Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for the Little Things

I had planned to pack a picnic and head to the beach on Thanksgiving, but after looking at the weather forecast earlier this week, I changed my mind. They were predicting a 75 degree day for Thanksgiving so I thought it might be a little chilly to go to the beach. Yes, I know, I know. How things have changed that I would consider 75 degrees “a little chilly”. (I actually think that 75 is delightful, but not for swimming in a cold ocean.) So, we had a quick change of plans and went to the beach on Monday, instead. It was 85 and breezy without a cloud in the sky. We packed a picnic and hung out at the ocean all day and it was awesome! I’d woken up, feeling a little sick on Monday and the fresh, salty air helped me breathe a little easier so it was a nice day all around.

By Thursday, I was feeling awful and had completely lost my voice, so I was happy to stay home and cook instead of driving all the way to the beach. We had a nice meal and we enjoyed eating outside on the lanai, but it really didn’t feel like Thanksgiving. It was no different than any other day. My kids and I eat dinner together every night so, although there was more food than usual, it was just like any other day. I’m not complaining. It was nice. It just felt a little weird. Of course, since it was just us, I didn’t have to worry about my relatives’ reactions when we went around the table and took turns talking about what we were thankful for. Instead of listing things like our  family, our health, our home, beautiful weather, the fact that we’re all together, our freedom, etc., my kids had um, other things for which they expressed thankfulness.

“I’m thankful I’m not as annoying as Austin.”

“”I’m thankful for edamame.”

“I’m thankful for Mom and Lexi, but not really anyone else.”

“I’m thankful I’m not a goat.”

“I’m thankful I don’t sound like Mom (insert lovely Roz impersonation. “I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching.”)

“I’m thankful my eyebrows don’t look as stupid as Jackson’s.”

In defense of that last one, for reasons known only to him, Jackson took it upon himself to shape his eyebrows a couple nights ago. He used a razor and shaved the tops off them. His eyebrows actually do look stupid right now. In fact, every time I look at him, I see Joey from Friends . . .

Oh well.  I guess it’s good when you can find a way to be thankful for the little things.  Right?  Just go with me on this.

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