Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picky Eaters

Brooklyn walked by, talking on her play phone.

"Yes. Okay. We're putting the babies on the grill now. Uh huh. Sure. Buh-bye."

I waited until Brooklyn hung up and asked her, "Putting the babies on the grill???"

"Yeah, our boss told us to, so we could eat them."

"Your boss? Your boss told you to put babies on a grill? And more importantly, you listened to him?"

I wasn't sure what was more disturbing - the fact that a pretend person was telling my daughters to become cannibals, the fact that they were listening to this pretend person and thought it was perfectly acceptable to grill their dolls, or the fact that I was even questioning this line of thinking.

I walked over to "the grill" where Lexi and Brooklyn had their dolls all lined up, just roasting away.

Oh well, maybe they were on to something. I mean, I can't get Brooklyn to eat more than chocolate milk and peanut butter sandwiches. In fact, tonight, she informed me, "I'm not really into tacos, Mom. I'll just have ice cream."

"Okay, Brooklyn. Get me a bowl too." "I mean, ha ha ha ha ha, you're a funny girl. Now sit down and eat. The taco. Not the baby doll.


Kim Neyer said...

I will just bet they heard someone say barbie in reference to a grill, like in Australia. Or they are just goofy kids, either way, that picture of them eating their dolls is wigging me out. It's okay, I watched my almost-2-year-old hit himself in the face repeatedly with a balloon and laugh for about five minutes straight.

That Crazy Mom Over There said...

Oh Dawn, this is hilarious! My youngest will only eat chocolate milk and chicken nuggets. Fingers crossed it's a phase... however, a phase lasting 3 years now? LOL
Maybe I'll try grilling some dolls instead. ;)

Alison said...

A friend of mine always says: My kid will eat dirt but not even consider touching broccoli!

And you know what? It's true!!! My little one will pick up a fuzzy off of the rug and try to eat it, but if I try to give her a french fry she scrunches up her nose and shakes her head NO!

Now, ice cream for dinner...that's my kind of thinking! :)

Kaia said...

HAHA! Well maybe you need to some how shape her food into little people.. just don't ask me how!

Anonymous said...

Wait 'till she asks for the Kangaroo steaks. That'll make you jump.
*Big Hugs*
Belinda in Brisbane Australis where you can indeed buy Roo in the meat section.

Unknown said...


God Bless!

Priscila Lima

V1nce said...

Judging by their enthusiasm on eating their dolls I'd start worrying - you could be next! Best slather yourself in taco sauce to be safe!

Kimberly said...

Roasted dolls...probably taste like chicken, right?

My 14 year old has started telling me, "I'm just not that into ______ (fish, broccoli, asparagus...fill in the blank with whatever's on the table) anymore.


Sunny said...

Don't you just love kids imaginations. What they come up with. As you say, makes you wonder where they got it. Maybe it's like some of our dreams, you have to go back to what they saw or heard the day or week before to find the answer.

Dianne said...

Oooooh! Your girls are playing with Groovy Girls. I love those dolls and got some for my daughter. But, apparently I love them more than my daughter does. She is just NOT into them unfortunately! Maybe I'll try having her grill them... LOL

Veggiemomof2 said...

At first I thought maybe she'd overheard someone say "let's get those babies on the grill" ya know, like guys talking about hot dogs. That kind of thing.

Or they could be acting out the story of Abraham & Issac story of Genesis 22. That's the one I'd go with cuz it just sounds better ;) It's a biblical

Rachel said...

"Put the babies on the grill" talk about a demanding boss! At least they show motivation to follow directions...

Shay said...

Oh my.
Kids really get carried away with their imaginations these days, don't they...

Angela, DailyMama said...

My 5-yr-old daughter informed me that the 153 aliens in her head were acting out. Then she said, "Just a second," closed her eyes and said sternly, "Be good!" Then she smiled and said they went back to serving her. Later that day I heard her arguing with her 7-yr-old brother. She had given him the 153 aliens for the weekend and he didn't want them!

Unknown said...

If they had some prawns they could spread them over the top and have shrimp on the Barbie. :)

Angelina Raven said...

How funny! I love the wau children's minds work. they amaze me everyday.

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