Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

I love cute purses, bags, totes, diaper bags, you name it. Love them! Obsessed with them. However, I'm cheap and usually won't spend more than $20 on a purse. Anyone else with me on this? How would you like to get a free purse while helping victims of domestic violence? Have you guys heard about the Tell a Gal P.A.L. program? This program encourages people to donate their nearly new purses to Dress for Success. It helps domestic violence survivors get back on their feet with confidence. You can click the link to find an Allstate agency in your area that will accept the donations. And Ugly Betty actress, Ana Ortiz is donating her Onna Ehrlich purse to one lucky winner for telling her gal pals about domestic violence. To enter, click HERE. Hurry on over because it ends October 31st. close are you children? I have a 9 month old & just found out I'm pregnant again. They'll be 17 months apart... Since you've managed to survive your 6 pack, I hope you can tell me I'll survive 2 under 2.
Umm sure you'll survive 2 under 2. You may not sleep for a year. You probably won't sit down for a good year. And I guarantee you won't eat any hot food for at least a year. But, on the bright side, your kids will likely have a close bond. They'll be doing roughly the same things at the same time (as opposed to one kid taking driver's ed. and the other one potty training, you know?) And IT GETS EASIER. My first 2 are 18 months apart. Thankfully Savannah was a very easy-going baby because Austin demanded a lot of attention. Those days when I had 2, 3, even 4 little ones were hard. Now that they're getting older, ir's much easier.

I'm sorry to bring this up but I think I've missed a VERY important post here - your son has cancer?Noooo, no my sons are fine. I was talking about Coleman Larson.

Dawn, could you please post a link to Coleman's care pages please
I would love to, but there isn't a direct link to it. You have to go to and scroll down to the bottom left where it says "become a member" and sign up. Then you can log in and read Coleman's updates (or anyone else's too) or you can have alerts emailed to you every time the page is updated.

OK, sorry this is kind of unrelated to your post today, but I wondered if you ever posted a review for that sunless tanner you got from some conference you went on a while ago. I seem to remember you said you don't like the smell of these kinds of tanners, and I wondered if this was was better?
She's talking about a Neutragena sunless tanner that I tried back in April. I stopped using it after 2 days because I couldn't stand the way it smelled. I hate that sunless tanner smell. So, I'm not sure if it would work really well or not.

what is up with the guy with the cross chest hair? Is he supposed to be Adam??? :)

Clearly, he's used one of those popular Shave Your Chest Hair Stencils to achieve this creepy as all get-out interesting visual design.

I just read your "Breakfast for Dinner" post, and I have a question for you, since you get the yucky job of frying enough greasy bacon to feed all six kids. Have you not heard about doing bacon in the microwave?
Honestly, I usually just tell the kids something like, "We're out of bacon", or "Wouldn't you prefer something easier healthier like a glass of water?" Know what's even better than doing bacon in the microwave or the oven though? Doing it outside when you're camping. No stinky fried smell in the house.

I knew what he was going to do before he did it because that was my trick too. LOL. Dawn-do you ever TT? I bet you could come up with hilarious lists!
You have no idea how long I tried to figure out what TT stands for. I give up. Help?

I'm sure this is a stupid question, but can you eat the WHOLE cake? Not you personally, although I could, but it the whole thing made of food products? Did you use rolled fondant?
No, I couldn't eat the whole cake because I don't much like cake. Now if it was made from cookie dough.....
Technically, the whole cake is edible, but I wouldn't recommend eating the tools. I used pastillage to make the tools and I don't think it would taste that great. Plus, it dries super hard so you might chip a tooth. I haven't worked with pastillage for like 12 years and I forgot just how quickly it dries out. Up close, the tools were wrinkled, cracked and dried out looking. The pieces that made up the tray on top, the drawer and the handle cracked a million times. They were glued together with royal icing many times over. I used spray food color for some parts and an edible silver dust for the tools. I didn't use any fondant on this cake.'re disappointed with the cake? Uh. Yeah. My kids are lucky to get birthday CUPCAKES...from the store. =D
I showed the picture to my son. He didn't even notice it was a cake at first. THAT'S how good it was.
Perfectionist much? =)

hanging my head in shame Yes, I really am. Austin is too. It makes me nuts with him.

Anyway, it's astonishing you got all that done while you were doing everything else that you do. What the hey? Do you ever sleep? =)
Let's see... it's almost 2:00 AM now and I still have a couple loads of laundry to do, a lunch to make, 40 more emails to respond to, another post to write, and I'm busy watching a What Not to Wear marathon trying, hoping to have some tips sink in so I don't look like a total dorkus. In other words, nope, I don't sleep.

So that's what Joe looks like! He has intelligent eyes. For some reason, I didn't expect him to look very smart!
SNORT! ROFL!!! Oooo this just made me crack up!

WOOHOO Dawn! I just got a notice from telling me they had a shipping date for your book - Estimated arrival date: 10/24/2008 - 11/13/2008. Is that really happening? I thought your book wasn't being released until next year.
Sorry to disappoint. The book won't be out until April 1, 2009. I'm not sure why Amazon sent out that notice, but my publisher is checking on it.

A few years ago my son swallowed a quarter. He just couldn't pick a dime or penny that would pass through. That stupid quarter cost me a gazillion dollars in x-rays over several days to make sure he was ok.
Oh yeah, I'm familiar with that too. STOMACH STAPLING

I'm sorry this is off subject, but there is a new "follow" feature on blogger. Whenever I try to follow your blog it tells me that it can not detect a feed from this URL. Do you have any idea why, or do you know if anybody else has had this problem? I hate not being able to figure things out, lol.
You're asking me? Seriously? I just learned what a feeder or reader or whatever was 2 weeks ago! I'm clueless. But I know my readers are very intelligent and I'm sure someone out there can help you.

what is your least fave thing your kids have done? what has made you the most mad you think you will ever get? and witch kids did it? just wondering
I don't know, but I'm sure they'll top it tomorrow.

What did YOU want to be when you were growing up?
Hmmm, I don't remember wanting to be anything specific. Mom? Dad? Remember anything? I've always loved acting and writing, but I don't recall ever thinking that I wanted to grow up to be an actor or a writer.

I am wondering- does your counter have any way to count those posts read on readers? Because if not, I am sure your hit number is much higher- I read your blog in google reader and rarely click through to the page, mostly only if I want to comment. So if those aren't counted, there are many more readers out there than you think!
Oooo, I don't know. Good question!

Could you explain the situation on your book? My Mom said she preordered it in August for my birthday and I was beginning to wonder if that was just her way of covering up that she FORGOT my birthday (yes, my OWN mother!). Thanks for a clarification...
Always listen to your mother! Always! She didn't forget your birthday. It was originally scheduled to be out in August. For different reasons, it was pushed back until April.

(In regards to the mud pie) What an interesting looking dessert idea... What would happen IF you took one of those plates, froze it(so it wouldn't fall apart) and then in a day or two..bring it out..saying Tonight we have Child X or Child Y to thank for making this wonderful treat..Dig In! My question is: Would this be perceived as a really funny JOKE.or..would it precipitate a CRISIS solveable ONLY by a hasty trip to Dairy Queen,or that SONIC place you mentioned a few weeks back.
I'm pretty sure it would just confirm my kids' suspicions that I'm off my rocker.

I enjoyed reading about your car adventures. So, where was Austin this whole time?
He was at a cross country meet while we were at the orthodontist.

Uh, what did the Ortho want?
More money. Just kidding. Actually, I just needed to schedule Savannah's next appointment.

how many kids did you plan on having when you married Joe? (Im guessing it was not always 6!)
18. We're a third of the way there.

Have you ever watched Phineas and Ferb? it's a cartoon on the Disney show. Your kids remind me of those boys.
There's 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it, so the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it. Like maybe building a rocket...
Nope, never seen it.

That's pretty cool (golf course). Did Austin build that all by himself?
Yes, what a wonderful use of time, no?
Actually, Joe did the sawing.

is Lexi playing in roller blades?

How else would you play miniature golf?


Anonymous said...

the chemical in sunless tanners that makes them work is what you smell... some companies just do a better job in covering up that smell up but they all kind of smell not real great I agree... The Body Shop has a product that isn't a tanner but it adds a little color called Body And Leg Shine... it is a stick that glides on color(just subtly) so you look healthy but not fake, and it smells really good. Just a thought for next summer...

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Dawn needs to go to Customize and add the Followers widget before anyone is able to sign up to be a Follower. It's very simple, Dawn; I mean, I did it, so it's got to be simple.

Anonymous said...

top ten?

Jennifer in Wisconsin said...

I read through all your posts hoping, wishing, waiting for your muffin recipe from the alternative lunch post. Could you PLEASE share your recipe, it looked so good.

Amanda in Louisiana said...

TT = Top Ten? That would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

I love you Dawn. You make my day brighter.

julikkers said...

I wondered what TT was too. I'm thinking a Top Ten list?

Love your blog. I read it every day.

Heather said...

Ok Dawn- I just had a Dawn moment and I had to share it with you. I'm sitting here reading your blog while my youngest child (almost 3) was watching tv since he's the only one home at the moment. Anyway, he came up and told me he had dirt in his nose. I said where did you get dirt? He said, no- hurt my nose. Oh, how did you hurt your nose? NO!!! URD my nose! About this time a pink Nerd candy falls out of the right nostril. OHHH I said, a nerd in your nose! So I got to do the plug your nostril and blow trick too. Thankfully the other nerd came out and of course, he ate it. Guess I need to go vacuum now...

To the mom having kids 17 months apart, my first 2 are that far apart and it's pretty good now. They play with the same friends, like to do the same activities and when we took them to Six Flags they could ride the same rides. Another positive, your oldest will never remember being an only child. I won't tell you all the negatives since I don't like to make pregnant women cry ;)

Lucrecia said...

"as opposed to one kid taking driver's ed. and the other one potty training, you know?"

HEY! I resemeble that remark! And just yesterday while my husband and I were enjoying a random scheduling snafu that left us ALONE for Sunday lunch - I started crying while telling my husband my fear that my youngest won't remember my oldest really living with us if he moved out at 18. :-(

K. said...

Actually, if you're cooking a lot of bacon, the oven is the way to go.

Harmony said...

TT is Thursday Thirteen. It is a meme that happens every Thursday. You can check it out here: You could make some great, funny TTs I'm sure!

chantal said...

My 2 oldest are 19 months apart. The closer in age they are the easier it is.

BoufMom9 said...

Laughing at the fact that you were up at 2am doing laundry and watching What Not To Wear. hahaha
Good to know I'm not the only one! I think those of us with more than 2 kids ACTUALLY do need more than 24 hours a day....

Cheryl said...

I'm the Cheryl that asked you if you TT. Sorry! I should have explained-it stands for Thursday Thirteen. On Thursdays you make a list of 13 things-whatever you want (Like 13 rotten food items I've found under my couch!) then you post your link on the TT site and everyone bloghops checking out each others links. My first TT was "13 jos I'd like to have" my second was "13 last meals" you can see them here:
The TT site is
I think you'd like it and so would your readers!

RefreshMom said...

WOOHOO Dawn! I just got a notice from telling me they had a shipping date for your book - Estimated arrival date: 10/24/2008 - 11/13/2008. Is that really happening? I thought your book wasn't being released until next year.
Sorry to disappoint. The book won't be out until April 1, 2009. I'm not sure why Amazon sent out that notice, but my publisher is checking on it.

Amazon's just getting a jump on April Fool's day. Did you notice that's the release date? You keep saying it's "Just in time for Mother's Day" but I think the publisher has something else in mind! ;)

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