Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Edamame (and Other Traditions)

This Thanksgiving, I'm not sure what the kids and I are going to do. According to Brooklyn, they talked about Thanksgiving traditions in kindergarten today. Apparently, Brooklyn told her teacher that we eat chicken and edamame for Thanksgiving. Although I cook chicken and occasionally edamame (which is Brooklyn's favorite - weird kid, I know), I'm pretty certain I've never made either for Thanksgiving. Her teacher must think we're nuts.

We're far away from our family and friends, so it's entirely up to us how we spend our day. I suppose I could go the traditional route (minus the relatives) and cook a turkey with all the fixings. We could sit around the table, share the things for which we're thankful, gorge ourselves on the meal over which I slaved all day, then lie around for the rest of the evening. It would seem pretty normal (except for the fact that we'd be alone and it would be warm outside).

Or, since it's just us, we could start a new tradition! We could pack turkey sandwiches and head to the beach for the day. We could order a Thanksgiving pizza and watch movies until our eyes blurred. We could eat Thanksgiving soy beans and play board games for hours. The sky's the limit really.

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kirine said...

We usually do the "traditional" Thanksgiving meal (turkey etc.)watch favorite movies and plan for when and where we are putting up the Christmas tree.

We also watch the macy's parade every year, and then watch movies of some family interest.

Tracy S said...

Kindergarten teachers hear all kinds of things they know are not quite true!

When asked what their dad's did (as in for a living) my sister told her teacher he sat around the kitchen reading the paper and smoking. LOL He worked first shift in a factory so that is what he was doing when she got home from school!!

Kimberly said...

So the girl with some of the pickiest eating habits this side of the Mississippi enjoys edamame? Too funny. My kids love it, too. Maybe it's a salty thing?

However you decide to celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy yourselves!

Janice said...

I like the turkey sandwiches and head for the beach. Buy a breast and cook it the night before then slice it up for sandwiches and head for the beach. I think your kids would enjoy that and you wouldn't have to slave over a stove and then have everything eaten in 5 mins.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a family tradition. For the most part, while growing up, we went over my uncle's house. I would watch my siblings while my same-aged cousins would quickly demolish their dinner and then leave to hang out with their friends.

Since obviously my siblings couldn't care for themselves and there was NO ONE ELSE to watch them, I was there to watch the children ten years my junior. I entertained them while my parents joked, spoke and drank with my uncle and aunt and whoever else came over.

Now, as an adult, the family is fragmented, so I'm trying to start a tradition of Thanksgiving at our house. Of course, this is the first year, so I will have to report after Thanksgiving.

Rose said...

Dawn and kids, I know the "new" holidays in a "new" place can be difficult. Been there, done that! It's hard not to sit there and think "what would we be doing if we were back home right now?" I think it's wonderful that you can spend Thanksgiving doing something altogether different, something wacky and fun so you can take pictures to friends and family and share your new traditions. Even if they change every year as we all change every year. Have FUN, I can't wait to see what you do. I am displaced as well and struggle through the holidays. You're lucky that there are seven of you! Thanks for sharing your story.

Kylie said...

Since we are overseas this Thanksgiving (We are in Germany with the US military) we decided to start a new tradition and go on fun trips that we normally wouldn't be able to go on! This year we are going to Ireland!! We decided to stay on the West side and see Dublin and go down South to see the "Caves of Insanity!" from the Princess Bride and go whale watching (if weather permits). I hope that next year we can continue to go visit new places (like the Southern coast of Spain!!!!) next Thanksgiving.

melyssa said...

My three year old informed his dentist his most common lunch food was cheetos.


I hastily assured her he has had cheetos once in his whole life and not for lunch. she smiled politely and wrote god knows what in her notebook. sigh. when the assistant came in to go over notes she asked about his eating habits. the dentist hesitated and finally murmered, "fair...."

Anonymous said...

Why not go out to a restaurant for a thanksgiving meal? No slaving for hours over a stove or clearing up afterwards and then go somewhere (free)as a family such as the beach or a park? There is a wonderful place (Cannot remember the exact name) but is a huge park in the middle of Florida - sort of SE of Tampa. It has a children's play area too. Oh...and notices saying 'do not feed the alligators!!' I had to take a photo of this to take back home!

jojopig.com said...

Cute Blog by the way. Thanks for such stuff.

Snookie said...

I always enjoyed Thanksgiving the best. My whole family would get together, including grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Then the grandparents passed, uncles died, aunts remarried and the cousins have their own families now so it got down to the immediate family. That was still good. Now for the last five years we've been "on the road" in our RV and every year we now have dinner with 200+ that have become our extended family. Now its just ok. Its a fancy potluck and I long for the days with family.
Don't dwell on what isn't Dawn, make it fun, not only for the kids, but for yourself too. I would come home from work on Wednesday and cook a turkey that night. Not only will you have enough for sandwiches on your days adventure but on Friday you can all sit down to a nice turkey dinner anyway without the stigma of it being Thanksgiving. I hope I explained that right and that you got what I'm trying to say.

Kat said...

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Aust so I'm trying to think what I would do...I to have no family here and to be honest I'd rather slit my throat than spend a whole day with my in-laws (and my girls would leave home or lock themselves in their bedroom if I tried to make them) when the kids were little I would definately go with getting a picnic together and heading out the door somewhere.....it's sometimes warm here this time of year and sometimes cold so would have to vary it....beach and swimming maybe....somewhere there is massive playground and skate park....picnic would be simple finger food....just a relaxing enjoyable day....oh and I wouldn't even cook the turkey the day before to make sandwiches I would buy the meat already sliced at the deli counter....but then I'm slack like that

Unknown said...

We usually do the traditional meal. I love your thoughts on alternative ways to present Thanksgiving foods.

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