Friday, September 5, 2008

It's A...

OK, so I was suppose to announce the winner of the gross food find contest yesterday and I totally forgot. Sorry! The winner was Angela who was the first person to guess strawberry! Congratulations! Email me with your shipping address and I'll get the videos out to you. :)

Most of you guessed strawberry or other fruit. Several of you guessed gum, a few guessed hotdog or other meat. But I just had to share some of the more, um, "unusual" guesses I received.

I'd have said dracula's heart was left under the couch too long.
Don't be silly. Was there a wooden stake through it? Noooo.

It looks like a dead bird...
No, this is what a dead bird looks like. This guy flew into our door and dropped. Another reason for not cleaning your windows.

I know this may result in PETA writing me to complain, but it looks like a decomposed Rottweiler puppy head.
Thankfully I don't have a picture of this to compare, but I'm pretty sure a strawberry and a puppy head look nothing alike.

It actually looks like a rotten giant's tooth.
Just to clarify, do you mean the tooth of a rotten giant? Or a rotten tooth from a regular giant?

That looks horribly like a day-old chick that's had its head ripped off!
Oh my gosh what's wrong with you people?!?!?!

A portion of someone's colon or a strawberry.
No. This is a colon :

I'm guessing a half eaten peach(although it looks a bit like a alien cornish game hen.......)
Yes, no garden variety Cornish hens for us. Nope, we just eat the alien ones.

OMG! Is that a tooth on the lower right amongst the rabies foam?
Not unless someone's tooth fell out while eating the strawberry and got stuck in it in which case, I've got to scrounge up some money so the tooth fairy can pay a visit.

Oh this is easy. It's a 'speriment.

maybe Malibu Ken's head?
Nope. Perhaps it's Prince Eric's though?

My 10 yr old said it was a puppy.
Close, but not quite.. actually, no it's not even close.

My 4 yr old said it was a puppy that was all bleeding and moldy under someone's couch bed.
OK, who let the 4 year old watch Cujo?

I think it's the heart that the woodsman cut out of a deer to fool the queen in Snow White.
And it got under my couch how?

Looks like the Thing That Ate Cincinnati.
Nah, it's not big enough.

The partially decomposed, and shrunken head of a capuchin monkey?
Hmmm, that's oddly specific. Not just any ole monkey, but the shrunken head of a Capuchin monkey.

Clay's appendix?
Now if you'd have guessed "tonsils" I might have questioned whether he'd managed to bring his tonsils home in a jar and leave them under the couch.

it's a wombat!!
LOL! We had another wombat last night. I took a picture of it. Looks rather like a cat, don't you think; a cat with freakish alien eyes.

it could be the remains of the head of a mutant miniture bear cub.
I might have agreed if you'd said "mutant full-size bear cub", but it clearly isn't a miniature bear cub.

Is that Anita Renfrow's thyroid?
LOL! I sure hope not!

It also looks like a headless dead mouse I found one time.
OK, what's with all the decapitations? I'm seriously beginning to wonder about my readers! Group therapy maybe?

The tongue of a rabid dog?
Well, at least it's not the head of a rabid dog this time.'s a strawberry morphing into a hamster head.
Can strawberries do that?

I'm guessing a dead slug. Something about the look of little sucker feet on the right side of the image.
Um yeah, those are SEEDS.

Whatever it was, I'd probably called a hazmat warning on it. *grin**picturing the fire dept coming into your house in their hazmat suits to safely encapsulate and remove the offending whatever-it-is*The kids would LOVE it!
Shhhh! Don't give them any ideas!

Ok, I was going to say a decapitated hamster head. Gross, I know...but that's what it looks like to me. And I was eating something. WAS being the operative word there.
I have a very strong stomach...I can't handle staring at it. If you can't handle puke I'm not sure how you cleaned this up.
I can handle this because:
A. It doesn't look like puke.
B. It doesn't sound like puke.
C. It doesn't smell like puke. And...
D. I didn't envision any decapitated heads when I saw it!

And finally there were several of these comments:

Oh gosh Dawn, just as I was coughing up a lung with asthma I clicked and saw your post. I did a double take (and almost lost my meal) because I thought it was a dead mouse head! Please, no more moldy food!!!!

I can't look at it long enough to make a guess. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth...

I am so creeped out by that picture I can't even explain the eebee jeebies (sound it out) that run down my spine every time I see that picture. I can't get that image out of my head, pahhhhleeeze tell me what it was in its former life b/c I seriously can't erase that picture from my brain-ICKO!

People, people, have you never seen Dirty Jobs? Or even just changed a nasty diaper where the contents have squished all up baby's back? A moldy strawberry is nothing in comparison.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love guess the moldy nasty food or other item game!! Keep them coming!!

Angela said...

I love dirty jobs and even more I love that I just won!!! Thank you!!!!! I've already emailed you my address.

diddlesgirl said...

i have to comment on the headless prince! your kids are so much luckier than we were! at least they have (headless) boy barbies! we had to cut the hair off our barbies to pretend they were boys . .. (didn't seem at all strange 20 years ago)

Kalynne Pudner said...

Reading these comments make me think of pornography: it's not so much the picture as what the picture inspires in the imagination.

(NOT that I've ever USED pornography! The theory of it just pops up occasionally in my research. HONEST!)

Manic Mom said...

SOOO many great answers! You might also say it's the stuff that comes out of my nose when I do the NETTI-POT, which I MADE A VIDEO OF today after our lunch and I will post SOON!

Brenda said...

Now I get why your kids were afraid of the Wombat. That is spooky.

Anonymous said...

I just love reading what people can come up with. It really does make you wonder what kind of people are reading your blog?


Michelle said...

Oh I love it! I love it even more seeing what other people guessed (cuz sorry, Dawn, but I'm not patient enough to scroll though and read all your comments -- I'll leave that to you!).

The focus on decapitation was a bit odd. Maybe because it was reddish? And while I'm with you on the puke thing, I have to part ways with you here. I take items out of the fridge when they get moldy and leave them on the counter where my husband or my mom disposes of them when I'm safely not around. My gag reflex is a bit too strong. And yet I can change any diaper under the sun. Go figure!

Out on a Limb said...

In defense of all the "decapitated" guessers, if you have an indoor/outdoor cat, a decapitated critter is not uncommon to find. Trust me, I know. It's totally gross, but very true. And if you are stupid enough to put a "cat door" on your house, you could possibly find them inside...not that I would know anything about that. don't have a cat door anymore.

So there you go. The "decapitated" guessers could be perfectly innocent people with killer cats. Don't be too hard on!

Rick said...

Too slow and half right. That just about sums up my life.

Anonymous said...

question- have you moved to or is that on hold?

RefreshMom said...

Note to self--when you've been looking forward (for hours) to having a few minutes of peace and quiet after everyone is in bed to enjoy a snack that you get to eat hot and not share (in this case, nachos) while perusing entertaining blogs, DON'T read the results from one of Dawn's "what is this freaky foreign object" polls.

Now I have to find something else to eat and something else to read to redeem the experience!

Kelley said...

OK, that pic totally creeped me out.

I suggest you market that pic as an appetite suppressant. Cause I don't feel like dinner anymore...

Anonymous said...

I don't blame the kids...that pic of the "wombat" IS creepy!

Roni said...

WOW.. they do have it in my area.... at my favorite grocery did I NOT see this?? I am so going there today.

Julie in PA said...

Forget the rotten strawberry, that wombat (or whatever it is) is seriously creepy!! I would be terrified if those eyes were living in my house!

korkie said...

What picture? How did I miss the 'mystery' picture?

Where am I? Who am I? Am I have lost days?

I'm so worried, but after reading the 'suggestions' on what it might be, I guess I should be happy I missed it.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but laugh at what search terms will bring people to your blog because of this post...

Jen said...

I would love to see Mike Rowe spend a day with a mom. Now THAT'S a dirty job!

Ren said...


Julie said...

I love these comments. You know, you could place a coin next to it for size reference. IMO, moldy food makes for some great contests.

Manic Mom said...

Question for Sunday Sound Out:

How long does it take you to suck down a mai tai?

Mum-me said...

This was a bizarre read. Some of your readers have vivid imaginations!

But I have to say, it was much more entertaining than the election posts all my other regular blog-writers are offering. Thanks for reminding me that there is something happening in the world other than the upcoming US presidential election!

Rosie : ) said...

That was too funny. :) Thanks for sharing all the guesses!

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