Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Kinda Like that Movie, Wildcats

The kids and I all started back to school yesterday. The little kids had a good day. They came home and reported that they liked their teachers and school. Brooklyn is giddy at the prospect of going to school every day. Ahhh, the innocence and eagerness of kindergartners. The three older kids were less than thrilled with their first day. The schools are big. The kids at their schools are different. They didn't know where and how to get their books or IDs, or how to request a schedule change.



Anonymous said...

The link is not working :-(

Dawn said...

Oops! It's fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like you've had great lesson plans so far. Especially with so little to work with at this point in the semester. Teaching isn't easy. Like so many things, you always see your own errors and think everyone else sees them too. The reality is that unless you point out the error in BIG BRIGHT LETTERS no one is going to notice that you were nervous and stuttered a little bit. Or that you were a little less clear on that point than you should have been.

Trust me on this one. I used to teach college classes and was always amazed that no one noticed I was a nervous wreck the first day. Or that my lectures weren't finished until 10 minutes before class started. Or that I was barely more conscious than my students during my 8am class despite guzzling an arhythmia-sized coffee. Ahem.

You're doing great. It will get easier. By next week your kids will have made friends and will get ticked off when you pick them up early from their after school program and cut into friend time.

Michigan teacher said...

Have your students watch The Butterfly Circus and discuss it. It's about 20 min and can be very motivating, if not life-changing. It's on the internet.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're going to be great with your students. You've had all that training with your own six kids!

Amanda said...

Dawn, the first day is always like that. It will get better. At the start of this school year I shifted my two eldest to a new school, and I also started work there full-time. All 3 of us have had heaps of adjustment issues and moments of confidence crisis. This school also happens to not be in the town we live. We have a 40 minute drive each way and I have to be there at 8. My two need to be up early and need to go to before and after school care because they are at school so early and leave later. Meanwhile my 2 year old is in full time care back in our home town. Hubby works full-time in same town, but he has fully booked appointments with patients all day. So if so ethnic goes wrong at day care, I have to collect 2 year old, but have to choose whether to take the other two out of school early or make another round trip later. Managing all that and the usual home chores plus added homework, sport and music practice is mind boggling, but eventually i all comes together. Give it a year and you will all be wondering why you were all so stressed in the beginning.

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