Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the town that rhymes with . . . well, it rhymes with . . . um, well there's . . . Okay, apparently Chicago doesn't rhyme with anything. Anyway, it's your host, the woman who was not taken away in the rapture this weekend, Dawn Damalas Meehan.

One good decorating tip – put in the house what you like. What interests you, what colors, etc.
Hmmm, really? You think? Because I was kinda set on putting a bunch of crap I hated in my house.
Kidding. But I honestly don't know what style I like. I have no taste. I'm inept at decorating. I don't even know what I like.

You got the house you put an offer on?
Yep! Well, the seller accepted my offer anyway. The inspection's tomorrow and as long as all the financing stuff goes through, it'll be mine next month. Here's a picture of my new kitchen! I love it SO much!

This is what my kitchen looks like now.

And I still can't get over the fact that this house is twice the size of my current one for significantly less. It blows my mind!

The same thing happened to me; one day I woke up and my daughter was turning 9!!! Where does the time go??
Well, maybe the time is going faster than it needs to go because you're skipping ahead years. Or maybe it's just me who does that. A couple days ago, I was talking to Savannah about her upcoming birthday. I asked her, "You're not expecting a big sweet sixteen MTVish party this year, are you?"
She looked at me a minute, raised eyebrow, then slowly answered, "Noooo."
It took me a few more minutes before I realized that I'm an idiot. Savannah's turning fifteen this week, not sixteen. Of course she isn't expecting a sweet sixteen party this year. Duh. Chalk up another one for yours truly, aka: mother-of-the-year.

On a lighter note….how the heck are you, being the eternal night owl…ever going to drag your fanny out of bed to gt to work at the school next fall?!
My goal is to change the entire Florida school system so that the schools won't start until noon or so. I think it's gonna work. I have a good feeling about it.

Are you feeling any better today?
I woke up yesterday in pain. It's the same pain I had back in August when I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. The pain's a little worse today and I'm positive it's the same thing again, but I'm putting off going to the hospital because I know the cure (liquid diet, strong antibiotics that make me sick, and possibly surgery) is yucky. I'm going with the "ignore it and it'll go away" theory right now. Besides, I do NOT have time be sick now. Thanks for asking.


Unknown said...

Ugh - saying tons of prayers for you! I really hope you feel better soon and don't have to do the whole liquid diet/antibotics/etc stuff... And I'm with you on the whole decorating thing... I walk through furniture stores, flip through Pottery barn catalogs, spit at the prices, and then go to Target and copy the same look for much cheaper! Paint is cheap and goes a long way as well... oh what fun!

Shadowydreamer said...

Dawn - You will listen to the Canadian who has sent you chocolate and coffee. You will go to the doctor. You will take care of yourself.

Y'know why?? Because someone has to protect the world from your children and you're our last line of defense!

As you would tell your offspring its better to get it treated NOW before it gets worse!!

Don't make me come down there and teach your children how to sleep with their eyes open!

Amanda said...

That kitchen in the new house is awesome! Honestly, I'd even love the one in your current house right now. Would you believe mine is smaller with less cabinet space?

noexcuses said...

I think I can challenge you on Mother of the Year! Hey, it happens.

I'm so excited for you, the kids and the new adventures you will all have in Florida!

Chris said...

Dawn, Key Largo rhymes with Chicago. Just sayin'...and my DH has diverticulitis and he keeps it under control with diet. He's not perfect but only has a bout once or twice a year and can usually get it back under control with meds and a diet change...and staying away from the obvious triggers. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

Lisa said...

Hey FYI its all day school for Kinder's... I am so stinkin excited for my Savannah to start school in Aug.

aceiatx said...

You can give your system a simple flush by gagging down about 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil (probably tastes better than cod-liver oil). For the rest of today, only eat clear liquids - broth, apple juice that sort of thing. Do that until the pain stops. Then, for the next couple of days only eat soft foods: soups, hummus, applesauce, jello, soft pasta ect... Then after that, you can probably go back to your regular diet. They told me to only go back to the hospital if the pain becomes very bad (like you cannot sleep) or if you run a fever or pass blood.
Think about what you were eating the day before you noticed the pain as you probably have a trigger food somewhere in there. This is how I figured out that my main trigger is corn.
As a diverticulosis sufferer, I totally sympathize. And I will do ANYTHING to avoid those horrible antibiotics.

Gloria said...

You could possibly be gluten-intolerant, it causes lots of problems such as diverticulitis, IBS, etc. Testing would tell you whether you are allergic to grains like wheat, rye, and all the rest. I know that sounds like a dreadful thought, but we really live in a day and age when the health food stores and even some grocery stores have delicious options.

If you just tried to go without gluten until you are ready to look into your problems, it may buy you some time.

Good luck to you. It sounds as though doors are opening for you. Now if you found a buyer for your Chicago home.....

Notsopc said...

Oh Dawn PLEASE if you aren't getting better PLEASE go get the antibiotics.. My husband kept putting it off and the results weren't good.. By the time he went in, and only because I dragged him to the hospital, well 11 days later and a whole lot of intestines were gone. etc etc.. and a bag.. Four months later all was reversed but it wasn't a good time. Please don't put it off... You have so much on your plate right now I'd hate to see it get worse.. Okay enough of the lecture.. That and pneumonia are my horror stories about him..

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

Also (sort of) rhymes with Hildago, El Dorado, bravado... really just saying still reading (and laughing and enjoying your ability to smile and wishing you the best)

Kelly L said...

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