Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, the city that removes tough stains and smells springtime fresh, it's your host, the woman who drove around town in a 45 degree heatwave with her head hanging out the window like a dog, Dawn Damalas Meehan!

Since you are a Greek girl, I am thinking you are probably a REALLY good cook, because I stereo type like that....but to me, that would be the best part of a Greek family...the food!!!
Sure, I cook lamb on a spit in my front yard! Oh wait, no, that's not me; that's My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Eh, I can cook okay when I have the time, but I never have the time! My mom used to always joke that she married the only Greek who not only doesn't own a restaurant, but can't even boil water.

The response to the last question made Crack Up!! How DO you remember all that stuff!?!
I remember useless trivia, but forget stuff like doctor's appointments, baseball sign-up, and my kids' names. It's a trade-off.

I wanted to revisit the "sucks to be you" comment. I first heard it in the Robin Williams movie Bicentennial Man. Out of all the funny things in the movie, that was the one comment my son picked up on and I got to the point that I had to tell him to stop. Not such a funny comment when your kid says it all the time and mine did! I hope yours doesn't (was it Jackson?)
It was Clay originally, but now everyone says it. All. The. Time.

"Ouch, I hurt my toe!"
"Sucks to be you!"
"I can't find my phone."
"Sucks to be you!"
"I got a C on my test."
"Sucks to be you!"
"I have a ton of homework tonight!"
"Sucks to be you!"

Oh yeah, the fun is never ending around these here parts.

How beautiful. He's a great writer, like his mom! :) Is he feeling better? What about Jackson? Praying for y'all.
Austin and Jackson are both doing better as far as depression goes, but they both still have a ways to go. Thank you for asking and praying. :)

Wow...what a heartfelt tribute to you, Dawn. Must mean you're doing something right, huh?
Eh, either that, or he wants something.

Has Austin started thinking about college yet?
Austin has informed me that he intends to be a hobo after high school. At least he's not wasting his gifts of intelligence, humor, and creativity on something silly. Sigh

Is the bathroom done yet, post pics if it is!!
It's almost done. Chris removed every trace of mold and installed new drywall, studs, floor joists, and floor. He installed the sink, shower, and new tile (all the right way, I might add.) I just need to finish patching and sanding the walls, prime and paint, and install the towel rack and toilet paper holder.

Oh how I feel your pain! Telling us that she says, "Look what I can do!" instantly put an image of the Mad TV character 'Stewart' in my head....
You and me both!

The winner of the Nestle Cookie Tin is -

Chris said...
I love baking cookies from scratch. Chocolate chip or fragile crispy sugar cookies...doesn't matter. I just love it. I also bake when it's snowing or I'm housebound. Then I normally make cakes. Gotta love some good carrot cake! Chris in PA

Congratulations! Email me with your shipping address and I'll pop this in the mail right away!

This is one of my favorite pictures. I took this on the beach in North Carolina this summer. I just really love this picture! My good friend, Michelle, has taken this picture and improved it...

Check it out! She DREW this! She added a big, bright, sun and called it Dawn of a New Day! She's the most talented artist I know! Thank you so much, Michelle, for this awesome Brownlow original!

And she's offering prints and notecards of her original drawing in her Etsy store HERE! Check it out! She's selling the notecards as a fundraiser for me. How sweet!

Again, I want to thank all my readers for their kind, thoughtful, generous spirits! I've taped the cards you've sent me up on my bedroom wall. It's a total pick-me-up when I walk past these! And thank you for all the letters, emails, gift cards, donations, books, jewelry, soaps and lotions, etc. Most days, I go along, trusting that things will work out. I'm working hard, trying to bring in enough to support my family on my own. But some days, I absolutely freak out at the reality of the situation. The thought of losing my house makes me hyperventilate. The thought of being unable to buy groceries or pay for medical care for my kids makes me sick with worry when I let it get to me. And there are definitely those days when it gets to me. On those days when I think, Oh my gosh, what AM I going to do??? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!!!, I like to walk by my Wall of Encouragement. It helps me to calm down and keep a level head. It helps me to push on even though I'm tired. It helps me to remember that things will work out, one way or another. Thank you for that!


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and loved it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really enjoyed your post about what to do with kids on snow days. I am saving that post for when I need it next weekend!

PamGram said...

That's awesome! :~D

Marjorie said...

I had my windows down today too while out shuttling kids about. Funny that in the fall when we get a 45 degree day we make sure the windows were up and the heat cranked, but come January or February a 45 degree day means windows down.

Chris said...

I won! I never win anything! Thanks Dawn. I sent you an e-mail with the information you need!! Chris in PA

My Semblance of Sanity said...

With God all things are possible! You are so good at letting your faith SHINE through...keep following HIS lead and you are right, one way or another everything will work out.
Hope we sell a TON fo cards for you!

Sandy said...

When it all gets to you remember, don't worry about things you can't control, just try to handle the things you can. It helps to know that you are not in control, but GOD is!!! It is great to know you have a partner with you no matter what.

April said...

I am curious - why would you put a toilet paper holder in your bathroom? Do your kids know how to properly use one? No one, but me knows.

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

You go, Dawn! :D

V1nce said...

The bathroom looks AMAZING! and what a fantastic wall you have w/all the cards!

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