Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Questions, Questions, Questions

Time to answer some questions again....

I do have a question. Do you feel overwhelmed by all this attention you are receiving? Do you feel "invaded" at times by all these people hounding you for writing a book, sitcom writing, etc.? Just wondering how you balance it all out and still feel sane.
First of all, I never claimed to be sane. I have to admit it was really overwhelming at first. I mean, it's not everyday you get an email from Harpo Productions in your inbox. When I was doing a couple radio interviews a week, it was a bit nervewracking, but I finally put it in perspective - I have six kids. You can't scare me!
Before this happened, I'd been spending a lot of time praying that God would somehow turn around our financial situation and show me a way I could help out with bills. Now I spend a lot of time praying, saying, "Umm are you sure about this God? Do you really want me to do all this? Maybe you could just let me win the Lotto instead?" In all honesty, I think things happen for a reason and although it's really hard to fathom why at times, I'm just trusting that things will work out somehow.

Okay, aside from feeling a tad bit jealous that you are pulling in $4000 a month just from ads, I am wowed at your level of energy. I have half the children you do and a quarter of your energy!!
Oh how I wish I was pulling in $4000 a month. I did make almost that much one month, but it was an isolated thing. As far as energy goes - it isn't energy. It's coffee.

Hi Dawn, I loved your interview. You did not look as bad as you said you did.
Ummm thanks? LOL!

I was wondering how many vacuums you go through? Or if by chance you have any pets? Other then squirrels and critters. A dog makes a great vacuum!
We used to have a dog, but don't have any pets right now. My middle son begs for a dog every day. He's one of those kids who gets stuck on an idea and doesn't drop it. Ever. I think we'll probably get another dog at some point, but not quite yet. It's a trade-off, you know. Dog hair, no crumbs on the floor. Dog hair, no crumbs. Dog hair all over the place, no crumbs. Hmmm, I need to think about this some more.

I thought this was great, Dawn. You come across as such a warm person. You also come across as someone who is totally unflappable, even though that's hard to pull off with little ones running around.
Ahh yes, that's me. Completely unflappable. Yep! Yessiree. I never lose my temper and scream like a lunatic at my kids who have been burping at the dinner table and kicking each other's chairs and blowing bubbles in their milk. Nope, you'll never see me do anything like that.

Do I really get to be first? Thank you for posting the video. It took me long enough to find it on the ABC site.
Umm no. You're not first. Sorry.

This part cracked me up, said by the reporter...something like, "Moms today are turning to other moms for advice rather than the experts."
Ha! "the experts"....
How can they not get it?

Other moms ARE the experts!

I love the segment, and think you kept it real. Thanks for sharing it!
When is the book coming out, and have you picked a title yet?

I should know more details about the book in the next few weeks. Right now the working title is Because I Said So but that could change. If you want to get news on my book, you can sign up for updates to the right -----> I haven't sent out any updates as of yet because there hasn't really been anything to talk about. As soon as I sign with a publisher, I'll let you know.

FYI, with regards to your posts that you are holding back for your book... is this something that your editor is requiring (anything for the book shouldn't be on your site)? If not, please consider putting some of them on your blog, even if in condensed form and not all of them. I miss hearing some of the hi-jinx, and I can promise you that it won't keep me from reading your book!
Well, there's a fine line there. I am using some material from my blog and expanding on it, making it into an actual chapter. I really don't want anyone to buy my book and say, "Hey, I've already read all this stuff! What a rip-off!" There will be more new stuff than blog stuff in the book.

So if you are saving all the good stuff for the book what are we supposed to read about now? I can't wait for some book! My 4 year old son learns his sense of immediate gratification from me!
Patience, Young Jedi.

It still blows my mind that you get so many hits.
You and me both!

Just a thought...
People read your blog for the long stories about your hectic life. If you discontinue sharing such stories, fewer people will read your blog, and thus, fewer people will purchase your book.

Oh! What a great idea! So I can take care of six children, a husband, and my house. I can do the laundry, cleaning, shopping, cooking, homework checking, Sunday school teaching, and dishes. I can write an additional 20,000 words this month for the publisher, I can review products and websites from work-at-home moms and write up reviews on Mamaslike, and I can come up with long, funny stories for you to read every day. Sounds like a plan!


Anonymous said...

Dawn, Did you just get bitchy on us in that last paragraph?! LOL!

suburbancorrespondent said...

Hang in there, Dawn! You're doing just fine as it is.

Annie_TheJourney said...

Hi Dawn,

Would you believe that I immediately showed the news/video to my husband when he arrived this afternoon from work? My energy went high that I finished two article for my future post..,.hehehe

Anyway, it’s true that you weren’t that bad looking as you said in your previous post. Honestly, I smiled when I saw you with casual top & jeans and (seems) no make-up as well, such a pretty cool mom.


Anonymous said...

Dawn, you are doing a GREAT job! Continue to keep your faith in God and your family centered around him and the rest will fall into place. Love the Blog...can't wait for the book! - E

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

Will you sign my book?

Jennifer Foster said...

Oh Wow Dawn! I just saw your spot on the news and I loved it! It was great to hear your voice after all these months of reading. Take care! ~Fun Jenny

Lucille said...

Argh! I wrote out this nice long comment and it didn't go thru!

So I will paraphrase....

You deserve all of this that has been given to you.

We will keep reading - we are your "groupies" and we love you!

Your praying for what to do is awesome. I hope I can find my direction soon as well. :)

Keep up the great work - you are an inspiration to many.

Bless you!



Jen said...

Dawn, loved the last one. You're not here to cater to *us*. This is YOUR blog not ours. Write whatever you want, however long you want (or not!).

(Ducking from the tomatoes LOL)

Anonymous said...

One of the funniest things to me is that everyone is always seeking that coveted prize of being first to comment on your site. We sound worse than your kids (I get the front seat! No, I was here first! No way - I was!)
I laugh every time I see that comment (though secretly wondering if I ever will attain this "holy grail" myself!)
You're great - KR

ck said...

Dawn...I love you.

Plain and simple, from one mom to another (granted you're two kids up on me), I love you.

I especially love your sarcasm and sense of the ridiculous. Don't ever change.

And might I suggest a topic, if not for your blog, then for your book?

I'd love to hear some good old fashioned pregnancy/birth stories. For instance, you know the stereotype of the father being all excited for the birth of their child and rushing about, hurrying the mom to be to the hospital at the first drop of amniotic fluid or cramp that could possibly be a labor pain? Not my hubby. Kid #1, he told me to go ahead, he'd catch a cab to the hospital after he caught Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Kid #2, he wanted me to wait until he set the computer up to defrag while we were at the hospital. Kid #3, he just plain didn't believe me that I was in actual labor and actually said to me as we are (finally) waddling up to the hospital entrance, "You're just doing this because its a playoff day." (I was 9 cm dillated) and #4, he didn't want to wake up and get all the other kids ready to drop off at the sitter's. So I gave birth in the parking lot of the 7-11 we stopped at because he had to have a Red Bull.

In all other respects he's a good hubby though! I'd love to hear your funny birth stories so I can feel I'm not alone!

~Mom to Zachary, Ian, Matthew, and Eli

Laura said...

I'll keep reading. I love the spin you put on everyday life. Makes it well, laughable. Which is what we all need somedays.

Anonymous said...

you are amazingly funny and productive. and, you are very lucky to have such a supportive family while you work on your writing and blogging.

keep up the great work!

Tiff said...

I love your blog! You make me laugh everytime and hopefully I will have time to read your book when it comes out! Could you make it in audio too so I can listen in the car when my tots fall asleep!
God obviously has big plans for you and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. What a journey, huh?
Tiffany in San Diego CA

Shirley said...

Love reading all your posts I just hope i will be able to buy the book easily in the UK when it comes out!!!!!!
Though a trip to the USA to buy it sounds good to me. LOL

Best wishes to you and yours from across the pond.

Anonymous said...

God love you Dawn. You and your husband are doing a great job and the kids are doing a great job on you!

Big hugs all round! Mary

Krafty Kiesha said...

Hey Dawn, I thought you did great! It was great to see that you are a real person, doing real things, with real kids! I have only just stumbled upon your blog and it is wonderful.. we have 4 girls and 3 boys and I can't imagine how you even have the time to blog! God Bless you and the coffee you drink!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn. Just a comment for your dog-problem. Today you can get at allergy-friendly dog that dosen´t lose their fur all over the place. Not to help your son get his wish, but to tell you that it is possible to get that vaccum without the fur. It´s not like they don´t have fur (no bald dogs here) but they just dont lose what they have - i like to call them easy-dogs.
Heidi from Denmark

Anonymous said...

I sooooo look forward everyday to wakeing up and reading how you day was. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Harpo studios? Are you going to be on Oprah? If so, I'm sure everyone would love to know so they can catch the episode......my TIVO is on standby!!

MollyB, Bloggerin said...

Go, Dawn! And - you do know that you don't owe anyone answers.

Reading your blog is a bit like watching a TV hospital drama series - looks glam, sounds fabulous, and the pressure I presume is involved makes me feel happy to have my own very non-glam job and lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn,

Just keep doing what you are doing! You are an incredible woman to juggle as much as you do. It's one of the many gifts God has given you, and you are using those gifts very well! I think it is okay to show a hint of sarcasm once in a while; we all do it.

Best of luck and God Bless!


kimikki said...

You probably have gotten a thousand and one offers of a dog for your son, but I have THE dog for him. He is a one year old black lab. He has more energy than your whole family (I would bet, anyway), and he would keep your son (and the other five kids) too pooped out to be getting into things. Gomer is really a smart dog, but he's going at 110 mph or he's asleep. He has no calm level.
I love your blog and I look forward to your book!

Melissa Garrett said...

I *loved* the Q&A! Thanks!!

I'm not sure I totally understood that last one, though. . . I had to read it a few times, and still . . .

Was someome trying to rip on you?

From what I've seen/read of you thus far, I think you are an AMAZING woman and mom and full of so much creativity. Keep up the great work. :-)

In regards to the coffee, I think I need to switch to your brand ;-)

MOTH3R said...

Sounding a bit overwhelmed. I'm sorry some people are getting so critical, tell you you what you "should" be doing.

You keep doing what you think is right. It will be the right thing 9 out of 10 times.

I'd take those odds.

girlymom said...

Dawn- I love the fact that you aren't shy to talk about your faith in God. I am glad that you went on tv doing household, everyday things, I think if I had watched and you were the "desperate housewife" type, I would have been disappointed. It's nice to know there are other tshirt wearing realistic moms! Love your product reviews too, thanks!

Jen said...

you don't need to justify yourself to anyone. you do a great job. i'll be buying the book! if there's a tour, will you come to minneapolis? i'll definately come see you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Again Dawn, Loved that you posted the answer to my Dog-vacume question! I loved what you said about the hair-crumb issue. I had a brown Dalmation and it didn't matter what colour outfit your wearing. The white/brown hairs would show. I had to put her to sleep last week and as I feel now I think I would rather have the hairs instead of the crumbs.

Karen said...

Just so you know, I pray for you and your family. God brought this on (haha) and He does have a plan. He'll keep it in perspective for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I've been a reader since the ebay listing days. I guess you could say "long time reader; first time commenter" :) Anyways, I just wanted to say how much I love the Mamaslike blog! I don't have kids (yet), but still enjoy going there daily to see the newest review from REAL people! And for the most part, about things that I never would have known existed. I just yesterday purchased the 'My Family Meal Planner for 2', to make my life easier.

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome blogs that can make me smile on the worst of days and great reviews!!

Hillsdale, MI

Anonymous said...

How is everyone seeing your interview on the news? Did I miss something? Do you have a link on your site that I am missing? I feel so left out that I haven't seen it yet.

~Jenifer~ said...

BOY DID I MAKE A MISTAKE..... when I left a post last night I hit the button that sends me all the post that are left on your blog. I don't think I have ever had so much email in one day.
Well I have followed suit and started my own blog send some people over I have only had one hit and that is just terrible.

Do you mind if I put a link in my blog to your blog the one person that reads it may need more entertainment.

Who cares what other people say noone ask them to visit your blog anyway!!! If they don't like it stop reading.....

Aleta1314 said...

God will not give us more than we can handle! And it seems he has blessed your family over and over - and over again 6 more times ;) Good for you! I can't wait to buy your book!

Kim Williams said...

Dawn, You remain an encouragement to me every day! It is refreshing to hear someone actually talk about the parts of motherhood that we all experience. I get so tired of hearing all these "perfect moms, perfect kid" type stories that seem designed to make the rest of us feel like we aren't doing something (or everything) right.

Keep up the great work! There are a lot of us that love you for it.


ummmhello said...

Dawn - enjoy the attention - you deserve it! Thanks for being honest about how hard AND how fun being a mom is. Yes, we really do spend a lot of time cleaning up after other people, don't we? :)
Rock on!

Kathy said...

Don't let anyone get you down. It is stressful and overwhelming, but you are doing a great job! You're a great blogger, writer, and most importantly, a great mom. People have to be critics or try to drag others down sometimes, some people are just like that. Hold your head high and keep doing what you're doing. Can't wait for the book!


Anonymous said...

Being a working mom is busy. How lucky you are to bring in $4000/month every once in a while with the prospect of making big bucks off a book deal.

Darc - Iowa said...

Sorry that last paragraph cracked me up!! I was reading your post yesterday and read that part where you said you are holding on to that for the book. My thought was, oh boy the comments people will leave about that! I do agree tho, got to leave somethings for the book.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about leaving a comment before 10,000 other moms get the chance. I love your site. It shows me that it is ok to have a sense of humor when raising multiple kids. I have four kids ages 2-11 and let me tell you the hormones are flying at my house!! It is enough dealing with hormonal tweenage girl, but throw in a 3 more and it's a circus. I truly admire how you are dealing with what has to be an extreme level of stess added to your "normal" life. I can't imagine what it is like to have all the pressure about the book, sitcoms, etc. Keep up the great work and Godspeed!! I'll definately keep reading.

Summer said...

You know what?
Dawn's reply to that last comment was not "bitchy;" it was right on and well-deserved.

I cannot believe the nerve of some people.
How easy it must be to criticize and direct and give advice to others...
As a writer myself, I would have to say that Dawn has made a very wise choice to withhold some stories for her book while posting others here.
That's just good business sense.

How dare any of us criticize what she is doing or how she is doing it???
What have YOU done lately? And are you willing to put it out there for the whole world to criticize?

Dawn, you are doing great! Keep it up!

Damama T said...

Dear Dawn,

I have an old and very cherished copy of Erma Bombeck's "Cherries" book that I've read over and over. I have seen the movie Dirty Dancing 39 times to date. My Chicken Soup books look like they've been boiled in chicken soup because they've been handled so much. Every Christmas, without fail, Hubby and I sit down and watch White Christmas. On TV. Even though we have a DVD copy of it. It's just more traditional that way. And we must not be alone in this feeling or the networks would stop playing it each year.

The point here is that as long as it touches the heart, stirs the imagination, or jogs the memory, people will not be disappointed at having already seen some of your stuff in your blog. Just think of it in the same light as the previews that entice so many to return so often to the movie theaters to pay $6+ for a seat.

One day your book may well join the classics. Who knows? I do, however, suspect that moms my age will be giving it as a baby shower present to their own daughters, friends, and family, for years to come.

Wishing you Peace, Blessings and Plentiful Punchlines for many years... and many books :o)

Damama T

Val Cox said...

Yep, you've got your hands full alright! I hope the book holds the original humor and compassion that the blog seems to be losing week by week. Val

Diane said...

Hey Dawn, I just saw your news spot (thanks for posting it for us who 5:00 news is the most inconvenient time for a news program.) I was on a TV spot over a year ago showcasing a business product I make and I HATED watching myself. It didn't make it any better since my kids (who had been on the spot with me) wanted to watch it over and over and I had to keep looking and listening to myself and wondering how come I didn't do this, or did that... Do you do that when you see or hear yourself or are you used to it by now?

Nalventures said...

I love, love, LOVE reading your blog every morning. You help to make it all feel better. Thanks for sharing your stories. And I will definitely buy the book. -K

Laura said...

Dawn, you are simply amazing! Keep up the good work; you are doing a great job. I know that God will continue to guide you in the right direction. Your true "fans" (yes, I said fans, your a supa star)will follow you regardless of how much "stuff" you give us to munch on.


Shelly Story said...

you know what I love about you? You live in the real world. You take what God has given you in stride (or at least that seems to me to be your goal) and you let life be what it will be. Crumbs, milk bubbles, screaming kids, hectic schedules, and piles of laundry...it's all gonna be there whether or not we complain about it. So why not laugh? Your perspective is great and that is what you help me to do...laugh.

Thanks for not making apologies about your life, or your time schedule, or for holding back the "good" stuff from your blog for better reading later in your book. God's answer to your prayer for a way to help your family is way more important than the instant gratification of some of your blog readers.

Keep it up! :)
Shelly S., Nebraska

KellyJean said...

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the interview - I wanted to see it, but not a ton of time to search it out!
On the topic of dogs:
Not all dogs shed. First generation labradoodles shed a bit, but not tons (ok we do get tumbleweeds but that's because we vacuum/sweep so rarely due to our crazy schedules). I never thought I'd be a huge dog proponent, but my two have fallen in love with our doodle and are as big a help as an 8 and 5 year old can be when it comes to caring for him.

Love reading your blog!

MelissaQ said...

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I saw you on Good Morning America, while taking care of my newborn. I thought I was busy, until I saw your story. Anyway, I was immediatly intreauged by your money making. I knew as a stay at home mom myself, that I had to find out how you did this. I found researched and found out, and have now made my first $100. Its not $4000, but its a start. Thank you for showing me the way.I had no idea this was even possible untill you came along. I have recruited 5 more women in search for a way to vent and bestof all a way to make extra income. Please come by and visit my new blog at http://mvkq3.blogspot.com. WHEN you have time of course... I could use some helpfull tips on making my site look nicer. THANK YOU!!!

MelissaQ said...

I'm adding a link to your blog, on my blog so more women can see "the mom, the myth, the legend"

Anonymous said...

Dawn...I love your blog....I have been reading it since Mid August.

How do you take comments like this one left today:

Val Cox said...

Yep, you've got your hands full alright! I hope the book holds the original humor and compassion that the blog seems to be losing week by week. Val

November 14, 2007 10:20 AM

I say to Val Cox, stop reading the blog if you aren't finding your own satisfaction to Dawn's humor/compassion.....or else keep your comments to yourself. So rude.

Dawn said...

Eh, there are always going to be negative comments. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I have too much other stuff going on to worry about silly comments though. It really doesn't bother me. Like you, I figure if someone doesn't care for my blog, it's fine. Don't read it. End of problem. :)

Kandy Seaton Smith said...

I too loved your interview. I cracked up when they showed the other mom because she looked so uncomfortable, coifed and dressed to the nines, and you looked like...me :) I love that you kept it real :)

About dogs...schnauzers are great, and they DON'T SHED ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "can't wait" sentiment re your book. I already have plans as making it a mothers day gift for every mom I know.

But I can't even offer to kid-sit for you to free up writing time else how will you get your material for the book?


MarshmallowMomma said...

You are awesome, hilarious, refreshing, and provide a perfect break in my chaotic day (mom to 3 little ones). Thank you!!

Michelle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. You add laughter to my day. You also help to remind me that my crazy 4 year old son is "normal".

Mauzy Fam said...

Just for the record and for all of those impatient and hard to please people out there: I like what you blog and I read it everyday whether it's a long funny story or something very simple. I'm sure there are plenty of people like me that are hooked, will stay hooked, and will buy your book when it comes. So keep doing what you're doing!!

The other me said...

I am so glad that you posted the clip for us to watch, I may never have been able to see it here in England otherwise, you made me feel great because you are so real and I KNOW what life is like with 6 kids, mine are split into 2 'litters' 22, 20, 18 and 7, 6 and 4.....there is a great deal of shouting going on round here sometimes ( although the first litter have all left now, we just have the littlies at home, thankyou Lord)I love your blog, I laugh and understand all at the same time, I wish I had your talent!

Holly Maudsley said...

I love your blog - You go girl! I have another idea for a topic - potty training. What did you do for each of your kids? What worked? What didn't work? What did you learn along the way? This would really help out us moms who are embarking on the journey for the first time.

roseys madhouse said...

After I read your blog this morning I just went "YEAH".
You are, who you are and as you said, people choose to visit your blog. IT IS THEIR CHOICE.
I think it is fabulous that from your day to day life you find humour and decide to share it with the world through the world of BLOG.
As I was reading through the comments though there are alot of mothers who find comfort in reading that they are normal, that they are not alone in the daily routines of raising children. Its funny though I too have people go "How do you do it?" I think having more children is easier than only having one or two at home, they have more to play with and the games they come up with cracks me up lol.

Patty said...

Hey Dawn, I love your blog just the way it is, and I can hardly wait for the book to come out, because even if it had been just all of the blogs put together it would have been great. Knowing that you are holding some of it back means that it will be that much more. (hows that first sentence for a run on sentence? ;) )

Sue said...

I have a Miniature Schnauzer. He doesn't shed. I hardly ever vacuum, and I don't have any dog hair in the house, except on the dog. He does need trimming, and I do that myself, with help from a video I bought called Doggie Cuts. I was thinking of a poodle, but my sons said "That's a frou-frou dog!" Even boys think Schnauzers are cool.

Nancee said...


Quick question being your so busy.
Have your kids or DH acted up with all the demands on your time. Mine did in the 80's. Opps..I'm dating myself :{

May the Angels watch over you all

jc said...

The blogs are still great! You're still great! And you know what? Your hubby is pretty great too!

Jenny in Ca said...

haaa-bawaa!! your last answer was just perfect!

I enjoyed the t.v. interview, I liked best that you showed up as a normal regular mom in regular clothes- I would have been disappointed if you looked like you ran out and got a complete makeover.

I once made it a point to watch Oprah- just to see the segment of a beautiful mom of like 8 kids or something, I wanted to see how she managed to stay so thin and look so wonderful..I was so disappointed to figure out, putting 2 and 2 together during the show at her house, that besides the really expensive home gym in her basement, complete with ceiling mounted t.v.'s and more equipment then my old membership gym had..that she also had a nanny to watch the littles while she went to workout.
okaayy, I'll get right on that...

glad you are keeping it real!

onthegomom said...

Your blog was great back then, it's great now and it will be great tomorrow. You write from your heart, whether it's for your book, your blog or on a piece of paper for nothing... you write for YOU. That's what we all love :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

congratulations, Dawn! the news piece was great...:))


korkie said...

Replies like this one just sky rocket ed you to the be my new best-best friend.
"I can write an additional 20,000 words this month for the publisher, I can review products and websites from work-at-home moms and write up reviews on Mamaslike, and I can come up with long, funny stories for you to read every day. Sounds like a plan!

I couldn't have put it so concise and elegant, but the thought was there.

Korkie (living one Dawn a day)

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