Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

to all the moms, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, friends, and other mom-like people out there!

Baby Austin

Baby Savannah

Baby Jackson

Baby Lexington

Baby Clayton

Baby Brooklyn

Big fat belly with bruises from shots

The whole gang. I love being a mom!

Thank you to everyone who emailed me a mother's day greeting! I appreciated all of them and wanted to say "thanks" here because I just didn't have time to thank everyone individually. Thank you! :)

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time now, know about Julian (carepages - juliansworld) and Coleman (carepages - colemanscott). You probably also know about Michelle from My Semblance of Sanity. Michelle is a mega-talented writer and artist and she has this great, big, servant's heart. Because she has become a big advocate for pediatric cancer awareness and research, she's started 4 The Kids to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Check out her designs for sale here and here and here. 50 - 100% of the proceeds are going to benefit pediatric cancer.

Or you could donate to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. I have a banner over there to the right ----->

And, of course, you can always pray for those little ones battling this horrible, awful thing - cancer.

Dawn, so now that the Pokemon craze has passed how many hits does your blog average per day?
Ummm 6000ish on the weekend and anywhere between 8000 - 10,000 during the week.

P.S. If the ADHD med you tried for Jackson didn't work out, you could try using a different medicine. There are several different classes of ADHD meds available.
He's been on three different ones over the years. It's not that they didn't work because they worked beautifully. It's that he developed high blood pressure while on them. I'm certainly not about to judge anyone for their decision to use or not use medicine for ADHD. It's a tough decision with pros and cons on both sides and ultimately, you have to decide what's best for your child and your family. For many reasons (blood pressure included) we've decided to try an alternative (natural diet) approach to helping him control his behavior.

I just watched our local news about a woman in Salt Lake that her and her husband live off of the revenue her blog gets from posting ads. Does your blog make that much revenue?
LOL! Ummm nope. How awesome would that be though?

I have two kids...Ethan and Kayla...almost every day when I am talking to one of them I say the wrong name. "Kay...Ethan, did you take out the trash? "EEE...Kayla did you brush your teeth?" This drives them bonkers. Completey bonkers!! I mean I only have TWO kids, one boy, one girl. Easy enough right?? Apparently not!!Do you ever do the name mix up thing?? Please tell me that you do and that I am not alone in this??
I've taken to calling all my kids "Bob". It just makes things simpler.

If sorting through comments to find for the Sunday thing is the most time could make some kind of special 'comment/question' box people to ask in. I mean I'm sure you'd still read through the 582 comments you get a day but this not only would make it easier for you but could a good catch-all for the questions that might get overlooked sometimes. Just a thought.
That's a great idea. I wouldn't know how to begin to do this, but I'm sure Kelli can when she sets up my website next month!

What I want to know is who took the picture of you at the sink!?!?!
I did! I'm just THAT talented!

ummm...did I miss something? Did Joe quit his job or is he just busier because you are busier?
He didn't quit his job. He isn't busier. In fact, he's working far less hours these days. That's why I have the nerve to expect him to help out more while I write. Even though no one thinks that me writing is a real job.

What is your husband's profession outside the house? I think its so wonderful that his schedule is so flexible that you can do all of these things. I'm really glad God has open all these wonderful doors for you. Congrats Dawn!
He works in the maintenance department of a school district. And yes, we're super fortunate that his job is somewhat flexible and he can take several days off each year.

If it were me in Joe's shoes, I might be a touch envious that my wife was suddenly a celebrity, and might be a touch miffed that suddenly everything is falling upon my shoulders.
First off - a celebrity? SNORT! So not.
Secondly - believe me, "everything" is not falling on his shoulders. LOL! Ouch, I think I pulled something laughing! That was a good one.

Ok, this is gonna seem like a stupid question, but did you dye your hair?
Ummm no. Why? Who told you I color my hair? It isn't gray. It isn't. Really!

So umm how exactly did you get up to the roof to see what was on the roof?
Get up on the roof? Oh gosh no! I just took pictures from the safety of the ground thankyouverymuch! I have an awesome camera. It's the best thing I bought last year.

Is that ice on the roof or is that just how the roofing material looks? Eek! Are you STILL getting snow? When does it ever stop snowing there? June? August???
It isn't ice on the roof. It's just the color of the shingles. And I think :::knocking on wood::: that we're done with snow for the season. Although I'm still wearing my winter coat to the kids' baseball games.

(SSO question?)Is new roof on "the" list, or *Joe's* list? Is that among his DIY capabilities?
That would be Joe's list although it's not something I'm losing sleep over. And it's entirely among his DIY capabilities. That guy can fix/make anything!

Now I wonder what they would find if they dug up your back yard?
Jimmy Hoffa, a T-Rex, hermit crab remains, Legos, Matchbox cars, Barbie shoes, my ladle, two Pokemon figures, a golf ball, a sippy cup, and King Tut's tomb. Just a guess, of course.

Sorry that I don't read ALL the comments so ignore me if I'm repeating a question....I was wondering...did your son ever "pass" the battery?
I think you got me mixed up with Mimi. Her son swallowed a battery. My kids swallow stuff like staples. (And yes, Mimi's son passed the battery.)

She is so verbal for a 2-yr old!
Yes she is. This is the conversation we just had.
Is Daddy home?
No, he's a work.

He's at work?

Ohhh. Daddy's at work?
Yes, Daddy's at work.
Daddy's not home?
He's not home? He's at work?
Still yes. He's at work.
Ohhh. Daddy come home?
Yes, he'll be home later.

Ohhh. Daddy at work now?

Daddy come home later?
Ohhh. Where Austin now?

I don't have a video camera and my regular camera only takes a minute or two of footage. I don't think I could capture the magic that is dinnertime in a couple minutes. But as soon as I get a video camera, that's the first thing I'll tape! Who knows - it may help some of you with your diets. Seeing a video like that is sure to curb anyone's appetite.

Um, Dawn, did you read about your competition today? Yup, there is some lady that is pregnant with her 18th kid.Granted they live in a 7000 square foot house, but still 18 kids?! And she is 41.
I am definitely not competition for her. She can hold the title for the most kids! I'm quite happy with six. I cannot imagine having that many, but they seem to handle it wonderfully. From what I've seen on TV specials about the Duggars, they seem to be very organized and orderly. They have a system and a strong faith and they seem to function really well. Certainly everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but who cares if they want a big family? They take care of each other and those kids will probably all grow up to be productive members of society. What's wrong with that? <---that's rhetorical and if you have something nasty to say about big families, take it somewhere else.

Are any overatures being made by your publisher to have you write a second book? I signed a two book deal, so they're probably kinda expecting me to write that second book.

On the bright side, there's still going to be a book. Now you don't have to take any time away from your lovely family this summer!
True, but the kids were going to go on the book tour with me and now they're disappointed that isn't going to happen. But oh yay - that leaves more time for us to go camping this summer! I'm so excited! Oh boy! Camping! <---- read with heavy sarcasm.

Question: who's the boy on the cover of the book? He looks so much like the little guy on the ETrade commercials who buys stock...
I dunno. Some misc. kid who is a cover model and apparently trades stock in his spare time.

I suppose though while your waiting for your book to come out they may want you to write your second book?
Yeah, the second manuscript is due in January. Think I'll be able to finish it in time if I start it after Christmas?

Will Guideposts have a story about you in their magazine?
Hmmm good question. They were planning on running a story in their August issue, but I imagine they'll hold off until next spring now. Have you guys all read Guideposts Magazine? It's very inspiring, but I warn you - you must have a book of tissues nearby when you read it. Seriously. You've been warned.

what I really NEED to know is HOW in the world did that baby get chocolate all over her face, hands, and clothes but NOT the highchair seat? And which child is that anyway?
It's Brooklyn and I have no idea. She probably licked it off the high chair.

Oh, and do any of your kids have tubes in their ears?
Yep, four out of the six have had at least one set of tubes. They can officially hear, but they still don't listen.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Thank you SO MUCH for your touch of reality. So many of us feel incompetant, incabable and you bring it all home & make us realize it's all just life. I'm sorry your book won't be released until next Mother's day, but hey; you'll be a two hit wonder in less than a year. How about having TWO books on the NY Times Best seller list at the same time?? You'll be GREAT on Oprah! I'll be first in line for your signing at MOA!

Suburban Correspondent said...

"Bob" - got it. Why didn't I think of that?

Anonymous said...

You said you do not have a video camera. I did not either until 9 weeks ago when I had my son. I have no video of my 10 year old! My mom bought me a Flip. For like $130 I can take up to 60 minutes of video. I am able to put the videos on my computer and email them out or put them on a site like Photobucket or Youtube. The quality is really, really great and it is super easy to use. Since my nearest family is 19 hours away (furthest is my MIL in Africa) it is great to be able to send videos of our new little baby boy and our daughter. I highly recommend the Flip!

Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Dawn!

I'm really impressed that your camera was able to do that. I know you've mentioned before what your camera was, but I failed miserably trying to find that post. I'm in the market for a new camera -- any suggestions for someone who really needs to take more pictures and wants to upgrade from the 1999 model?

And I really hope you didn't just jinx us with the snow comment! ;)

Anonymous said...

So, I'm being nosey. Do you live in the same house as when you started your family and were all your kids born at the same hospital(for me, yes and yes)

Shari said...

Happy Mother's Day, Dawn! You are an inspiration to me!

Hands-Free Heart said...

Here's a song for your family: Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boyton. 14 of the animals are named "Bob" and the turtle is "Simon James Alexander Ragsdale III". Listen to the clip if you get a chance.

I recommend the whole album... very entertaining.

Mum-me said...

From your last Q&A "They can officially hear, but they still don't listen."

With this one I am sure you are talking about my children.

Have a great Mother's Day.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The biq question is "Did you get some pampering today?!

Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

I have followed your blog since the E-bay. You are great and I love big families, we have 6 children ourselves. Their ages range from 25 to 6. I just wanted to thank you and Michelle for bring attention to childhood cancer. My now 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia when she was three. She took chemo every day for 2 1/2 years. That was almost half her life by the time she was finished. She is one of the lucky ones. She is still here and for the most part thriving. We now know that Childhood Cancer is not rare. We have had to many children we know die of this terriable disease. We are making great advances in survival rates for children. But without awareness and $ for reasearch more children will die. Also, I doubt most people know this, but most of the treatments for adult cancer came from the reasearch of children being on clinical trials. It is all amazing if you think about it. I need my box of tissues now. Big hugs to you and Michelle for all that you do to raise awareness to childhood cancer. One child lost to cancer is to many. Childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer of children. We as responsible adults have to do what we can to heal these children and find a cure.

Machelle, Mom to 6 kids, Elizabeth my cancer warior. Please forgive my spelling, it is very late and to tired to think to hard about it. LOL

Ashlee Marie said...

Another thing you can add to your list of helping children with Cancer is bone marrow transplant registration. It usually costs around $52 to register as a donor, but they're doing a Mother's Day special through May 19th where the first 10,000 new donors to sign up can do so for free.

Kim Williams said...

Dawn, I have a couple of questions about the incredible pictures you posted of you and all of your gorgeous kids. I swear it looks like you actually have makeup on in the pics of you with Austin, Savannah, and Lexington...please tell me that you were not that pulled together before/during/after the birthing! I looked like I had been hit by a train full of hobos carrying ugly sticks and they all took a whack at me on the way by! big was Jackson when he was born? That looked like a seriously large chested baby...and I should kiddo had the same shape when she was born.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Thanks again for sharing the great photos with us!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that according to Barnes and Noble your book is still being released on August 5th and is available for pre-order???
How disappointing to have to wait!

Anonymous said...


I come from a family of two kids. My brother's name is Bob and my Dad STILL got our names wrong!!

We grew up thinking our names were "Hey, come 'ere!" haha

Did you get pampered (NOT the diapers) on Mother's Day?

Donna in PA :)

Ashley said...

Happy belated Mother's Day Dawn. Frankly next year I'm opting to spend my mother's day without children-yesterday was about the worst so far! But thank God I have the two little boogers and I'm blessed they call me mom.

Just wanted to say that your post regarding having a friend over was so right on! Every time the doorbell rings I'm looking frantically around the house thinking-crap, one day someone will come in and I'll not be worried about what they are going to see. Then that one day will pass and it'll be like it always is!

And by the way, your book delay just means I don't have to wonder what I'm getting my mom and MIL next year. So THANKS! And I'd be an avid reader if you never published a book. Thanks for the daily laughter. God bless you and your brood-tell them thanks to for being a source of many smiles!

Elizabeth said...

Blessings for Mother's Day Dawn.
I LOVE big families...come from a long line of them...Mom fifth of 8...Grandfather fifth of 12...sister with seven...I "only" have far...but were praying...
Thanks for all the laughs...
Pax Christi, EJT

SMC said...

Anyone that ever has nasty things to say about you or your blog should just look at those pictures of you with your children after there births. You have this look that you and each baby were just made for each other. You can see the love!

TheHMC said...

Aw, what great pics of you with the kids! I don't have many of myself with my kids and I really regret it now that my 2 oldest are 9 and 8. I keep saying that I'm going to get more of me with them, but my hubby doesn't take many kids. I have a bajillion pictures of the kids themselves(and everything else in the world.. I seem to have to document EVERYTHING and always have my camera with me wherever I go).

I have now forgotten my point.

Do you have Mommy Brain like I do?

Anonymous said...

The T-Rex one of yours, too? Kinda skinny, seems like the diet is working for him. ;) JK, happy mother's day!

Chelsi said...

Has anyone ever told you that you sometimes look a whole lot like Gloria Estefan? A couple of those photos w/babies are nearly identical!

Veggiemomof2 said...

I totally understand your conversation w/Brooklyn! I'm babysitting my cousin's toddler (my baby is 11) & she followed me into the bathroom while I was on the potty. (She had me cornered w/undivided attention) What's this? What's this? She was asking that about every single toy in the tub toy basket. UGH! Is that revenge for the game "where's your nose?" LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant with my first baby (we had an ultrasound this morning, what a beautiful, perfect baby!!) and whenever I'm nauseous I think of the video you posted. My husband looks at me like I'm crazy when I start singing 'There's a party in my tummy! Yummy, yummy!'

Anonymous said...

Your children are so alike!
In the baby Clay picture - the two youngest at the front of the photo look just as Clay and Brooklyn do now.

nutralady2001 said...

Happy Mothers Day Dawn........sorry I'm so late .

Two of my kiddos are swanning around overseas at the moment :( They did ring me from Switzerland to wish me a Happy Mothers Day.

Imagine my surprise this year when I won First Prize in a Mothers Day raffle !!! A large cane laundry basket just stuffed to the brim with beautiful things including my favourite French perfume. I swear I was meant to win it! I bought the tickets in a shop and didn't even look at the prizes properly , the money was going to charity.

My Mum was one of 7 children( 4th in line) and my Dad was the second youngest of FIFTEEN. People just stare at me when I say that I'm sure they don't believe me. Dad was born in 1914 when my grandmother was 41 , she had her last baby at 44 and in 1915 his oldest brother went off to World War 1. He was one of the lucky ones who came home to Australia from France.I have some beautful family photos from when Dad was about 4 formal ones as well as ones of when my Uncle came home. Would you believe I discovered the negatives wrapped up in an April 1919 newspaper. I took one to the photo shop they had to send it away to be developed especially and it came out perfectly!

I would have loved more than 3 children, but I was an "older" Mum they were born when I was 28, 35 and 38. I got to 40 and decided that with an ADHD child back in the days when you were "a bad parent" if you had a child "like that" , a 5 year old and a toddler that I had enough on my plate

As I have since been diagnosed with a genetic blood clotting disorder for which testing wasn't available until 1993 and I had my last baby in 1986, I realise that God was looking after me, I had 3 healthy easy pregnancies.Who knows what might have happened if I had a 4th or subsequent pregnancy? Looking at your "baby belly" I'd have had to have the shots too if I knew then that I had Factor Five Leiden.

Anonymous said...

Going along with the poster who recommended the "Flip" camera.
I got mine last month on sale from for about $103. I think they are normally around $150.
VERY simple to use. My 4 & 6 year olds have mastered it. My 13 year old loves it and needs to get one of his own. It takes up to 60 minutes of video, no tape required. You just plug it into your computer or TV with the USB connector that is handily attached to the camera (no hunting for cables---a nice touch for us Moms who are organizationally challenged!)
It's pretty cool.
And no, I am not employed by the "Flip" or "Best Buy" companies.


debi9kids said...

What??? You don't like camping??? How can you not? All someone has to say to to is "s'more" and I am soooo there!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ya know what I love most about your post-baby pictures in the hospital...

you truly, truly look joyous in them.

You were meant to be a momma!

Hope your mommy's day was a glorious one!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, Wishing you a late Happy Mother's Day! I wanted to thank you sooo much for your blog. My Mom passed away on March 21st after a long battle with breast cancer that spread to her brain and lung. She came and stayed with me for the last thre months of her life. I was her hospice caretaker ( that's what the Dr's call it I call it being her daughter ). Your blog helped us through many "bad" days. I would read it to her and we would laugh and start talking about our own experiences. It not only brought back fond memories but immense joy. Being the first Mother's Day without her I thought I would end up crying and being miserable the whole weekend. I guess she was here with us because I had alot of fun. I had the hubby and my youngest 3 helping me cook a five course meal ( including 3 different cakes) for my mother in law and my crew. My family does the Strides aginst Cancer walk every year. I know that your blog will be there to keep me smiling, and for that I am very thankful. Bless you and your crew!!!
PS Can't wait for the book.

Anonymous said...

The lady with 18 kids... Not the record LOL
Elizabeth Mott is the record holder with 42, then Mary Spearitte with 26 + 3 adopted and not far behind her is Margaret McNaught with 22 and Mabel Constable with 22 - I went to school with 3 of her grandkids.

ummmhello said...

Your conversation excerpt made me laugh out loud. Very unattractive, and certainly not advisable at work!

Anonymous said...

You look like like a gorgeous MODEL in the picture with Savannah.

Happy Mother's Day, too (late.)

Anonymous said...

These are precious pictures! I think lexi looked alot like Brooklyn when she was little. I want to ask you a question, does Savannah ever complained that she doesnt want to hold the kids anymore? Or the sore arms after holding her little siblings for a long time? She looks like the best big sister on earth


Abby said...

I was trying to find a different clip, but figured you'd get this one too...

Bill Cosby on children saying "I Dunno":

I had a conversation with a 3 year old the other day during which she asked me 5 times what my name was and then spent 10 min. arguing with her that her brother is NOT her sister. ("He my sister!" "No, he's your BROTHER." over and over and over again....)

But other fun, if you haven't heard Bill Cosby much before:

Jill said...

Your 2 year old sounds like my almost 4 year old:

"Make a sandwich please?"

"Yes Jameson I'll make you a sandwich in a minute. Let me finish typing this first."

"Make a sandwich?"

"Yes, I'll make you a sandwich, just hang on a second."

"Peanut butter sandwich?"

"Yes, yes, with peanut butter. Just hang on."

"And jelly?"

"Of course with jelly, will you just stop talking for two seconds so I can finish typing this?"

"Sandwich Mom? PLEASE?"

That's when I give up typing whatever it was because bantering with him has totally derailed my train of thought, and I go make him a sandwich. He's a clever bugger, that one.

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