Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Another Edition of I Spy

Otherwise entitled, Why is the Play Doh hairy?

I've been cleaning my house in preparation for moving. I've gotten the boys' room spotless. I've gotten the bathrooms decluttered and cleaned. Apparently I have ADD because I keep getting distracted every time I start working on another room. Every other room in the house is half-done. This week, I'll finish cleaning and decluttering every other room. That's the plan anyway.

Yesterday, I took out the entertainment center. By "I took out the entertainment center", of course I mean that I stood there, telling everyone what do and complaining when they didn't do it the right way while Austin, Savannah and my friend Eric took it apart and moved it out of the house. This piece of furniture is 100 inches long X 75 inches tall X 20 deep. Obviously it's not something that can be moved away from the wall in order to clean behind it. This is what I found. . .


1 comment:

Rachel said...

Yuck! We're moving next month and while our entertainment center isn't quite as large as yours I'm dreading what I'm going to find behind it. I hope you're saving all these moving stories for another book. Cause really, you've got time for that too right now! :) I pray you have a super productive day!!

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