frequent raises and bonuses. A balloon payment is due when they turn 18 because of the assumption that college will help them become
financially independent. When you die, you give them whatever is left. The oddest thing about this reverse-salary scheme is that you actually enjoy it and wish you could only do more.

While no health or dental insurance, no pension, no tuition reimbursement, no paid holidays and no stock options are offered; this job supplies limitless opportunities for personal growth, unconditional love, and free hugs and kisses for life, if you
play your cards right.

This is to all the PARENTS out there, in appreciation for everything they do on a daily basis, letting them know they are appreciated for the fabulous job they do... or to anyone thinking of applying for the job.

Ole Miss Mom said...

How do you do Christmas with 6 you set a budget per child or a gift limit? You must share, I'm sure you have some great ideas!


Miss CPST :) said...

I’m sure you here this all the time, but I LOVE your blog!!!!

I haven’t ever commented but I just had to this time! I’m so THRILLED that you still have your kiddos in car seats!!!! Especially the 9 and 6 year old! I’m a Child Passenger Safety Technician and so many parents don’t understand the importance of keeping their kids in car seats! I was jumping up and down after I read that! I would love to see a blog about why you choose to keep your kids in car seats and boosters for so long! You have the ability to be such a huge voice as a car seat advocate! I see kids turned around way to early way too often, or the kids are just not in their seats, even at a year old! UGH! What are these people thinking?! Anyway, Kudos to you for keeping your kids safe!

I’m going to add my own side note… :)
*** For those of you reading this that have children and want to know more about car seat safety, go to and click on the country you are from. From there you can find a Child Passenger Safety Technician that can check your seats, or at least read up on the proper install of car seats!

Anonymous said...

I have never posted a comment to your blog though I have been reading it for months. I felt compelled to write after you posted your blog about the carseats. You asked if you were the only mother who still had her 4 but not yet 40 pound child still in a car seat. I just want you to know that you are not alone. My son, 5 and 1/2, is still in a 5 point harness carseat. I keep thinking I'll remove the harness and let him use the seat belt, but he doesn't complain about it and it is safer. I'm a little anal when it come sto carseats though. My daughter was 20 months old before I turned her forward facing...

And to comment about the diapers... We have a dog who loves to eat poopy ones. I have cleaned up many a gel mess from the dog eating the diapers! So totally gross!

Good luck with everything. You make me laugh!!


Lois said...

About the pizza in the safe. I totally understand. I grew up in a large family. I was a food horder for fear that someone else would eat it. Also I became obsessed with getting dessert as quickly as possible so that some people weren't coming back for seconds before I even had my firsts. So don't be too hard on the boy with his prize pizza locked up!

Anonymous said...

I went back to read your blog on potty training and the comments. In the middle of reading, I heard my 18 month old going #2 in his diaper next to me. As I looked at him, he looked at me and said on cue "poop". lol;)

Miss Hannah said...

hey! does your family like veggie tales?!!! =D

Anonymous said...

I hope you're getting advertising revenue from Lane Bryant! If not, you should be!

Oh my gosh, I think I'm the very first one to comment! (Just kidding!)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for you putting your kids in car seats!! We have been very strict with our kids, leaving them in the booster until they are at least 8 (They are very tall for their ages)
Whenever my kids see children not in car seats, they point and say "Look, they're not in a car seat, their parents must not love them!"
I once saw a phone # you can call if you see children not properly restrained in the car. You call and give them their license plate # and they will send them information on car seat safety.

pearly1979 said...

My two 7 year olds and my 9 year old are all still in car seats (not boosters). Luckily they are small kids so they will fit in them for a while to come yet.


Chesney said...

Dawn, I love your blog. I usually read it as I indulge in my 10 p.m. munchies. I think the giggling that results (until my husband looks over at me like I'm crazy followed by my response that he wouldn't understand) helps me burn the calories I consume as I read. So thanks!
I think I might have to disagree with the creepy green monster being the ultimate diet secret...I think the pictures of what you discovered in Jackson's safe might just be it! Yuck! Thanks for the warning of what I may very well discover someday as I have two little boys! I'm planning on printing the pictures and hanging them on my fridge to scare off those before-mentioned 10 p.m. munchies! =)

Anonymous said...

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