Friday, May 23, 2008

Stupid Pants!

I was going through my kids' closets today and pulling out clothes they'd outgrown. I also pulled out sweaters and warm winter clothes ensuring we'll have another 2 months of 40 degree weather. Anyway, you'll never guess what I found in Austin's closet. SIX pairs of black pants! I kid you not! Why didn't I look in there when he told me he didn't have any that fit?! Granted, he'd outgrown some of the pants, but there were 2 pair I think would have worked for him. I'd forgotten all about those hand-me-downs! Sizes 29W/30L, 14 slim, 14 reg, 16 reg, 16 husky, 18. Maybe he knew about those pants, but just wanted to go shopping with me. HAHAHAHA Ouch! I think I pulled something laughing over that one.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Then again, if you hadn't gone to Target you wouldn't have had the post . . .!

Michelle said...

Phew! I'm not the only mom who misses out on "bigger" clothes in the wee ones' closets! When I went to try on summer clothes for Little Miss, I discovered a whole slew of 2T long sleeve t-shirts that were never and will be never worn.

But c'mon, you really expect a teeneaged boy will know what he has in his closet? That's just way uncool.

Dawn said...

Hi Dawn,

Just dealt with the concert outfit last night. Teen son got dressed for his concert, then came out and commented he forgot he had paint on his (black)pants. WHITE paint spots on the front. (something about a sloppy classmate). Grrr. Too late to go to the store. Good thing it's his last concert, and he doesn't think he'll do band next year. The pants were getting too short anyway. Gotta love it.

My younger daughter was the only one who would pull away from me in public, starting about age 12. She's 18 now and Navy, so still a bit restrained, but over the parental cooties. 15yo son is still quite affectionate in public. Sometimes wonder if something is wrong with him! LOL

I'll have to try the bra shopping threat on him to get him to clean his room! I loved that!

Dawn in Michigan

Kila said...

I almost bought pants for my youngest tonight, then remembered that there are certainly some around here I have forgotten about (from his older brothers). So hard to keep all the clothes organized AND up to date for each kid!

Rick said...

Pants are stupid. Why do we even wear them?

TheHMC said...

I'm actually guilty of that same kind of thing. Last year when my almost 2 year old was turning 1, I didn't have many summer clothes for her. So, for her birthday, the family went nuts and bought her outfits. Lots and lots of outfits(doesn't matter really, with her being the first girl the women of the family readily buy her anything remotely girlie and don't even need an excuse to buy her clothes). Two weeks later(after I'd taken all of the tags off and washed all of the new clothing)... I found a box... in the bottom of my daughters closet. FULL of size 12 month outfits. It was a box of hand me downs that I had completely forgotten about. We still go some use out of them, at least, but at that point she had far too many clothes and that just makes me feel bad.

I got over it though. I went ahead and saved ALL of the clothing though(new and old) in anticipation of having another daughter.
And I did, in December.

fawndear said...

I can't go through my kids closets enough. I swear they grow 2 inches every month. So either the clothes I buy shrink or they are expanding beyond genetic norms. Maybe it's both. Good thing I have a half dozen of them there kiddos myself, because without the option of passin the clothes along I'd be broke.

Cheryl said...

That reminds me... I need to clean out my closets! I loved that post about you shopping for pants with Austin. Reminded me of my girls' teenage years, when they would rather die than be seen in public with their mother!

Thanks for the link to BoufMom9. I totally missed the post about the contest, I guess, but out of curiosity I checked out her blog, and it was great. Then clicked on a button on her blog, which took me to Emma's Hope, where I spent several HOURS last night riveted by that family's story! Check it out if you have about eight hours to read a fascinating adoption history, and have lots of tissues on hand!

Anonymous said...

When my son (15-1/2) needs pants/jeans/tees/socks, he shops my closet. Yeppers, you read that right. Seems that its cool to wear low waisted, tight legged pencil pants to school and the mall. I have lost countless pairs to the boy. Not to mention the billions of pairs of no show black work socks. "But Mom, yours are always clean and I can FIND them. Besides, they fit better than my man sox with my slip on Vans."
I can't wait til my girls are my size. Maybe by then I wont be quite so *young* and trendy and they'll hate my clothes like I hate MY Mother's???
Thanks for making me smile, Dawn!!!

Anonymous said...

I would have been very upset if Austin would have remembered his many pairs of black pants. At least now I can take comfort in the fact that my Austin is normal - lol!

Brenda said...

BTDT bought the tshirt. Kids!

Tess said...

I think all moms have done that from time to time! I know I have and mine isn't quite a year old yet! I put clothes 'away', waiting for her to grow into them and then completely forget that I have them! And considering I only have one child, I think you're more than entitled to forget to look for black pants!

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

mommeeof10 said...

My mom owns a children's clothing consignment shop. I just tell her what I need and send her money. I'll pick everything up when I go visit my family in July. Heck, I know we have enough summer clothes to survive until then.

Unknown said...

Wait a minute... Are you telling me that your 12 year old son wears a 29W/30L in pants??? My husband has been wearing a 31/31 for as long as I have known him and he has passed 30 years old many years ago.

Now I know my husband is too skinny. Don't you just want to hate him??? He can eat 4 Krispy Kremes in a sitting and never pay for it!!! ARGH!

Thanks for the Laughs: )

Mary said...

yes, but, could he zip up any of those pants?

Thanks for directing me to Boufmom - love her blog and her slideshow of her babies! Watched it repeatedly!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your website, thanks for sharing your life with us! I am home after an extended time away thanks to a severe auto accident and time in the hospital so it is nice to read up and try to catch up (16 Dec) is a long time away! Good luck and enjoy your kids while you can!


BandK said...


Now you know why some animals eat their young!!!

I heard somewhere that the reason teenagers and old people are so mean, is because it makes it easier to let go of them when it's time.

True, dat! :-)

Janeen said...

Can you send those 29W/30L pants my way? I have a husband who won't grow out of them, I SWEAR! lol He's 44 so I think he's done growing. Yeah, it's totally not fair at all that he's so skinny. lol

Anonymous said...

I, too, always forget about hand-me-downs! I got a bunch of things for my daughter I stashed away and found them recently and some were too small! :(

Hope this is where I'm supposed to comment for a chance to win that $1000 gift card, although I'm not very luck :(

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Now Dawn, you KNOW pants don't have the capacity to be stupid.

Ha ha.

I told that kind of thing to my kids for years and the other day I said, "Stupid refrigerator." And you know what one of them said!

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