Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the city with the BEST pizza in the world (Oh yes, it is, New York!), it's your host, the woman who finally sent out her very first newsletter, Dawn Meehan!

I was so excited to get your first newsletter! Awesome!
Why, thank you. And it only took me what, two years to get it out? But now I'll be sending them out on a regular basis. If you missed the first one, never fear, I'll be putting a copy of it on my website this week. And you can sign up at any time to receive future newsletters and be entered for the drawings. Just fill out the form on the left side of my blog that says "Get book news and updates from Dawn". Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Also...ask for your old part (they should give it to you by law) and then go sell it and recoup some of your money. Sorry this happened to you....but at least you won't have to worry about THAT particular problem again for a while. Keep your chins up sweetie!
When I first read this, I was really bummed that I hadn't even thought to ask for my old catalytic converter so I could sell it. The thought never crossed my mind. I mean, what do I need with an old car part, right??? But when I got to the last sentence, I forgot all about the part where I was stupid and clueless about car repairs. "Keep your chins up..." Your CHINS? Plural? Now, I know I'm old and fat and my skin may be somewhat flaccid, but really, did you have to write "chins"? Excuse me, but I have to run to the store in search of skin-firming cream.

Go on ebay and get the CC for pennies on the dollar or Take it off, Beat it, Pour out what rattles, put it back on, reset the light and you pass. The CC doesn't make the air any cleaner, just different!!
I'm curious. After writing a post about how I had to get my car fixed and how I spent nearly $1000 doing so, why would you taunt me by giving me this advice? I can't turn back time and do this instad of taking it to the mechanic. And even if I could, how on earth would I go about taking the CC out of my car when I can't even tell the difference between a catalytic converter, a spark plug, a gas tank, or any other thingy that makes a car run? Remember my aversion to Home Depot? Well, car parts stores would fall a step below Home Depot on my list of hated stores. Heck, I don't even like to get gas for my car! Car maintenance is NOT my department!

Sorry for your troubles. Remember: if money can fix it, it's not really a problem.
But if you don't have money, it's a big problem.

Isn't it funny to hear yourself through your child????
Oh yeah, it's hilarious. <---read with heavy sarcasm Did it seem weird to shop with just 1?!?!
If by "weird", you mean "awesome", then yes, shopping with one child is weird.

I have a 4 year old son (going on 17- really, what's with the 4 year old teenager attitude?)
You can always tell which little kids have older siblings. They're the ones who sing along to the songs on the Top 40 station instead of singing along to the Wiggles. They quote iCarly and Wizards of Waverly Place instead of Dora and Sesame Street. And they're the ones who put their hand on their hip, roll their eyes, and give you that teenage attitude when you do something as horrible as tell them to put their shoes away.

Dawn - Have the 4 younger kids ever realized there is superiority in numbers and tied up the 2 eldest so they could eat ice cream for lunch, tear around the house yelling like banshees and do anything they want or do Austin and Savannah keep them in line by showing them what they did to the 7th kid that never listened?
No, no, no, no, no, you have it all wrong. The way it works is that Austin and Savannah let them eat ice cream for lunch to shut them up and keep them out of their hair. When the little ones run around, screaming like banshees, Austin and Savannah simply jam their ear buds in and lock themselves in their rooms with the music blasting. If the little ones ask Austin for a cup of milk, he tells them to go ask Savannah. If they ask Savannah to make them sandwiches, she tells them to ask Austin. Finally, they'll give up and destroy the kitchen. I'll come home to milk left out on the counter, peanut butter smeared on the walls, and potato chips crushed into the carpet while Austin and Savannah "watch them" from behind their closed doors.

So, ahm, Dawn... I NEED to know what the picture is that was posted on your blog. Please?
Ah yes, the picture...

Clay walked up to me and said, "My nose hurts."

He's been a little snotty the past couple days, so I brushed it off and told him, "Yeah, it's probably sore because it's been a little runny."

He walked away, but soon returned, saying, "Um, it feels like something's up there."

Again, I didn't think twice about it as I told him, "Well, go blow your nose then."

Once again, he walked away only to come back a minute later. This time, he said, "There's some orange stuff coming out of my nose." He sounded genuinely puzzled as to what it could possibly be.

"Let me see," I said, starting to wonder what he'd done.

I saw the orange snot on the tissue and immediately asked, "Clayton Reid, did you put a Tic Tac up your nose?!"

He looked at me guiltily without admitting to anything.

"Clayton..." I repeated slowly while giving him the You'd Better Fess Up Now, Mister look.

He finally admitted to shoving a Tic Tac up his nose. Sigh. I plugged his open nostril and had him blow through the orange flavored nostril. It took about five minutes of blowing, but the Tic Tac finally shot out.

I know better than to ask. I really do. But I asked anyway. "Why, Clay? Why did you put a Tic Tac up your nose? You're SIX YEARS OLD, for crying out loud!"

Of course, I got the universally accepted answer. "I dunno."

It was homecoming this weekend for our town's football/cheer program. That meant a huge tailgate party on Friday night, followed by the traditional TPing. The football players went out with a list of the cheerleader's addresses and TPed their houses. I loaded up my van with seven cheerleaders and high school coaches and went out in a caravan to TP the football player's houses. I'm the proud mom of both a football (he sacked the quarterback TWELVE times in Saturday's game) player AND a cheerleader. My house got TPed twice on Friday. It rained on Saturday. My house and yard are now covered in papier-mâché.

The cheerleaders painted their faces for the tailgate party Friday. Brooklyn joined in the fun today. Attractive, no? Oh well, at least it's not Sharpie this time.

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Gilsner said...

For the record I can shove a Tic Tav up my nose... with my tongue. Hard to believe I'm single, I know. Needless to sat, I can relate to Clay. Although I don't like the orange ones, they taste like baby Tylonel. Ick.

Obson-Wilbo said...

Just something to consider for other nose related incidents. I read on another blog a while ago (if I could remember which I'd link but my brain is mush!) that to get things out of noses - i.e. tic tacs, beans, etc. - you should hold the empty nostril shut, and blow hard into the mouth.

I haven't had the opportunity to try it myself, Boyfriend is past the stage on shoving things up his nose thankfully, but I thought it might be a handy tip for you to consider for next time?


Mum-me said...

Be careful posting that last photo of your sweet daughter with what looks like a black eye and blood running from her nose and both sockets! You'll get a visit from child services.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I am litrally crying as I read this post. You crack me up!! I wish I was a fly on your wall somedays. Never a dull moment. A tic tac!!!!! HAHA!!!!

Lisa said...

Too bad Brooklyn wasn't at the grocery store looking like that!! Too funny!!

Anonymous said...

my 6 year old decided to put a bead in his ear. Why? Just to see if it would fit. After a trip to the Urgent Care, just to puzzle the staff there, we ended up at an ENT for bead-extraction. I kept that little sucker, because it's the most expensive bead I've ever had. They are never too old to make you scratch your head in wonder!

Tonia said...

I'm going to knock on wood now but I have 3 young boys and I would have never guessed the tic-tac up the nose answer. I couldn't believe the number of people who knew what it was, especially the up the nose part. My boys are 9, 8, and 6 and knock on wood...have not shoved anything up their nose. Now a Q-tip pulled from the trash shoved in an ear to the point of blood...yes. I also couldn't believe another mom said my answer of tooth with mac-n-cheese sauce on it....I was shooting for he bizarre & she commented a minute before me (no comments yet so we didn't copy). Kids are funny...and strange.

V1nce said...

BTW the official name for the "7th kid that didn't listen" is Shoulda Ducked.

Dawn said...

My daughter, when in early elementary (can't remember which grade exactly, but old enough to know better!) stuck a pea gravel into her ear. Yep, had to go the the ENT for extraction.
Why do they do these things??!!

Anonymous said...

OT- Have you seen the new coconut M&M's? Saw them at Walgreens today and thought of you :) said...

you think the tic tac is bad, I've got a story for you. My son's nose was swollen and sore and at first I thought it was a bug bite, but it didn't get better. When he started doing the sitting-with-silent-tears-rolling-down-his-cheeks thing rather than the loud whining and moaning he normally does, I knew something was wrong. Took him into urgent care and it turned out he had an infected "intranasal abcess" FROM PICKING HIS NOSE!!! Worse, she said he had to sit at a 45 degree angle and have his nose cleaned with peroxide several times a day for up to a week so that the infection didn't spread to his eyes and brain. (I googled it, it can and has happened, albeit rarely) He's fine now, but to think, it is possible to die from picking your nose. OMG boys are gross!!!!

K. said...

I hope Brooklyn can recreate that look for Halloween. I was truly scared for a second when I scrolled down. Then died laughing of course. ;)

Shannon said...

I am confused. You finally sent out a newsletter? I thought I had signed up, but went to sign up again, and it says that I have signed up. Yet- I still have never received one... what is going on?

jdb in AZ said...

My sweet feminine niece shredded her pink foam spongy curlers and shoved them up her nose. Her mom didn't realize anything was wrong til the sinus infection stunk so bad the kid was really offensive.

Then a kid here in the Phx area stuck a toy car up his nose. When the ENT got it out the dad couldn't believe the kid could stick something that large up his nose. So the dad tried it, and had to have help from the ENT to get it out. The nut didn't fall far from the tree on that one.

Marly said...

I am totally impressed with the paint job Brooklyn did. You really should take her shopping like that :-)

V1nce said...

Best. Paintjob. Ever!

Naomi said...

Hi just wanted to say nice face paint, and im your newest follower come on by sometime.

Catmeat said...

Hi Dawn, When my son was about 4 years old he put a red tart and tiny candy up his nose. Being my first and only child I Freaked Out! I couldn't get it out everyway I tried so off we drove to the medi-center. We were sitting there with red sugar coming out of his nose and my son asks " Mom when the doctor takes it out Can I Eat It" Needless to say it came out in the waiting area and we left:) Kristine in Michigan.

dark_chocolate said...

Oh, you crack me up with the "chins" thing! Only you could pick up on that kind of detail! LOL

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