Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

Yay, you got some Dansko clogs!! Don't you just love them??? I didn't know they came in Flintstone!! LOL
Yep! They also come in patent leopard Flintstone!

Ok, I need to know where you got those shoes. They're so cute and they look absolutely comfy! Can you share?
Will I share my shoes? Nope. But I got 'em on eBay.

I can't believe the little monkey actually sleep with her eyes open! doe she always do that???
Pretty often. It's totally creepy!

What eventually happens if no one heeds to Brooklyn's tantrums?
The earth stops spinning?

Oooh! I love the look of the blanket you were crocheting. Any chance you might share the pattern?
ch (multiple of 3 + 2 chs) loosely
ROW 1 (right side): (sc, 2 dc) in second ch from hook,
* skip next 2 chs, (sc, 2 dc) in next ch; repeat form * across to last 3 chs, sc in last ch
Loop a piece of yarn around any stitch to mark last row as right side.
ROW 2 Ch 1, turn; (sc, 2 dc) in first sc and in each sc across to last sc, sc in last sc.
Repeat row 2 until piece measures desired length.
It's super easy!

Is that a picture of you Dawn? Man does Brooklyn look a lot like you did.
Yep that was me and my grandma. I'd stayed with her while my parents were on vacation and when they came back and it was time to go, I held on to my grandma and didn't want to leave.

Okay so I'm just catching up and I noticed you mentioned a little something about library fines last week. A friend told me about a great website called You just select your local library, plug in your information, and it will send you reminder emails when you have stuff due. It's a great thing and has saved me from who knows how many fines over the past few months.
Awesome! Thank you for the tip! I signed up for the email reminders! Hear that Suburban Correspondent? <---click that link. She's hilarious! (She and I are working at financing new wings on our local libraries.) Nice job, Clay! Totally cracked me up... So after you saw the grandma knees what did you realize you needed to start with?
hiding the rubber bands

Dawn! Why on earth did you not get a video of Disco Bob?!?!? You get video of gorillas eating their boogers, but you can't get a video of a spazzing middle aged roller skate dancer? :-)
I know. I've disappointed my readers. :( Believe me, I wanted to. I tried to, in fact. But I was reprimanded for using a flash and was told I could only take pictures of the rink without a flash. Unfortunately it was too dark to get any good pictures/video. Oh and the guy was actually only about 21. That's somehow even sadder, don't you think?

Ok I totally forgot that Andy Gibb was in the video! Does that mean I have to admit to how many times I've watched it?!
I think you need to watch it one more time because Andy Gibb isn't in Xanadu.

ONJ is one of my all-time favorite singers. Barry Manilow is THE favorite for me. :)
Are you a Fanilow?

SOOO many great answers! You might also say it's the stuff that comes out of my nose when I do the NETTI-POT, which I MADE A VIDEO OF today after our lunch and I will post SOON!
I'm SO not going to your site any time soon, Manic! Warning to all my readers, don't go visit Manic's site unless you want to see her washing snot from her nose!

question- have you moved to or is that on hold?
Ugh, there have been many factors holding up the launch of my new site. It's coming along, but it's not quite done yet. Soon...

I would love to see Mike Rowe spend a day with a mom. Now THAT'S a dirty job!
I've thought the same thing myself!

Question for Sunday Sound Out:How long does it take you to suck down a mai tai?
Well, as you can clearly see from these pictures, it takes me a long time. I just slowly nursed my drink along while everyone else was on their second one!

Manic, Lynn, Shawna (don't let the "gardening nude" scare you. She doesn't really garden in the nude. Well, maybe she does, but not on her website anyway. Check out her way cool Live Smarter project.), and I had lunch at Stir Crazy on Friday. We talked blogs and business. It was quite serious.

This must have been the part where we talked about whether Blogger or Word Press was better.

This was probably when we discussed marketing.

This is when we were laughing because our boobs were on the table debating the pros and cons of advertising on our sites.

Shawna's bowl - she understands the concept of getting your money's worth by piling it high with veggies.

Lynn's bowl. She eats like a bird.

Mmmmm, my yummy lunch. I love Stir Crazy!

Our cute waitress who put up with our goofiness business meeting.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


And doesn't our waitress look like Anne Hathaway!?!?

Thank you Jenny--you were so cute and gracious!! We had a blast and we're coming back in November!!!

Dawn said...

Uh huh, sure people will believe that.

Michelle said...

Mmmm, Stir Crazy. Man, I need to get in on some of these invites somehow! I keep reading about bloggers going to good restaurants and *gasp* spending fun time without children. No, my husband wasn't off playing baseball from 8:15am until 6:20pm today while I was left home with overtired children from a party last night, why do you ask?

So umm was that crocheting thing actually intelligible to people? Apparently if I were to ever take up crocheting, I'd also have to take up a foreign language.

And yeah... the neti pot video was ummm gross (sorry, Steph!). I won't be buying one anytime soon.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OK, and HOW ON EARTH did I make it first on the comments? Wow, that is an honor for sure. Dawn, you should hold a contest for that. Like for a whole month take the name of the first person who comments on the post and then put those names in a hat and pull one for a great prize. That seems fair. It just shows who are your most dedicated readers. : )

Anonymous said...

Just looking at that mai tai makes me want another one, and not just for the cute umbrella. The noodles were just the accompaniment!

Better to watch the Netti-Pot post-mai tai, that's for sure....

And someday, I will get to more than, oh, one post at my sad, Snoopy-tree-like blog,

Anonymous said...

Dawn, Are you still involved in Mamas Like? I follow the reviews, but haven't seen any from you lately. Just wondering what the scoop is.

rachel rose for said...

"Oh and the guy was actually only about 21. That's somehow even sadder, don't you think?"

Why would this be sad? Disco Bob rules! I wish I could roller-hustle.

...and I'm 23!

Heather said...

I love Dansko clogs! We have a Dansko outlet 15 minutes from my house (yes you should be jealous!) I just found out what there store hours are, so I'm so excited to get me a pair for the fall. If anyone lives in Southeastern PA or Northern DE, you should look it up. It's near Kennett Square, PA.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I made you SSO! I'm the Barry fan, and definitely, I'm a FANILOW! :)

Sunny said...

I wonder what makes some people sleep with their eyes open?Higher intelligence?

Unknown said...

So I was wondering what happened to the email updates? I stopped getting them about mid-August. I resigned up on here because I was missing laughing my butt off at your kids stories.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you really did put my pic up!!! I luv all the stir crazy pics. Can't wait to see you all in were definitely the funnest, most outgoing group I've served in a while. yeah, by the way, the neti-pot thing is sooo weird!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh my gosh! It's Jennee our amazing waitress, who I think looks like Anne Hathaway!!!

Make sure you're working in November!!!

Char and Lois said...

Did you have your business meeting...oh sorry party at the Stir Crazy in Oakbrook Illinois???
Are you all Illinoisans like us???
We love to have our ministry meetings there....but Anne Hatheway has never waited on us...we always get a bald guy...

Char and Lois

Suburban Correspondent said...

Thanks for the shout out! And I think I need to set up a business meeting for myself and other local bloggers...

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