Saturday, May 25, 2013

I took the day off work to go to Le Cordon Bleu and meet with the financial aid department, and to take Austin to his graduation practice. Before I could do any of that, I had to pick up Lexi from school because she had another migraine that was making her throw up. I guess it's good that I'd already taken the day off. And of course it's good that she threw up at school before I got her.

So this afternoon I took Austin to his graduation practice because it's very important to practice graduating before actually graduating. I mean, how else will a bunch of 18-year-olds figure out how to walk, sit, and stand without first practicing? So I drove him to UCF and watched him walk, sit, and stand for a couple hours. It's okay though, Austin's rotten attitude more than made up for it.

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Deb said...

Your perspective is so encouraging! I love how you don't allow a surly teenager and cramps get you in a bad mood. Seems to me you are an optimist, it's a gift. :) Also, my daughter had terrible, throwing up migraines several times a week until someone suggested she stop eating wheat. She stopped (she was 10 - is 12 now) and her headaches stopped that very week! She rarely gets headaches now, mostly they occur when she gets cross-contaminated food. Just thought I'd share that since it helped us and I know how terrible it is to watch your child suffer, maybe it would help her too.

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