Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walking to School

My Little Chatterbox

As I walked Brooklyn to school today, she informed me, “Mom, Ashley doesn’t talk much at school.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yep. She’s quiet.”

“Well, some people are quiet. That’s okay,” I explained. “And then, other people are chatterboxes,” I continued.

I looked at Brooklyn and asked, “So what do you think you are – quiet or a chatterbox?”

She glanced up at me with a decidedly guilty look on her face. “I’m a chatterbox,” she admitted under her breath.

I threw my head back and laughed uproariously. Let me explain. This is how the rest of our walk went. . .

“Oh look, Mom! This is where me and Clay and Lexi had a picnic. We sat over there. We had chips. You know those kind of chips that have those crunchy things? And we took juice. But we were out of juice boxes. We just poured some juice in a bottle. But we only had two bottles so we shared. Oh look, pinecones! Remember when I was at Clayton’s baseball game? Remember we were at that park with that boy? He took my pinecones. Is that the park where kids pee under the tree? Nettie said she isn’t my friend anymore. Can we go to the park at my school? Jackson went sledding with me there before. Not now. When it was snowy. In the wintertime. Which way do we go? Is this my left, Mom? You have to check for cars, right Mom? You have to look this way and that way. Do you know what you do if your clothes catch on fire? The fireman told us when we went to the fire station. There was a cat there. Oh look, the sidewalk is bumpy here.  Why is the sidewalk bumpy?  Are they going to fix it?  What’s that?  Why is it there?  Are we late for school?  Do I have music today?”

Then she took a breath and started her second sentence.

Every night, the kids and I take turns going around the dinner table, sharing the best and worst parts of our days.  This evening, Brooklyn announced that the best part of her day was walking to school with me.  I don’t think I said more than two words on our walk.  I guess sometimes all it takes is an open ear.  Funny how those moments that seem so insignificant to us can mean so much to someone else.


Rebecca said...

As a very young kid, quite frequently the best parts of my day were the times when I just got to spend a few minutes telling my dad everything about my day.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's still one of the better parts of my day, and I'm nearly 28!

Brooklyn's chatter is adorable and it sounds like a great walk to school. :D

Ashley said...

I saw on your tweets that you were asking about ABF U-pack and I wanted to respond. We used it on our move from CA to MO and we loved it. I didn't want to have to drive my van with my two kids while my husband drove an unreliable moving truck across the country. I'd say ABF is the way to go - especially with gas prices so high you are probably paying about the same! We had to store our stuff for a month while we visited family and waited for our apartment to be ready and when were ready for it they delivered it right away. I think they are great company and it is nice to have someone else take care of the transporting!

Unknown said...

Its amazing what goes thru their minds in a short span of time. I love hearing how inquizitive they are!!!
HOpe you remember these days because they go way too fast.!!!

Dawn said...

FYI: Went I went to Amazon to look at your book _You'll loose the Baby Weight..._ It had it teamed with your first book and a book called, _The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels--A Love Story_ . I thought you would think that was funny. I did.

kimikki said...

When I started reading your blog today, my first thought was a song called "Alyssa Lies". I was happy to read on and realize I was wrong.

sulroquen said...

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I thought I'd share it with you. Hope it helps. :)


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