Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the town that, the town that, the town... Waaaaaahhhhhh! Sniff sniff. I just realized I'm only going to have a few more of these before I have to start writing, "From Orlando!" Anyway, it's your host, the woman who painted her kitchen and even got a little paint on the walls, Dawn Damalas Meehan!

And now for answers to this week's questions.

I got a lot of comments like these - YAY! I am so happy you will be in Florida. You are gonna love it, I dont actually live in FL, I live in TX. But the weather is the same. do understand its very very hot and high in humidity? Cause I dont wanna hear no complaining, bc you sure did hate the snow :-)

Already mentioned above the heat and humidity, but the BUGS are HUGE!!! Seriously so big. My aunt lives in Gainesville...home of the Florida Gators and it was creepy visiting there with all the bugs, and also ALWAYS thinking there was a gator in the pool. However VERY cool for you.

What? No one mentioned hurricanes? It's supposed to go like this. "That's fabulous that you're moving to Florida. How wonderful. And I'm sure the heat, humidity, ginormous bugs, and hurricanes won't be that bad, dear."

I'm so happy for you that you have job lined up already! Is this something that a reader helped you with?
One of my best friends from high school mentioned that she knew of a job down there that would be perfect for me. It worked out well!

beware the kids may want to bring in the lizards they find on the backyard. mine 3 try to all the time and have named them "buddy".
They might want to? Uh yeah, Jackson spent every spare minute in Florida doing just that.

I am so happy for you for your job!!! That's awesome. What will you be teaching? Have you taught (other than your own kids) before?
It's not a teaching position, but I will be working with kids who need a little extra help and encouragement.

So happy to hear the news of the new job!! Hopefully the older kids do understand it's for the better in the long run :)
Austin's the only one who isn't thrilled about moving and it's just because he doesn't want to leave his girlfriend. I understand. It stinks. I don't blame him one little bit. I would've been MAD if I'd had to leave my boyfriend and switch schools before my junior year. But, he's been absolutely awesome about it! I couldn't be more proud. We talked and he told me that he wasn't mad at me for making him move; he understands why we're moving. He's upset, but he's being really mature about it. The other kids are pretty excited about the move.

Does Brooklyn start school (kindergarten) next school year?
Yep! And there's all-day kindergarten where I'm moving. She'd only go half a day here and I'd have to arrange day care for her so I could work. Another plus for moving to Florida.

Dawn, you have done an amazing job! I know you got rid of a lot of stuff, but did you put some in storage, too?
I was ruthless in throwing out junk and boxing up stuff for a garage sale. Whatever doesn't sell is getting donated to Wings. And yes, I did pack up a few boxes of things we want to keep, but won't be needing in the next few months.

Where on earth are you going to keep the kids so it doesn't revert? I rented a Pod for them.

What about your room, Dawn? You've never shown us pictures of that
My room is in desperate need of paint first.

Was Clay's nose broken?
I'm not sure. I didn't take him to the hospital. Since I took Jackson there for a broken nose a few months ago, I learned they don't do anything unless it's grossly misshapen and in his case it isn't. It's swollen and bruised. He can't breathe out of one side very well because of the swelling, but it really doesn't look too bad.

That’s Lexi? How can you tell her & Brooklyn’s baby photos apart?
I have to look at background clues to figure out who's who in baby pictures because they all looked a lot alike as babies. But Lexi has crossed eyes in a lot of her baby pictures. I thought it was just a stupid human trick she did. I mean, she'd passed the vision tests at preschool. But I opted to take her to an eye doctor "just to be sure" when she was five. Turns out she couldn't see and needed glasses. I had no idea. So here's a public service announcement: take your kids to an eye doctor because those school vision screenings do NOT catch everything.

You can my most recent post over at Babble here!

Now I have a date with some bubble wrap. Have a great week and remember, hugging's very different from leaning. Hugging involves arms and hands; and leaning is whole bodies moving in. Leaning involves wanting... and accepting. Leaning. . .


Marly said...

Oh, I LOVE While You Were Sleeping! Thanks for quoting that at the end.

I'm excited for you and maybe you can get a yearly pass to Disneyworld and Universal! That would be cool.

Oh and it might be a good time to be moving to Florida since their housing market is kind of in shambles. Maybe that's tacky to say....

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you and your move, although I was hoping we'd run into each other in the Chicago area before you go since I'm nearby. :-(

Also this: All. Day. Kindergarten. FTW! I too was so excited they have this in WI and it's a huge blessing when you work to know they're at school. Half-day 4k just wasn't enough time to get anything done.

Have a safe move and I can't wait to hear the updates from there!

Amy said...

When my ex abandoned our 5 kids (12 years ago now), I did the cross country move. I took the kids from Michigan City IN (right across the lake from Chicago) to TX. My older 2 (like yours) were teens and less than thrilled with leaving their friends behind. The younger 3 were fairly excited (and my baby was only 4 so about the same age as your baby).

We went from up there to a land of rattle snakes, water moccasins, coyotes wandering at whim, a panther that shares our property (and it can have just as much of it as it wants belieeeeve me), and the coyotes sing us to sleep now. And my kids all not only adapted to the move but thrived even if I did end up with a couple of little rednecks with my youngest 2 (as in wear cowboy boots with their shorts rednecks...).

You are an awesome mom and I have every faith that your children will thrive and be successful as y'all adapt to this new place and lifestyle.

Tanna said...

While you were sleeping is one of my very favorite movies!!! I moved from Oregon to SE Texas two years ago. You will get hugely sick of hurricane talk and the bugs ARE monstrously scary but NO snow is totally worth it. Good luck!!!

Knitty said...

Not a comment really, just wishing you the best of luck in selling your Chicago home and all of you thriving in Orlando.

Everything about your life is very different from mine so I couldn't offer advice if you were to ask. What I can say is that when my life has taken unexpected turns that I never would have wished for, I came through each upset the better for having weathered the storm. I didn't know I could be as strong or resilient as I've been. Sometimes being strong begins with putting on a face for those we love and it catches on and the strength becomes our core. Here's to your core....Cheers!

Unknown said...

IF (oops--WHEN) the hurricanes come, you can come visit us in Atlanta! My in-laws lived in Florida for many years, and they used to hang out with us every time a hurricane was predicted.

Oh, and about Clay's injury--my husband was hit in the face by a hockey stick when he was young and years later had to have sinus surgery because it turned out to have blocked the drainage from one of his sinuses. Don't want to scare you--just be aware if Clay starts to have sinus issues that you might need some x-rays to check for damage.

Unknown said...

Eh, hurricanes aren't so bad, not in Orlando anyway, and the bugs aren't too bad either as long as you keep the trees and plants around your house trimmed. It's the humidity that will get ya!

mommyrox said...

Hey- Luce.... That guy botherin' yous? I see he's.... leanin'


Unknown said...

I live in Brevard County FL, and I have survived all hurricanes the last oh, 25 years, and you will love it, minus the AND the school here is free! if i remember correctly you had to pay for public schooling?

I can't find my blog said...

I totally missed that you found a spot for your clan and a job. Well done! Hope things continue to go swimmingly for you!

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