Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, where we eat our hotdogs with mustard, relish, tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, and a pickle, it's Sunday Sound Out with Dawn Meehan! Tonight: answers to your questions and musical guest Anita Renfroe! And now, the woman who reached 5 million hits to her blog today, it's Dawn Meehan!

I hope all the moms and mom-like women out there had a nice Mother's Day! I was going to invite my parents, grandma and sister over for brunch, but they already had plans to get together. So I resigned myself to staying home and doing nothing. Since I was first pregnant with Austin in 1994, Joe has said the same thing, "Why should I do anything? You're not MY mom." So Mother's Day has not typically been a fun day for me. This year was different. I taught Sunday school and Joe made brunch after church. Austin and Savannah played with the little kids and occupied them so I could take a nap while Joe went to his parents' house. And Joe made dinner this evening and he didn't use lemon-lime Kool-Aid at all.

For years, I wished that he would just help the kids pick out a card or make a card or acknowledge Mother's Day in some way. This year, I think he tried to make up for the past several years and got me way too much stuff. I'm so happy they replaced the necklace I broke a few months ago. They also got me a Keurig coffee maker with some coconut coffee and a tray to set my laptop on so it doesn't burn off my legs. Clay decorated an oatmeal container and filled it with paper flowers, Jackson and Lexi bought me musical cards, and Savannah, Jackson, Lexington, Clayton & Brooklyn made me cards and pictures. It was nice. :)

So I remember you twittering and asking if you should get an iPhone and then twittering how you got your iPhone. How do you like your new iPhone?? (I love mine a lot!)
I love my iPhone! I'm still not fond of the keyboard, or how it likes to "correct" me while I'm typing. If I type "AJ" when talking about my son, for example, it likes to "correct" me and change it to "an". If I write "hee hee" to indicate I'm giggling, my iPhone will "correct" me and change it to "her her" because really, why wouldn't I write "her her" when I'm laughing? Grrr, that part can be frustrating. On the flipside, it's nice that it corrects me when I write something like "dtive" and it changes it to "drive". It's a toss up. But overall, I LOVE it!

Regarding your SSO pics: Why would you shut the bathroom door when you're all by yourself??
Because I'm nuts. Even in a hotel room by myself, I have to shut the bathroom door. It's just one of those things that proves I'm crazy idiosyncrasies that makes me adorable.

Am I the only one that doesn't know what the slaughter rule is?
It's a rule in baseball that keeps a team from being "slaughtered" with a score of like 428 - 3. In the fifth inning (my kids only play 7 innings) if the one team is ahead by 15 or more runs, the game ends by slaughter rule.

So which team got slaughtered, Austin's or the other guys?
Actually, Austin's team rallied that night and only lost by a couple runs. Despite the fact that Austin pitched 3 innings and ended up throwing 102 pitches! (He only walked one kid during that time!) Savannah's softball team, on the other hand, was slaughtered their first 2 games.

I'm thoroughly chuffed to find your book available in South Africa. Any chances of you coming here for a signing?
First of all, is "chuffed" a good thing? And, although I'd love to visit South Africa, I don't think I'll be heading there anytime soon.

Do they always put you in a room by yourself with two beds? Doesn't that make you feel lonely when you wake up to a room by yourself and another bed that's empty?
Uhhh no. It makes me want to get up and jump from bed to bed and sing happy songs that I got a good uninterrupted night's sleep.

Ew on the Escargots....So what do they taste like?
Garlic-flavored chewy slime.

Whats with the PRA in sky writing in one pic?
Someone had made a smiley face and written "Jesus loves you". I didn't see the "PRA" until I looked at the picture, but I'm guessing they wrote "pray".

Thanks for the review of the family suites at the All Star. Any photos of those rooms? We have been staying at a Disney Vacation Club (Old Key West) during our last two trips (which is pretty affordable when you buy someone's "points"), but I think the suites might be more up our alley.
I do have pictures, in fact! I set up a Flickr account and will upload all my Disney pictures there tomorrow.

By the way, how is your book doing? (Is it okay to ask that?)
No, it's not ok to ask. Just kidding. Sorry, I just had a smart-aleck moment. I think it's doing pretty well. Now go out and buy a couple copies! Oooo, actually, I just added a link on my website for people interested in buying an autographed copy of my book. You can check it out HERE.

But I must ask...How in the world did Clay get the ladder up against the tree?
There was no tree. It was a short ladder and he just set it up under the gutter where the nest was. Although I wouldn't put it past him to drag out the 6 foot ladder and get it set up against a tree!

I've done dozens and dozens of interviews this month. People tend to ask me the same questions over and over in interviews. But not my friend Cindy from Hello Dollface. Nope, she was the first one to ask me if I liked the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana better. LOL! I got to meet Cindy at the Glamor Reel Moments back in October. She's a sweetheart and she's beautiful and she's skinny. I hate her I'm lucky to know her. You can check out her review of Because I Said So HERE.

And I wanted to put a list of my fellow bloggers who were on the Disney World trip with me. They're some really awesome women with some really great blogs! Check them out!

Christine at From Dates to Diapers,
Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry,
Megan at Velveteen Mind,
Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting,
Emily from Mommin' it Up,
Amanda from Oh Amanda,
Marsha at Sweatpants Mom,
Andrea at Mommy Snacks,
Lindsay at Surburban Turmoil
and Maria Bailey of Blue Suit Mom, DisneyWorld Mom panelists- Margaret Fries and Amber Vaughan, and Laura and Leanne from Disney

Stop by my review blog HERE to see my write-up on swimsuits and enter for a chance to win $100 gift card from Lands' End!

And finally, in honor of Mother's Day, is Anita Renfroe with her Mom Song...


Littlemummy said...

I love the flowers in a pot, I'm a sucker for the homemade stuff.

Taryn (South Africa) said...

Lol - speaking for the other South African - "chuffed" is definitely a good thing!

Susan Raihala said...

What is up with husbands who say, "You're not my mother, so why should I do something for you for Mother's Day?" My DH pulled that on my first Mother's day and I took myself out and treated myself to lunch and shopping without guilt. Then Father's Day rolled around, and DH felt hurt that I didn't do anything for HIM! The next year, I got flowers and a card and a special meal. It's all been good since.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a GREAT Mother's Day!

Sunnyworld said...

Just curious -- why would your parents, grandma and sister makes plans to get together that didn't include YOU?

Anonymous said...

On the topic of being "chuffed", Australians get that way, too. It means something along the lines of "happy and excited".

Cheryl said...

I found this shirt the other day, and immediately thought of you.
You probably already have one, but just in case you don't I thought I'd share.

Bridget from Chi-town said...

Hello- -Don't forget the cucumbers on your hotdog!!! (with celery salt of course) :)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Thanks honey, it was a pleasure to meet you at Disney, too! We moms-of-six have to stick together, y'know! ;)

Are you going to BlogHer??

Isolet said...

In South Africa Chuffed is a good thing:


very pleased; "I'm chuffed to have won"

WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.


Bekah said...

I'm so craving a Chicago hotdog! I know Portillo's delivers via mail but it is too freaking expensive!

Mendi said...

My Keurig is my very favorite thing (that plugs into the wall) in my whole house! I hope you enjoy yours half as much as I do mine. At you can get packs of k-cups with 5 different flavors in them so you can have different kinds all day long.

Jen K. said...

Wow! Sounds like you finally had a very nice Mother's Day! I'm happy for you!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how these things are intercultural, it could be my mom, if it were all in German, *lol*.

So long,
Corinna aka Frau_Mahlzahn

P.S.: I'm having problems signing in, so sorry, should you get this a thousand times.

Kelsie said...

I'm glad you like your dad writes iPhone apps! :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey! Anita Renfroe was actually AT OUR CHURCH on SUNDAY and performed her song! At least we are pretty sure it was her! It HAD to be her--different haircut, but same EVERYTHING! She got a standing O from the congregation.

Michelle said...

Wow... nice Mother's Day. Someone's really making an effort! I love that necklace, and way cool gift. It definitely beats the leftover candy I got that was supposed to be part of my Christmas present :)

Grace said...

Any particular reason you changed the RSS settings so that the full text of the entry doesn't show up in feed readers? It's kind of a pain to have to open up each entry in a new tab.

Martha (FL) said...

You can turn the auto correct off

Go to Setting
tap auto correction from on to off!

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