Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday? Sound Out

Here is the updated map. There are over 260 now! WOW! Thank you to everyone who has sent us a card or letter!!! You can click on the map and zoom in or out. Click on actual markers to see the names of the people living there.

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Anyway, (This is a SSO question) I know that mom's are "supposedly" not allowed to get sick, but what do you do when your hubby get's sick. I know I can't stand it, he's such a whiner at my place, LOL!. - Jenny
I walk around in a passive aggressive snit, feeling angry that he can call in sick to work, lie down, and do nothing but sleep until he feels better. Is there any other way to act?

I just thought of a question for NEXT Sunday... What is the age difference between Austin and Savannah? What is the height distance between those two? Is there any competition between Austin and Savannah with regards to their height? -Lisa
Austin and Savannah are 18 months apart and they're nearly the same height. Savannah's catching up to Austin in height, but I'm sure Austin will shoot up soon. They've both almost passed my whopping 5'4".

Hey girl!
You need to post that people can vote for your blog nominations! I thought those were awards you ALREADY could have tens of thousands of votes if people knew they could vote - cuz you ARE everyone's favorite!!! - Semblance

Awww, thanks Michelle. I was nominated for funniest blog, best parenting blog, hottest mommy blogger, and best blog of all time. You can find links to these nominations along the right column of my blog. Just click on any or all of those links and place your vote. You can vote for your other favorite blogs while you're there too.

What vehicle do you drive that fits your family of 8? - Pam
I have an old GMC Safari and Joe drives an old Suburban. We looked for cars a while back, but it didn't turn out well. Maybe this summer...

BTW, What WOULD you do if a monkey bit you? Now THERE'S a question for your Sunday Shout Out! - Rick
I'd bite him back, of course.

So, where did you get that perfectly-uniform-snow-fort-building-block-tool? Thanks! - Debby
I got it at Target, but they sell them at all stores like that. At least they did before we got the ton of snow. Now they're selling bathing suits and despite the fact that it's below 0 and snowy outside, I can't find a new winter coat for my daughter to save my life.

First of all I appauld you for even attempting the walking for 2 hours........My question is are you going to attempt this again? - plainprecious
That's the plan. Ask me how many times I've gone back so far though.

how do you workout/walk in jeans? that's too constricting. maybe you should try something w/ a little more leg room. :) - shandra
For real? I don't know. Maybe I'm weird, but I have no problem walking in jeans. Besides that's all I have that fits!

I was just looking at the new photo of you on the other lady's BLOG...and you surely DON'T LOOK 37...Maybe 28.
Really!! But, I wanted to ask briefly: You mention how you put up a few ads on your site...How does that work? Do YOU select the companies OR do they approach you to ask permission? How would you know what to charge them? Melech

28??? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As far as ads go, you can easily add Google ads to your blog, or you can apply for BlogHerAds or other ones like that. The people who have placed individual ads on my blog contacted me and asked to advertise. As long as it isn't something that I find offensive, I'm happy to put the ads on my blog.

Hi Dawn, Have you ever tried water arobics? It's really fun and easy on your bones and muscles. Also makes you sleep really well after. My girlfriend and I would meet in the evenigs. That worked for a week or two then we would meet and skip on over to the bar for munchies. - Kristine in Michigan.
I've thought about it and I'd probably give it a try if it weren't for one thing - putting on a bathing suit.

But, but, but, it's only 9:52 PM, why does the time you posted on your blog different from the actual time, if you just posted? But, wait, what I really want to know is when Brooklyn's birthday is? - megryansmom
The time on my blog is the time I opened a new post and started writing. I could open it 5:00pm to start writing, but then I'll get distracted by making dinner, helping with homework, breaking up fights, blah, blah, blah and won't publish the post until 1:00am. Even though I publish it after midnight, the time will read 5:00 pm. Oh and her birthday is the 17th.

Did you try resetting your router? - Black Sheep Dancing
As technologically inept as I am, I did actually try that a couple times.
And thank you to everyone who gave me the link to Get a Human. For those who didn't see this in the comments, it's a link that will take you to a page of information on how to bypass those automated voice systems and get through to an actual live person.

you know what your work out post did for me? - Franzi
Make you never want to set foot in a gym?

It just clicked you have 3 boys,and 3 girls, does the order go boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl? - BBA
Yes, we planned it that way.

You look awesome! I can't believe you have had six kids. You keep on mentioning your weight and trying to eat healthier and I picture someone much larger than you are. - Lowa
I'm telling ya - it's the strategic placement of kids around me.

I'm amazed at how much snow you have! If we get an inch of snow the whole country comes to a standstill! Do you get that much every year? (Please forgive my ignorance I come from UK)! Fab snowmum & babies! - Linda Bowen
We usually get a fair amount of snow, but this year has been especially snowy with more on the horizon.

Also a question for you since you brought up the makeup issue, though in different context. How often do you wear it? - SubWife
Only if I go out in public. Don't want to scare anyone, you know.

I'm wondering what your child was thinking w/ banana peels in the sock drawer? - anonymous
He was probably thinking that he didn't want to mess up his jammie drawer with it.

Hey, with all that snow, do you all ever make snow ice-cream?? - Lisa, San Antonio, Texas
I'd never heard of such a thing until a couple days ago when the kids asked me if they could make it. I think it was on The Food Network. Ugh, like I want to mess with that. I told them they could scoop up a lemon snow cones from outside instead. ;)

Quick question, I noticed that your middle daughter isn't wearing her glasses - I only notice this because my 5-year-old has recently begun to wear glasses (September '07), but school pictures had passed. Do you give her the choice about pictures with or without glasses? - juneau poole party of 4
I've always gotten her pictures taken with her glasses on because that's how she looks. She wears glasses, so she has glasses in her pictures. I had her take them off for this picture though because the light was really glaring off them. Someone else asked me a question about how my kids take care of their glasses, but I can't find it for the life of me. I bought Lex's first pair of glasses from Walmart because I didn't know any better. We went camping the day after I picked them up and while riding her bike, they fell off Lexi's face and were crushed in gravel. As soon as we got home from our trip, I took them to Walmart to see if they could fix or replace them and the ultra helpful people there told me they couldn't do anything and I'd need to buy another pair. They broke THE DAY AFTER I GOT THEM! Needless to say, I've never gone back there. I get the kids' glasses from a store called For Eyes. I don't know how wide spread this chain is, but they're wonderful! I can't even count how many times they've fixed, adjusted, or replaced my kids' glasses for free. The glasses are reasonably priced there too.

Your youngest MUST know how cute she is. Every single picture I ever see of her, she has the cartoon-like "I'm such a cutie" pose!! How endearing :) - anonymous
HAAAA! I have many more of her that look like this...

Did you say yes to the play because you were interested in it and will enjoy doing? Or because someone else wanted you in the cast? If it was the first reason - go for it, I say. But if it was for the second reason then my opinion is twofold (1) You need to say 'no' at times, and (2) You must be a really nice person to do it for someone else. Whatever the reason I hope you have a great time. Mum-me
I said yes because I'm stupid.

Dawn, I've been wondering how Mimi is doing. Have you heard from her recently? (If you just answered this question, or it's right under my nose, accept my apologies.) - Bev
I have heard from her. She updates her carepages very frequently. Mimi sounds like she's doing all right considering. This is from her carepages last night...
"How do you stand all this?" I can’t. I just make do… Come on! Could you? If you had lost your 4 year old? God is on my side, that’s how…

Its worth a shot... Will you do my taxes. (I figure that odds are you'll say "yes." - Rick
Sure, but you do know that I'm not very mathy, right? You don't mind paying 10,000 in taxes, do you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

My oldest started wearing glasses last year and we bought them at Wal-Mart because that was the least expensive place around here. We were told that should anything happen to them within a year, they would be fixed at no charge. (not replaced if lost, of course, just fixed if broken). And so far they've stayed true to their word- and we've taken them in several times already. Maybe the people at your Wal-Mart are not telling the truth? You could look into the policy.

Also, thanks for that website for eyeglasses, I'll take a look and see what they have.

Lucille said...

As usual - worth the wait for the Q & A's I said Q...not T! LOL!

Hey you can get a nice winter coat at Kohl's for your kid(s) = they are 80% off! It's the one store I have NOT been banned from!

Hope you are staying warm and oh - what a surprise we are under a winter storm warning again!


Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Snow cream is the best. I grew up eating it. You just need a little milk, sugar, and vanilla and add some WHITE snow! Mmm. Can't believe I haven't made any this year. But then, my kids don't care for it.

debi9kids said...

Dawn, I just LOVE that you do this. Are you always this quick on your toes?
Anyway, thanks for always giving me something to smile about!

Anonymous said...

The only thing better than Rick's question about taxes is your answer. hahaha

Also, in reference to the question about your husband getting sick. Carla at has a funny youtube video under a post called 'Man Cold'. It's worth checking out. (sorry, Carla, hope you don't mind.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I read your blog every day, but have never posted before. I just wanted you to know I have 5 kids -boy, 16; girl, 13; boy, 7; girl, 5; boy, 3. I'd have more, but I'm afraid I'd follow the pattern and have another girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
If you change your mind and want to give snow ice cream a try...this is the easiest way to make it:
Pack fresh snow into a deep bowl about 2/3 full and pour a can of sweetened condensed milk over it. Stir to mix and you have instant vanilla ice cream. You can add berries, oreo cookies, peppermint candy crunched up, etc.
I guess you can stick it in the freezer (or outside where you are!) to firm it up, but I never had leftovers to try that with.

Rick said...

I'm beginning to see a pattern with the questions that are making it to your Shout Out -- not a lot of substance.

I'm pretty proud about that.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm one of those moms that all the teachers go to for, say the 25 choir robes with stoles that they needed for the Christmas pageant, because they know I have a physical inability to say "NO!" when someone asks me for something (other than sex, of course; then, the "NO" flows off my lips like water over a dam!)

Anyway, do you ever get the urge, as I do, to break out in the song from Oklahoma "I'm just a girl who can't say no. I'm in a terrible fix!" ??

Just wondering if it's only me that regrets saying yes (while hitting myself on the forehead) or if it's a more common reaction.

Jenn's finding life funny! said...

Way to go Dawn! You said yes to Rick about doing his taxes.

Rick is now doing his party dance and screaming, "YAHOO!! I only have to pay $10,000.00.". Last Year he did his own and he had to pay $20,000.00.

Just Kidding with you Rick. I Love Banter!

I have 5 kids, so we Love Tax Time. We call it our Family Vacation Money.

Blended said...

I have a EXTRA "teenage" coat if you would like me to send it your way. It's baby blue and white. It looks like a "ski" type jacket. I think it's aeropastle or something....I would gladly ship it your way! Let me know :o)

Ashley said...

Old friends of ours with 4 kids had the same kind of experience at a car dealership. They had actually picked out a vehicle and when they came back to purchase it, it had been sold to someone else. So, with 4 kids in tow the idiot salesman proceeded to show them a Blazer. Guess he figured the kids would take turns riding on the luggage rack. He was just as clueless. Must be a requirement for selling cars-you only see the ones carrying $, not the kiddos tagging along.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I just wanted to tell you and your readers some information. You know how those credit card company's send application's in the mail almost dailey? Well I was told that some company's were actually accepting one's that were ripped in half! So everyone Rip them up really good and take the return postage paid envelope and put it in the mailbox empty. That way the company has to pay postage twice and they recieve all that junk mail too! Our stamp prices are going up because people are using the internet more, so we will be helping our USPS as well. Just a thought. Kristine in Michigan

Angela said...

Question for next sunday (or monday ;) How did you plan the boy girl boy girl thing?

One more:

When you were pregnant with your kids did you ever have morning sickness? We want to have more kids but I had morning sickness so bad when I was pregnant with my first that im not sure how it will affect how I take care of my son. Any tricks you had?

Unknown said...

I checked into the website for the glasses and the closest one to Wash is Calif. Oh well.

Bytheway, if you do find a care that fits all yall, let us know. We have four kids and always end up with someone else's (there like strays, people leave them on the doorstep, ring the bell and run.) We can't ever take them all anywhere (to try to lose them :)) We don't fit into even our minivan. Who can really fit three on the backseat, when they are in carseats until they are 47?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming Angela has not been following your blog for too long...LOL! Can't wait to see your answer to that question! Suzie

Anonymous said...

I planned to have my kids Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy. And it looked like it was all on track (we currently have 3) at the ultrasound for #3. Girl? Perfect! Then out popped a boy! How did that happen? So now we'll just have to hope the next one is a girl so we can stop...

Unknown said...

First Dawn, snow cream is the best. Not sure what brand but I know we have snowcream flavored icecream here.

Second, my daughter just got glasses a couple of weeks ago. Theyare being replaced right now because she thought it would be a great idea for her 2 year old brother to wear them. WRONG!

Blog Owner said...

After reading the comment from the mom of five who has two girls and is afraid she might have a third, I'm suddenly afraid of my two-year-old daughter.

Just kidding. I've been afraid of her for two years :)

Alison T said...

Do an eBay search for Lands End in little girls outerwear category and then look for the cute jackets. All 4 of my kids wear Lands End jackets (usually the nylon outer, fleece lined Squall coats) that I got on eBay for a fraction of their original cost. They wear like iron and I love them! I just gave some of mine away otherwise I'd send them to you :) Just got a size 4 pink number with white fleece lining for $26 bucks delivered to my house! And you can get them all year long :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I have been wanting to tell you this for a while and keep forgetting. My husband comes from a family of Eight children. The really cool thing is his mother's maiden name was Isley and she married a man with the last name Wesley. The I became We when she married. Cute Huh? Kristine in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment on the credit card apps. Not true about accepting ones torn in half (I work for a credit card company).

However, the SAFEST way to ensure that you don't have that issue is:

#1 to call the 800 number written in large type on the bottom of the letter to remove yourself from future preapproval mailings (it's not a company phone number but a legal requirement number to remove you from future pre-approved solicitations),

#2 to go to the Direct Marketers Association website to opt out of receiving direct mail from reputable businesses (other than from companies you already have a relationship with). You can also opt out of phone and email at the same site. The DMA is an industry organization, reputable and not going to use/sell your info in any way.

#3 Shred (preferably with a diagonal shredder) all documents you receive in the mail with your name and address on it.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Suzie - shhhhhh!


Anonymous said...

Very fun, thanks, Dawn!

(Awesome questions, Rick--you crack me up!) :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously - how did you plan the kids that way? I've seen you post it twice already, the first time I thought it was a joke, then you said it again and I am now guessing you are serious.

I guess as someone with infertility it's hard to imagine planning the sexes of kids like that...

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I haven't checked up on your blog in a while (sorry) and when I read it I actually did Laugh Out Loud! Fortunately, no one was withing hearing or eye-contacting range to give me one of those withering You-must-have-gone-insane glares.

So, thank you for the laugh!

Oh, and a SSO question for next week, how long do you actually follow through with grounding your kids? You say your oldest is grounded until the second coming. My mom could efficiently ground me for a whole month before it wore off (gradually), but I have a hard time grounding my kids for more than a week. (Is it just circumstances or am I really that weak? LOL!)

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