Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey for me, Turkey for You

While talking about Thanksgiving traditions a couple weeks ago, I brought up my indecision over what my kids and I were going to do this holiday now that we live across the country from our friends and family. We've decided to go to the beach to celebrate Thanksgiving. I ordered a smoked turkey from the men's group at our church. When I pick it up, I think I'll shred it, mix it with BBQ sauce, and make sandwiches to take to our little picnic. Along with deviled eggs, sweet potato chips, and little pumpkin pie tarts, I think we'll have plenty of Thanksgiving-ish foods to eat while lounging on the beach and soaking up some sunshine.

But what do you do after Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is the herald of the official holiday season. Thanksgiving starts off the festivities that will last for more than a month. Do you arm yourself with sales ads, credit cards, and a taser and hit the black Friday sales? Do you put up your Christmas decorations? Do you pull out all the leftovers and make turkey sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini, turkey pot pies, turkey soup, turkey sausage, turkey turkey?

We also decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. It's a tradition that I've carried over from my own childhood. I definitely make a bunch of turkey creations with the leftovers. On Subway's Fresh Takes on Family site, there's a great idea/recipe for making pizza with your turkeyday leftovers.
Check it out HERE! I usually make turkey sandwiches with a moist maker, of course.

Now, everyone head over to the
Fresh Takes on Family site and share your after Thanksgiving traditions for a chance to win a $50 gift card and/or have your family's story featured on the site! Go! Now! Or I'll start singing Adam Sandler's song. "Turkey for me, turkey for you. Let's eat turkey in my big brown shoe . . .

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Diana said...

It looks like I have to share a photo (not going to happen) and also be a face book person (not that either) to enter the Subway contest. Oh well.

We traditionally go hiking on the day after Thanksgiving in one of Florida's awesome state parks (which are closed to hunting). Have to work that turkey, etc., off somehow.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Dawn. Your plan sounds awesome.

Tara said...

I know I have to comment on the Fresh Takes site to enter, but I thought I'd let you know: I married a guy from Orlando and we spend the whole week of Thansgiving with his family there. It's taken a lot of getting used to! None of my family, no cold weather, it's so different. My family used to bundle up and go to the farm to cut down a Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. Now we pack up and spend the weekend at the beach with my in-laws. So I feel your pain! But after 4 years, I love our new traditions. Can't complain about the sunshine and warm weather, right!? I'll be thinking of you and your family next week! Hope you all enjoy making new traditions and soaking up the sun!!!

Susan said...

Love you love Dooce, love that you discovered and covet the beach. Jealous of your big family.

We camp, first tent, then pop-up, now fifth wheel, 29 years married. Camping is a Thanksgiving tradition. Smoked turkey breast from Lewisville, AR no matter where we go...Stovetop stuffing, Bruce's canned yams, LeSeur Asparagus, Green beans ala Susan and Pumpkin pie.

But oh baby I'm so tired. This year? Maxwell's market prime rib steaks, microwave potatoes, and bib salad....

Envy your young heart and children.

Kimberly said...

I'm glad you guys decided on a way to celebrate! Sounds like it's going to be fun! I laughed out loud at your mention of the moist maker. That episode is one of my favorites. "On account of my rage." Ha.

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