Monday, May 23, 2011

Then the Doctor Said the "C" Word

I woke up in pain on Saturday. I immediately recognized the lower abdominal pain as something I'd experienced before. I knew, even though I hoped I was wrong, that it was diverticulitis again. My plan for dealing with the pain was to ignore it until it went away. That's my M.O. My first course of treatment for anything that ails me is ignore it. It usually sometimes pretty much never works. But I do it anyway.

This morning, I had visions of my large intestine becoming so infected that I would need to be hospitalized. At first I thought it would be a nightmare, but that gave way to fantasy about lying in bed all day with people bringing me my meals while I did nothing more strenuous than change the channel on the TV. I'm sure the nurse would never run into my room, shrieking that everyone had eaten all the macaroni and cheese, forcing her to declare her undying hatred of her brothers and sisters. I snapped back to reality when I remembered that I had no one to take over for me. No one could step in and take care of my kids and everything else while I lounged in the hospital. And really, there is no resting or relaxing in a hospital. Ever. Between the annoying roommates, noisy hallways, announcements over the PA system, and the nurses who must take your vitals every twenty minutes, it'd be easier to get rest lying in the middle of the Kennedy during rush hour.



DarcsFalcon said...

Oh Dawn! *hugs* I am saying prayers for you!

No cancer. All will be well. You can get through this too.

DeAnna said...

As a former believer of the golden rule: "My first course of treatment for anything that ails me is ignore it." I am telling you see a Doctor before it gets worse. Your children need you alive & well, not trapped in a hospital bed.

I am in amazement of how you survive it all; divorced, single mom of six kids with a dead beat ex. I only have two kids and some days I am overwhelmed with it all.

Krysten @ Glors Galore said...

Probiotics!!! def get some of those! hoping things are getting better and praying against cancer! boo!

Snookie said...

I'm stunned. First at the news you've given even though its still only at the POSSIBLITY stage. Let's not even talk anything past that right now until you know for sure.

If it turns out that there is a problem I wouldn't worry about needing/getting help. It will come out of the woodwork at you from where you least expect it.

We're praying for you Dawn, thousands of us are praying for you. I'm going to guess that there are not many comments here because everyone is trying to digest this, dare I say, remote possibility?

When the call goes out, we'll be there for you. In ways you won't even be able to comprehend.

Sandy in Illinois said...

Chicago 85 and Orlando 88 at 2pm Monday, May 30.

Sandy in Illinois said...

Chicago = 88 and Orlando = 85 at 3:45 p.m.

Sandy in Illinois said...

87 in Chicago, 82 in Orlando on May 30 at 7:15 p.m. Just saying.

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