Friday, May 20, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive

The other day, I was having lunch with Savannah after her doctor’s appointment. We were talking about the move and the new house. I mentioned how I have no taste. I can’t decorate. I want my new house to look nice, but I have no idea how to go about designing it. I don’t know how to put colors and accents together. I don’t even know how to arrange furniture in a way that makes sense. Savannah told me, “You need a gay friend, Mom.”

Yeah, yeah, I know that’s stereotyping, but I agreed with her.  I decided that I totally do need a gay friend! Or someone who has taste and isn’t completely inept at designing rooms. And maybe when he’s done fixing my house, he can work on my wardrobe.
Not five minutes after Savannah said that, I got an email from a friend. This friend is the brother of one of my very best friends from high school, Erica, who, with her husband, died tragically, and much, much too young. This friend is gay. This friend lives about 15 minutes from my new house! How awesome is that?!

I lived with my high school friend, Erica, for some time. We were total slobs back then. We paid her brother to clean and cook for us. He was terrific! One time, he and I were cleaning out our fridge. We cleaned out a bowl filled with nasty, old cookie dough. And by “cleaned it”, I mean, we took spoonfuls of cookie dough and flung them off the balcony. More than one glob stuck to the neighbor’s house. We about fell over laughing at the time! (Yes, I was a total punk as a teenager.) There are probably still cookie dough stains on the siding now, over 20 years later.  I’m laughing all over again just remembering my friend’s face as he turned red, laughing!

When I told him what Savannah had said and how funny the timing was, he admitted that he’d gone back to school a few years ago to get a degree in interior design! LOL! It’s great! And not only that, but his (and my late friend, Erica’s) mom lives in Florida not too far from me also! I can’t wait to see them!

And, and, and, a couple who attended my church here in Chicagoland retired to Florida and invited us to attend their church there which is only a few minutes from our house. It’s the same church that one of my readers invited us to attend.

I just love how I keep finding more and more friends who live near my new house. Next on the list – someone willing to clean up puke. And fix stuff.

I mean no offense to people who are gay.  Or interior designers.  Or plumbers.  Plumbers really have nothing to do with this story, butt (get it?) I want to cover all bases. You know, in case I make a crack (get it?) about plumbers in the future. Hoo hoo ha ha ha, oh boy . . .  Um, I think it’s time for my meds.

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