Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the town that goes from 90 degrees to 62 degrees overnight, it's your host, the woman who learned a new football term (it's apparently called sacking the quarterback, not pushing over the guy with the ball), Dawn Meehan! Here are answers to this week's viewer mail...

I'm so excited your new book is coming out in Kindle edition-any chance you can talk the publisher into putting your first book out for Kindle as well? I requested it on Amazon, but who knows if they see those things.
Yep, I just noticed that my second book is available for Kindle! You can preorder the Kindle form HERE and/or the book form HERE. And, as far as getting Because I Said So for Kindle, you need to sign up for my newsletter to get some exciting news about Because I Said So! Scroll down my blog a little ways and on the left, you'll see a blue box that reads, "Get Book News And Updates From Dawn". Just put in your email address and you'll get my newsletter delivered to your inbox!

Does Brooklyn go to school too, this year?
She starts this week! Two hours a day, three days a week. She keeps telling me, "Mama, you're going to miss me so much when I'm at school." She's not going to miss me. I'm going to miss her. And you know what? She's probably right.

And Jax! He's so grown-up looking! No more little boy! How old is he now?
He just turned twelve. In fact, we had his party yesterday.

Jax looks so different with his hair short. Is he going to grow it out again?
I'm not sure. He's got some crazy cowlicks that make him look a little like a rooster. He hates that, so he may just grow it long so it'll lie flat again.

How are you feeling by the way?
Eh, I'm still waiting to feel 100% again. The pain was pretty much gone until this weekend. I ate a couple slices of tomato and I had a scoop of this salad that was chock-full of slivered almonds and sunflower seeds. It was too late when I realized what I'd eaten. It's not that I can't live without seeds or nuts; I'm just not in the frame of mind to think about those things yet. I think it'll take some time before it's an automatic, unconscious thing to avoid seeds and nuts. But I'm still not digesting like a normal person. I may go back to the clear liquids for a couple days and see if that helps. Either that, or I'm gonna have to run back to Target for more toilet paper. Thanks for asking!

How the heck do you handle it when people say "Oh my you must have your hands full?" I have three boys and I hear that CONSTANTLY. I'm so tired of hearing people say that!
I don't mind that one at all. I usually just give them my best "duh" look and say, "Gee, ya think?" Then I pull Clayton down off the shelves he's scaling, tell Jackson to stop hitting his sister, and warn Brooklyn that if she continues to whine, I'm gonna duct tape her mouth shut.

Let me guess....... Brooklyn was the one in cowboy boots?
Brooklyn is always the one in the cowboy boots.

Yogurt will take care of the fast track digestive plan. Its all the antibiotics.
Yeah, but then I'd have to eat yogurt and I detest yogurt. I know, I know, I'm probably the one person on the planet (other than my dad) who can't stand the stuff. And I want to like it! I really do! I try it now and again, thinking that surely my taste buds have changed, but to no avail. It's still disgusting. Instead, I'm taking a cute little probiotic pill. It doesn't taste like yogurt.

Just one small question.How on earth did he [Clay] get up the first part of the tree without any branches etc.?
You're new here, aren't you? This is Clay we're talking about. He's building a rocketship out of a toaster, a broom, a pair of socks, and some toothpaste. And it'll probably work. Nothing he does surprises me anymore.

Forget how Clay got into the tree in the first place. What I want to know is how you got that first picture. It looks pretty much straight on & not like it was taken from a much lower level - like the ground.
Believe me, I wasn't climbing any trees! I just have a good camera!

Your target has wine!? I've been jipped.
Yep. I had them special order for me and since I'm there every other day, they were happy to oblige.

Dawn, I thought Brooklyn is off diaper, and I dont think any of your kids are still using it, why do you need diaper cream?
I didn't get diaper cream. I said I got diaper wipes, and the reason is because I use them to clean EVERYTHING! I wash my laminate flooring with wipes, I do quickie bathroom clean-ups on the sink and floor with wipes. When I pull up to the grocery store and go to take Brooklyn out of her car seat and I realize she still has lunch on her face, I whip out a wipe and clean off her mouth. I use them to scrub dirty footprints off the wall, and dust off the hood of my oven. I could on and on and on. Suffice it to say, I use them to clean everything.

Saturday was another fun-filled day of football and cheerleading.

Here’s my cheerleader and my um, Minnie Mouse.

And my football player who has been playing right guard a lot. And every time I hear the words “right guard”, I think of Bob Nelson’s FOOTBALL ROUTINE. The weird thing is – I haven’t thought of this guy since 1980-something, but just last week, my sister and bil saw him in concert in Missouri! Go ahead, click the link. It’s funny!!!

Yep, this is how we support our siblings. We cheer, cheer, cheer them on to victory. Or, you know, take a nap because we’re teenagers and can’t be expected to be awake as early as 3:00PM.


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

You're not the only one who detests yogurt. That stuff is NASTY!!! I've even tried to hide it in smoothies, and I still gagged. Although, I've never tried the chocolate flavor. Hmmm..... Nah. Who wants to ruin chocolate by turning it into nasty yogurt. :) Glad to hear you're starting to feel better.

Amber Narae said...

Brooklyn looks so much older in this pic... and as for Austin, well... typical teenaged male. I really hope you start feeling better, Dawn!

Anonymous said...

I hate yogurt too, usually I can't stand to swallow more than a few bites. Except for frozen yogurt - that doesn't count as yogurt, it's ice cream. But it still has all the healthy cultures, so it's good for you! Sweet! Sticking regular yogurt in the freezer does NOT work, however.

Anonymous said...


I had never heard of Bob Nelson. That was very funny!



Anonymous said...

I have another question!
Just noticed from the photo of the children by the tree that you have neighbours!

I dont know why but I sort of got the idea that you lived in some sort of isolation - you know - away from 'normal' folk LOL!

Seriously though, have you ever had any problems with neighbours poking their noses into your lively brood?

Personally I like to see kids being adventureous and enjoying life, but you know some people are just, well, I think 'miserable' springs to mind.

Sarah said...

I used to hate yogurt, too, but then I tried Yoplait light. They have flavors like strawberry shortcake, pineapple upside-down cake, white chocolate strawberry, key lime pie, etc. But, I totally understand...if the probiotic pills help, then go for it! Hope you feel 100% soon!

Love that pic of Brooklyn and Lexie--so cute! They're starting to look more alike! And wow, Austin is soooo tall laid out like that! ha. :)

Hope you've had a good long weekend and enjoy your couple hours a day to yourself! You deserve it!!!! :)

Deelyn said...

It's too funny reading this because my daughter just started soccer this year and my hubby and I were "doing" the Bob Nelson routine because she's number 27! We could not for the life of us remember his name though, so this coincidence just helped us out! Now we can show her why we were acting so silly! Thanks a bundle!

P.S. I'm with everyone else here in not being able to get over how quickly your kids are growing and changing! Every single one of them is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure your "proud mommy syndrome" is in overdrive!

Someone's Nanny said...

Austin is awesome. I myself have slept through weddings, ballets, graduations, and presidential speaches. Ahhhh, naps are the best!

Colleen said...

I hate yogurt too! I'm the only person in my house who doesn't like it. My three boys and my husband do, and so I buy it constantly, but I never eat it. Even when my three year old is trying to stuff it in my face because he finds it hilarious that he can feed me.

Hope you feel better soon Dawn. And the football cake looks AWESOME! As usual, for you.

Do you have any tips with getting a three year old out of diapers? Every time I even mention it I get a really loud "NO!" and he runs away from me. He won't even sit on either of the potty seats we bought, let alone the regular one. I'm thinking about just stopping buying diapers and dealing with the accidents. I think after a few days of all that yuck, he'll sit on the potty seat. At least, that is what I'm hoping.

Kristin said...

You can add two more who hate yogurt. I try and try to like it and no go I can't stand it! My son is right there with me. I'm glad your feeling better.

SandyAnnDee said...

Yogurt is blah/yuck, but I still managed to force myself to eat it somehow. I'm obviously never going to develop a liking for it.

Diaper wipes are a necessity! My youngest is six, but I have one pack in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and one in the car.

jdb in AZ said...

Since your kids are past the diaper stage you can refer to the wipes as "moist towelettes." I take individually wrapped packets in my luggage when we travel. Last month I had to make an emergency pit stop, and whilst the potty in the park was relatively clean and had flushable facilities and t.p. there was no sink. huh? I was SO glad I had the wipes for my hands.

Melanie said...

Worth trying Keffir if you hate yogurt. It's a yummy strawberry drink that I get in the organic section of my grocery. Doesn't taste like yogurt to me, and it's really good mixed with fruit juice of your choice. Good stuff. I know. Because, well, let's just say, I've had reason recently to replace all of my "intestinal flora" too! LOL! God Bless the Mega Roll!

Sharon said...

That football cake is just darling. You could decorate cakes for a living!

Kila said...

Instead of eating yogurt, you could take chewable probiotic tablets. Their good for you anytime, but especially after taking antibiotics. You can find them at health food stores, in the refrigerator. Good to have on hand for kids.

I LOVE using diaper wipes to clean around the house (and for cleaning myself!)! Great for wiping down the bathroom and cleaning countertops and wiping sticky stuff off floors, etc.

Used dryer sheets work good for dusting.

I hear you about the temperature changes in the midwest. I lived in Wisconsin all my life until this year. The seasons change within one day. Now I'm in Florida, and the weather is so consistent every day, it blows my mind.

jdb in AZ said...

Sacking the quarterback is more than tackling the guy with the ball -- he has to end up a few yards behind where he started. One step forward then twelve steps back -- he shoulda quit while he was ahead.

Shanny said...

I hate yogurt too. But the only kind I do like is name brand called Astro and it's French Vanilla that I love. My 5 yr old hates yogurt too and likes that brand only too. It's all in the brand! Believe me!

V1nce said...

I like yogurt but support your right to not like it.

Agree? Good!


Let's spitshake -- er yeah forgot you don't like doing that either. Anyone got diaper wipes? I hear they clean spitshakes up...

Amanda said...

You can add me to the list of people who don't like yogurt. It tastes like sour milk to me - yuck! My oldest son loves it for some reason. He also eats fish. I'm not sure he's mine anymore.

Erin T. said...

I see I'm not the only one here, besides you, who doesn't like yogurt. I don't mind the taste but the consistancy makes me gag. Same with Jello. Oh, and Bananas, too.

Robin said...

That football cake looks awesome! Another great job! (I'm assuming you made it) :)

dark_chocolate said...

Great pic of Lexi and Brooklyn. They look so cute!

Pat said...

Re the digestive issues: I was diagnosed with diverticulosis at 28 and have found OTC Equalactin to be a lifesaver.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that uses baby wipes to clean the house! My youngest is 6 years old and I still buy baby wipes--in bulk!

My mother hates yogurt too btw, so you are not the only one! I do the same thing you do but with fish. I really do want to like it. I keep thinking that this time it'll taste good, but it never does! :(

Anonymous said...

I also did not like yogurt until I developed an Intestinal infection this summer and needed to eat it. I found the WHIPS are delicious! If you like Cremesicles, you should try the Orange Cream!

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