Friday, February 1, 2008

New New Year's Resolutions

Remember way back to when we made our new year's resolutions? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? I remember mine. Vaguely. Hard to believe it was just a month ago. How is everyone doing with their resolutions? Are they going well? Are you keeping them?

I've been doing, umm, a little less than stellar. However, instead of admitting failure, I've decided to make some little, small, tiny, revisions to my list of New Year's resolutions. Since making my revisions, I feel so much better. I'm not nearly the slacker I was before I edited my list.

1. I will lose 50 pounds this year.
Due to non-compliance, this resolution has been modified to now read, "I will lose 3 pounds this year." DONE!

2. I will not lose my temper with my kids.
This one has been changed to, "I will not lose my temper with my kids more than 20 times a day." SO FAR, SO GOOD!

3. I will keep my house clean.
This one has been amended to read, "I will keep my house clean from midnight until 7:00am on days that begin with 'M'." I HAVEN'T DONE THIS YET, BUT THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT WEEK!

4. I will not let my laundry pile up.
This is now, "I will be entirely caught up on laundry at least once this year."

5. I will find a doctor and get a physical, I will go to the OB/GYN, and I will get a mammogram.
OK, I haven't changed this resolution because if I do, I'll have 5000 well-intentioned ladies yelling at me to do it. :0

6. I will be sure to make time for date night with Joe once a month.
New resolution - "I will try to find five minutes of peace and quiet in which to talk to Joe this year."

7. I will get out with girlfriends once a month.
No amendments needed here.

8. I will write my second book.
This resolution hasn't changed.

9. I will get more than 4 hours of sleep a night.
This resolution has been changed to, "I will get more than 4 hours of sleep this year."

10. I will wake up before 7:00 am every morning.
This has been changed to, "I will wake up."

11. I will finish things that I start.
This is now, "I will finish things that I start within a


Suburban Correspondent said...

Good thing I didn't make any resolutions. Saves me the trouble of all those revisions. Yours now sound doable, though. You go, girl!

I don't want to get a mammogram either. I'm dreading it. But I guess it will have to be on my list this year since this year will be the first time in 17 years that I'm not either pregnant or nursing.

Naah - maybe I should just get pregnant again...

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love it!

You made me feel very good about your "date once a month" goal.

When we got married many people gave us the strict advice to go on a date every single week--even when we had kids. But it was a lot harder than I thought it would be! So we usually go once or twice a month. And I was being hard on myself thinking that wasn't good enough until I realized, "You know what? Once or twice a month is totally fine and works better for us--so stop beating yourself up about it." So, thank you!!

k1 said...

Hey, nothings ever perfect the first time. If it were, we wouldn't need erasers, White out, or the backspace key!

Make an effort to meet them, if you can't, modify, which you've done. If you succeed, reward yourself! If you don't, congratulate yourself for making an honest effort. Either way you're getting positive feedback! That is so much better than having your efforts torn down.

Anonymous said...

Something strange is going on. I've received an update for Sunday's blog and then Thursday's blog. I wasn't sure if you were just posting every so often or if I was missing some updates. So I checked on your sight and here they were??? (I thought I would let you know.) I figured I would comment on this post since you said, "Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?" and I'm a Buhler!

I didn't make any new year's resolutions since my last one is still going strong...NO FASTFOOD!!! My husband and I decided to give it up last year since we have six children and we started a budget that didn't include fast foods! All in all we had enjoyed nicer restaurants monthly as a family and we lost weight. I lost 15 lbs and my husband lost 20lbs. An unexpected benefit was his cholesterol improved tremendously and he was moved into an "Excellent Health" category under our life insurance policy and his payments dropped! So now we save even more! I enjoy your blog, thanks for making me laugh!!

Pamela Buhler

Ma said...

Yes! This is exactly why I holler at my kids to "Go make a mess!" and "Make sure you fight!" and "Beg for snacks!!!"

Because...then they obey, and we all feel good about ourselves.

Can't help it. I'm a child of the 80s. [grin]

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 3 pounds! Now, try for that extra hour of sleep and getting to the doc, Missy.

Mum-me said...

I admire your determination to even have any New Year's Resolutions. I have six children too and the only resolution I made was to try and be sane at the end of the year. (Seeing as I started 2008 already half insane I have serious doubts that I will be able to keep this one.) I am very proud of myself, however, to be able to say that I have sent you a letter for Austin's project. It only took me about six days to get it finished - before children it would have taken me about 6 minutes. You should receive it within the week, I hope. Good luck with the laundry - that's a really hard one for me too!

Rick said...

In a land dominated by those of the female persuasion I feel it my duty to be the advocate for Joe. Give him the hard working man more of your time. Swap him with the "girl friends" place on your list. And be sure to tell him that I'm on his side.

Steampunk_Gypsy said...

I made three big New Year's Resolutions this year - but I sort of cheated...

#1) I will loose 40 pounds. Of course, I had a nine-pound baby on New Year's Day, and lost 20 pounds in the first month...

#2) I will put a stamp in my passport. Well, my husband and I are moving to Thailand this year to teach English, so...

#3) I will publish a book. Okay, so it's already written, I'm just waiting for the illustrator to finish the artwork...

See, resolutions aren't all that difficult, if you do all the legwork the year before!

Anonymous said...

Rofl!!! Soooo funny!! Congratulations... you're doing so well at keeping your resolutions! Perhaps mine need a few amendments too...

MamaB said...

Your revised list looks a whole lot like my list.

Cheryl said...

did you have this great sense of humour before you had your children? I just want to say that you seem like a very good person. To able to have so much time for your children and still keep your family together as well as work towards what you want is amazing. So many people have just one child and let thier dreams die. I'm 23 with no children. I don't really plan to have any either, but I do have neices that I love like my own. I read your blog everyday and it always makes me smile. thank you.

Heather said...

You is a funny laydee! :D

Jenn's finding life funny! said...

Wow! What a List!! You go-girl, More power to ya, etc.

I am going to turn 34 in August and after making the annual goal of "Lose weight!" and ending up 10-15 lbs heavier, I almost thought, "Maybe I should try saying, "I will gain 20 lbs this year." But then I was nervous that this would be the one time I would actually "Finish what I start."

After finally seeing endless Doctors for the past 10 years and finally getting the right Diagnose of Fibromyalgia, I decided my New Years resolution was going to be, "Enjoy Life More. Don't take the little things for granted." I know that sounds so mature, so thought provoking, so not like me.

I am TRYING to enjoy Life more, but with 5 kids, Laundry and Dirty Dishes are a HUGE part of my life (as I am sure you know ;) and I personally find those two things hard to "enjoy"

I really appreciate how you capped how many times you can lose your temper. I will work for under 20 times a day. (Potty-training the last child is driving me crazy, which for me is not a short drive.) I try not to let the kids witness everytime I lose my temper, but I now keep a pillow in my walk in closet and scream into it on a regular basis. (OYE!) Potty Training the others was not quite like this last little handsome man of mine.
Sorry to whine and whimper.
AWE!! SIilver Lining, I just thought of, Potty-training helps me not feel baby-hungry. You know, just for the that one-tenth of a second when you see a sweet newborn cooing at their mom.

majikfaerie said...

its always much better to aim for realistic goals ;)

Kristy said...

lol love it! good job!

Anonymous said...

VERY FUNNY! I love how your last one just stops abruptly...very clever. :) Oh I have also amended my #1 resolution...instead of losing 50lbs this year...I changed it to I will NOT GAIN weight this year LOL

April in Okinawa

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Dear.....

my resolutions? Its only one: No resolutions to make up and to deal with....

Flea said...

I know I won't be popular with the OLD ladies, but if you're getting a babysitter, go out on a date (preferably with your husband) before your physical. It'll keep you sane. And everyone needs a sane mommy/wife.

Anonymous said...

My resolution was to go on a "no pepsi" diet. Figuring if I cut out those calories I wouldn't have to do a real diet. It has been amended to "no pepsi before 8 p.m." I really need it for my rum drink. You can't drink rum straight, right?
But, while I didn't loose the 10 pounds I wanted, I did loose the weight I gained in December. Close enough!

Brenda said...

Wow. You are the only person I know who made that many resolutions. And you actually are keeping them ALL. You are an amazing woman! ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I hate Laundry also! I only have one child (well two counting hubby). My husband is a carpenter and works outside alot. He layers with four shirts and two long johns and jeans. Also 3 pairs of socks. So with that alone is 20 shirts a week, 16 pants and 16 pairs of socks! Why is it when we mom's do laundry..none of it is ours? Must be because we can wear the same comfy outfit a few days in a row. I can't Wait till Summer! Kristine in Michigan

Unknown said...

My new years resolution was "I will take down my Christmas tree before February."

This morning I realized I failed. Oh well. :) It has lots of little red and pink hearts on it so I changed it to "I will take down my Valentines tree before March."

Anonymous said...

Can I just add.... "AMEN" all of that.And should we get points for good intentions??

You totally made me laugh though... "time with Joe once a month...not possible.... time with girlfriends once a month...a MUST do"!! You go girl...LOL

Anonymous said...

I love your resolutions. They are all great ones. I have actually stuck with mine thus far. Mine are to be more positive in attitude, have more organization, patience, and check my kids homework more. That'll do pig, that'll do. <---you are the great movie quoter, name that one!

Unknown said...

Dawn wrote: "11. I will finish things that I start.
This is now, "I will finish things that I start within a"

Within a what??? Don't leave us hangin' girl!!! : P

Kelli said...

You make me laugh.

Eternal Sunshine said...

I like this - instead of giving up totally, you decided to be more realistic. Very good plan.

Totally did NOT see the end coming - I thought my reader had clipped the post! LOL


Anonymous said...

Gotta say you are a woman after my own heart :)

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...


Sorry, this isn't really a comment on your post, but an invitation. I am writing a post tomorrow that I would greatly appreciate your input on. If you have a chance, I would appreciate you dropping by and taking a look (and any of your other readers, as well.)

Anonymous said...

I spelt lose wrong!!! I hate when people do that. Please, please, please correct it for me. I can't have the world thinking I don't know the difference between loose and lose.

Rachel said...

Hey, you know your "lose 50 pounds this year goal" probably isn't as far off as you think. You've lost three pounds in the last month. If you multiply that times twelve months, you will have lost 36 pounds by the end of the year. All you have to do is continue what you've been doing this month.

Then just revise your resolution to 30 pounds (have to have a little wiggle room for Christmas, after all) and then if you actually stay on track at 3 pounds a month, you will have done more than you resolved. How cool is that?


debi9kids said...

LOL! This could've been my revised version...if I had the energy to do revisions. LOL
PS I like the " Will wake up..." hahaha

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


I think if we just set our standards a little bit lower, we'll all accomplish so much more!!!

Getting up in the morning is such a good start!!!

My only resolution was M-Thursday to write from 12-1:30 every day. I did it for two days. I SUCK! But at least I'm aware of it!

I hope your resolution of getting together with girlfriends includes your new friends as well!!! : )

Dawn2 said...

My New Year's resolution has been the same for several years:

1. Gather up all of the disposable cameras and rolls of film (purchased a digital camera five years ago) and get them developed.

Mission accomplished this year! 12 rolls and $50 later I have pictures of lego creations that my 16 year old took when he was 8 - this episode took him one whole roll to get two decent pics. MANY self portriats of my much younger then son. Pics from my Y2K party - everyone had to come in camo - and a few others that turned out okay. I have pics from two different birthday parties I had for my dad who's birthday is Feb. 29th, so I only throw him a party once every four years! I even now have a few pics from the last hunting trip my husband and son went on with my uncle before he was murdered five years ago. Of the 12 rolls probably a three rolls were worth keeping - thank goodness I didn't get doubles! I now know why I love my digital camera so much!

2. Lose weight. So far this year I've lost seven pounds so I can't say this myth is busted yet.

3. Go to the gym everyday...I think I'll modify this one to go to the gym when I feel like sweating to the oldies and when it's not cold outside! I made it to the gym 9 times in January...maybe February will be better.

Thanks for sharing Dawn! I always enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

No New Years resolutions this year, maybe this is the way to get things done;-))))

Anonymous said...

may I point out that going out with your husband requires a babysitter, while going out with your girlfriends (hopefully) does not- hence, it's easier to do. To the lady with the carpenter husband- I'm glad I'm not the only one who does ten loads of laundry and realizes that only three items of clothing are mine.

Romie said...

This so hit the mark, exactly about how I am feeling with my resolutions too. Hang in there girl - we are all on the same boat :)

Whitney said...

My resolution last year was to lose 20 pounds, which I did at 10:40 PM on February 10 with the birth of my second child....yes I was carrying around 20 lbs of water ALONE! Gotta make those resolutions attainable, haven't ya heard?!

Sally Jo said...

I am rather new to reading your blog, but you are very entertaining to read.

in response to your resolution # 3 and # 4 I use a cleaning your house tip site that really makes a difference in my house.

If you get into it and sign up for the e-mail reminders I recomend that you sign up for the daily reminder so you get one e-mail with the reminders rather than the several single e-mails a day, one e-mail helps you not get too overwhelmed.

well I just thought it might help you with keeping those resolutions.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- you are sure optomistic...and practical too!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to keep it simple this year.

My resolutions are:
Go to the bathroom when I have the urge.
Brush my teeth as least once a day.
Take a shower, bath or clean up with diaper wipes each day.
Eat food each day.
Drink wine after 5pm.
Think Peaceful thoughts.
Make my bed on the full moon.

There are so many more, but I made a resolution to share so I'll give someone else a change.

So far, I've been doing great!
(I have to work a little more on that sharing thing ....)

Anonymous said...

I don't make resolutions, and now I remember why.

I do feel sorry for Joe, though--the girlfriends outrank him????

Anonymous said...

Great goals. I've got to schedule my mamogram and meet with the OB/GYN too. Too bad we can't go with girlfriends, then have lunch afterwards, then maybe I'd be more excited to get it done.

Anonymous said...

I love the resolution amendments, Dawn. Very apt -- and I'm very glad to see that seeing your doctors remains on the list (yes, I was one of the many lecturing you, sorry).

I totally get the girlfriends happening and the husband not. We're still figuring out if we'll make it for Valentine's Day, but I was just out with a friend Monday night, spent this am with a friend, have plans to do tea with ladies in Algonquin on the 15th, etc. The babysitting angle does make it awfully hard.

Oh, and my resolution -- to get to 135 pounds by my friend's wedding (which I'm apparently the MOH) on May 3. So far, 9 pounds to go. Whoever among your readers suggested Spark People, I love them! The site so rocks -- wish I remembered who it was so I could track them down, but whoops!

Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Your resolution list looks exactly like mine - seriously. Well, except for the date night with with Joe. No offense, but I'd rather a date night with Mark, my hubby. So when you know how to accomplish this list, please post (or humm perhaps a second book), so I can then complete my resolutions. Oh here's a tip... if you have the flu for 2-3 days you can lose 8 pounds and that's a great way to jump start the diet - of course the clean house, the laundry, well pretty much everything else suffers... okay not so good. Well, keep plugging along, I'm right here with ya!

Robin said...

Thanks for the laughs! I know that at some point in my day I'm going to read something you wrote and get a chuckle out of it...or sometimes a full on belly laugh!! I bet you're a riot to hang out with. Your friends must love you!

Anonymous said...

My resolutions are easy.
I will not strangle my children, no matter how much they push my buttons.

I will match socks before hubby runs out of pairs-at least twice a month.

I will clean one of the bathrooms or make a kid do it when it gets too gross.

.E. said...

Seriously.. are you in my head? these are awesome your revisions are perfection.. I will definatly be back to to read more.. Yeah

Anonymous said...

Loved this! Where do you get this stuff, Dawn? LMBO - wish that was literally, though, because then I could feel good about some weight loss, too.

ps To all those first time mammogrammers - and especially to those who've given birth - COME ON! You've given birth, haven't you? That's about a 10 on my pain scale. They vice your boob for less time than one good contraction takes. And then you only have to do the other boob. Not hours and hours of more contractions. Just trying to put it into perspective here.

One more important thing - don't be alarmed if they "see something" and have to take some more pictures. They've changed the standards, so a lot more people get called back, but it does not end up being anything.

Good luck ladies!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time in a long time I've read your blog. The reason was Julian's passing. I had missed reading your blog for several days but was intently monitoring his day to day. When I read he had passed it literally made me stop my car and cry. I was on my way to pick up my own 4 yr old at her school and I had to pull over and literally sob.Not so much because he passed because thank God that beautiful boy will feel no more pain - but because of his Mother and Father that are left behind. I could not imagine one day without my daughter much less have her go through so much pain. I collected myself and suddenly felt the urgency to get my Katterina as fast as I could. When I saw her I hugged her so tight and repeated over and over again how I love her. She must of thought I was nuts as did her teachers - but it didn't matter. What mattered was that I was blessed to not only have my daughter but to have her healthy and rambunctious. I appreciate her every day but Julian's life has made me value every single moment I get to spend with her. I've realized its a priviledge that I've been honored with and one that I take so seriously. Even the thought of losing her devastates me to the point of tears. It's so amazing that a little boy I never met - never saw face to face could have made such an enormous impact on me and on this world in such a short time. There are no words of solace for his parents other than knowing he was loved even by people that never knew him. Thank you for your blog and for everything you do day to day in keeping it real. I'm reading your blog again daily even if as I write this I'm once again in tears.
Marjory from Chicago, IL

Karen said...

Wait, I didn't know you could revise your resolutions! I'll be taking a good look at mine again. Here I thought I'd totally messed up yet again. Thanks for making me realize that I CAN succeed, I just need to set my standards lower. ;)

Kathy said...

I'm so glad I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions! I'm glad to see your amendments though, I can relate, especially to the getting more than four hours of sleep a night! Yeah, I rarely get more than that! LOL Hang in there, can't wait for the book!

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