Monday, August 15, 2011

School Rules

I went into the school this week to check out my classroom. It’s a nice sized room and I’m so excited to decorate it and make it inviting for the kids who will be studying in there. I got a tour of the school and saw some amazing rooms that teachers had painted, stenciled, and decorated with plants, curtains, rugs, and other personal touches. I don’t have such lofty aspirations, but I did put fresh paper on my bulletin board and a couple posters on the walls. But the biggest change I made was in taking down the rules. Whatever teacher was in the room last year had TWENTY posters of rules on the walls. For the most part, all those rules could be summed up with Be Responsible and Be Respectful. I may have never worked in a school, but I know kids and I know that if you blabber on with rule after rule, eventually they’re going to tune out. And some of these rules . . . whew! They’re doozies! Check out a few of my favorites…



Crunchy Mommy (aka Cindy) said...

Good luck with school!!

And, I gave you a blogger's choice award. I know it's cheesy, but it was fun and I wanted to try and keep it going from the blogger who passed it to me. If you'd like to accept it, please click below:

The Crunchy (Grouchy) Mommy -

Katrina said...

Ha ha ha ha - oh dear can just imagine my daughter if she'd been in a class with this many rules all posted up around the back...first job would have been to see how quick it took her to break every one of them I reckon

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