Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Sound Out

From Orlando, where it's apparently legal to turn right from the left lane, it's your host, the woman who may have just made the People of Walmart site, Dawn Damalas Meehan! And now, here are the answers to this week's questions.

Whilst visiting the US I have always been confused by the number of churches you have there, and what the differences are.
Join the club. I don't think most Americans know the difference between all the different denominations.
In the UK I belong to the Church of England, C of E, as its known and every town/village has a parish church belong to the C of E.
But in Florida they seemed to have names I just didnt recognise or understand - apart from the Catholic church of course!
I'm not familiar with the churches in England, but we have several different denominations here. Aside from Catholic and Orthodox churches, there are a bunch of protestant religions like Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, etc.
And we have Priests in the UK whereas you have Pastors? Our priests are ordained and wear a 'dog-collar' whereas your pastors always seem to be in a shirt and tie.
I think the Catholics have priests whereas most protestant religions have pastors. I'm no expert on this though.
Just think how confusing it is for us Brits when visiting trying to find a church that feels comfortable! :) And I was also wondering that I thought your family was from Greece (or do I have this wrong) and is there such a thing as Greek orthodox in the US?
There are Greek Orthodox churches in the U.S. and my dad is Greek, but that's not my religion.

But did the new church have donuts?!?
Ha! They didn't have donuts, but they always seem to have coffee cake, brownies, cookies, etc., which, as everyone knows, is the mark of a good church.

Hi Dawn: Where did you find that cute photo of the ARMADILLO just napping by the side of the road?
I take all the pics on my blog. We saw this guy a block from our house and pulled over so we could lean out the window and snap a pic and the little guy stopped walking and just kinda plopped down. Do armadillos play dead like opossums?

I was wondering, what are your feelings on Gothic teenagers? I'm 16, and I'm a goth, but I like normal things as well (like I've been reading your blog for about a year now), and my mum supports me 100%. She often times gets attacked for my decisions, such as, "What mother would let their child dress like that?" If Savannah or Lexington, or any of your kids really, decided to become "goth" would you support them, or try to disuade them?
Honestly, I would probably try to dissuade them, but I wouldn't force them to look any particular way. I'm all for letting teens express themselves. What's inside is far more important than hair, make-up, or clothing. "What kind of mother would let their child dress like that?" The kind of mother who knows that appearances aren't all that.

I saw you mentioned toddlers; however my son is 6 years old and we are having some serious bed wetting issues. I NEED HELP.Does Goodnights have an age cut off?
This is a topic I'm passionate about! Goodnites are designed specifically for older kids! They go up to 125 pounds and they look and feel much more like underwear than training pants. BTW, it's not at all uncommon for 6 year olds to wet the bed. There's a wealth of information on the site. You can even ask the experts your bedwetting questions and get them answered there.

If anyone knows where the cable is so I can plug in my fax/answering machine, let me know. I haven't seen it since moving. Everything is unpacked. I can't find it. It's driving me to the brink of insanity. Thank you and have a great week!


residentreject6 said...

thanks Dawn =) I appreciate your honesty about the goth thing. My gothy exterior and interests don't mean I'm evil (I'm actually pretty normal!), it just means that I like expressing myself, and being a peacock in a world full of cattle =)

Sandy in Illinois said...

Hi Dawn, I see that you have changed your header on the blog. I just noticed, so if it was done many days ago, please don't tell me. I try to be observant and I'm not going to admit that I may just be getting old. Looks good. Love the new pictures.

DarcsFalcon said...

Check your purse for the cable! Ha! ;)

Whoever unplugged the machine before moving might know, or might just have packed the machine and not the cord.

I hope you find it, but if you can't, it should be easily replaceable at places like Walmart and Target, Radio Shack, etc. :)

Elizabeth said...

For the woman with the bed wetting 6 year old son. I was a bed wetter and had to sleep on rubber sheets until I was about 7, my son was also a bedwetter until he was about 7. I don't know the exact reasons why some kids wet the bed and some kids don't but it does seem to be somewhat hereditary and everyone eventually grows out of it. You just have to wash a lot of sheets in the meantime. No, he won't go to college wearing diapers!

Bulldogma said...

Oooo - bed-wetting! My 8-year-old is in the autism spectrum, and has been dry during the day since age 3... but at night... We had visits from the tinkle fairy for 8 whole years! Enough was finally enough and our doctor recommended an enuresis alarm. There are a lot of good ones out there but we wanted one with both a vibration and audio alarm since our daughter is a heavy sleeper. We got a Malem alarm and in just over a week, she was having dry nights and hasn't wet since! Hooray! We have banished the tinkle fairy from her room... and now we just have to work on little sister... because there seems to be some unspoken rule that the life of a mom must have some excitement at all times.

Tammy said...

The first thing a parent of a bed-wetting child needs to do is make sure there isn't a physical/medical reason. My son has always had bedwetting issues, but suddenly he was soaking the bed from his shoulders to his ankles. He was diagnosed as a Type 1 (insulin-dependent) Diabetic at age 5. He is 8 and still wears overnights. My daughter is 6; she was getting up during the night to use the bathroom, but never hit her REM sleep. We were all miserable. She now wears overnights, and sleeps through the night.

Laura said...

C of E (Church of England) is most similar in the US to Episcopalian churches - that denomination split from C of E around the Revolutionary War (not exactly going to be able to have allegiance to the king in that kind of situation...). You might also see churches that call themselves Anglican - pretty similar. Both CofE and Episcopalians look to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion.

PhotoBabe said...

I hope you realize that the minute you buy a new cord, the old one will turn up as if by magic...:)

LauraZW said...

I'm an Episcopalian, we have priests (who wear collars), and it is EXTREMELY similar to the Church of England as it is the American offshoot of said C of E (also known as Anglican)...not sure how you can forward to your Brit commenter that there is an easy church home for her in the US. LOVE your blog!!!

Tracy S said...

For the woman whose 6 year old wets the bed~My oldest boy wore GoodNights until he was 10 and my youngest until he was 8. My dad had issues until he was 10 or 11 and I did too. So did my sister. Both my boys and my nephew did. Obviously, it can be hereditary. From what the boys pediatrician said was that some people sleep too deep and they don't wake up when their bladder tells them it has to go. Once your child's bladder is big enough to make it until morning, then they will wake up dry.

The GoodNights worked fine for the boys all the way until they didn't need them anymore.

Hope that helps!

Notsopc said...

My sister wet the bed into college.. She was tested for alot throught the years and even had a hospital stay.. (course this was in the 60's.) Well the end result was She slept to soundly to wake up.. She was given some medicine that didn't let her sleep so soundly.. That was the problem all along.. I do remember my mom waking her up in the middle of the night and my sister never really waking up..

Rachel said...

actually armadillos jump when they get frightened. That would typically keep them safe from danger except when they sleep on warm roads at night. Headlights frighten them and the jump....and well. Road kill. :(

Lisa said...

Armadillos are creatures of the night. It's unusual to see them during the day. They have NO known natural predators, so they either die of accident, old age or disease. They are also cannibals, and yes I know from personal experience. Every armadillo near my home stinks and is disgusting. They are only cute in books or photos from places far, far away.

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