Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So, You Wanna Start a Blog?

I've had nearly a hundred people write me, after having seen the segment on ABC, to ask me how to start a blog. I don't have time to answer everyone so I thought I'd tell you what I know about blogs (not much) here.

First, keep in mind, I only started my blog four months ago and a rock probably knows more about computers than I do.

I'm sure there are many ways to start a blog. One way is to click on the "create blog" link in the top right corner of my blog. Then simply follow the steps.
That's the easy part. Now, you have to come up with interesting things about which to write. That's still pretty easy.

The hard part is getting people to read your blog. I have no idea how you go about doing that, but knowing my awesome readers, they'll write their tips, advice, and experiences in the comments of this post. Check them out. I honestly just got lucky. I placed an auction on Ebay accompanied with a little story and people read it and passed it along. People asked me if I had blog and I directed them here. Before that auction, I got around 5 hits to my blog everyday. I made a couple pennies on my ads every day. That's it.

How do you find people to advertise on your blog? Again, I'm actually not a good one to ask. People found me and asked if they could advertise on my blog.

BlogHerAds is seeking high-quality blogs with women-focused audiences as they add new premium networks and expand their existing topics:

Parenting (Mommy and Daddy bloggers are welcome)
Life...and more
What is BlogHer looking for in ad network members??

You blog regularly (2-3 times a week)
Your blog is at least 90 days old
Your blog is public
Your blog adheres to our editorial standards

You have a passion for blogging and are ready to get paid :)

...and that's pretty much it! No referrals necessary and no minimum monthly page views required!

In fact, BlogHerAds is running a little demographic survey right now. If you see it toward the top right of this blog, take a minute to click on it and answer the quick, anonymous questions. The survey will be active every day until October 20th.
The survey link is here. Thank you!

If you're planning on starting a blog to make some money, give it a shot. It doesn't hurt anything to try, right? Just keep in mind that I'm only making money from advertising because I get tens of thousands of hits a day.

Sorry, I'm not more helpful. I'm afraid the popularity of this blog, came about in an unusual way.


Anonymous said...

im first,thanks

stephanie said...

I've actually had lots of people look at my blog because I have been commenting on your blog.And it's really easy to start your own blog,I started mine about 2 months ago,and it was really easy.



p.s. or just click on my name and it will link you to my profile,which links you to my blog:)

Unknown said...

I just want to say,thanks for all you do:)

Miss Hannah said...

Hey, do you have a link to where I could watch your interview online? I must have missed it.

Anonymous said...

Places to write a blog include WordPress.com (my fave) and Blogspot or Blogger.com (what Dawn uses).

There are lots of ways to self-promote your blog. The best way is to comment on other's blogs and join communities like Cre8Buzz.com.

You MUST write about compelling things and be entertaining to your readers. No one wants to read 10 posts a day about changing dirty diapers. That is, unless you can make an "adventure" out of changing diapers. Dawn's one of the BEST at doing this!

Create a "voice" for yourself. Your readers will come to know you through your writing and want to know more.

Keep track of blogs you like in a reader such as Google Reader. See that little orange square next to the URL (address of the website)? Click on it! You can keep track of every post that your favorite bloggers write.

Comment on blogs. NO blogger likes lurkers (people who read and don't comment). Even if it's just to say, "Great post! You crack me up!" or "I had that same thing happen to me..." Writers like to be validated that they're writing something someone else wants to read. When a blogger sees that you've commented, they'll most likely visit your blog and reciprocate. It's a good cycle to get yourself into!

Try it. Have fun! Get to know others and yourself.


Anonymous said...

Well, I learned something! I didn't even know you could get paid to blog. Speaking of rocks... I must live under one! Thanks for the tips, although you "stumbled" across this success, it is still a very well deserved one! There is hope for us moms out there, finding an income in the most unusual and unique ways!

Susan Tidwell said...

Hi! Like everyone else, just stopping by to say, "I saw you on TV!" Congratulations on your newfound fame, hopefully it will last longer than 15 minutes.

My kids are grown, so we are in the PK stage (post-kids)! Come on over and visit some time, I blog about a little bit of this and that, some grandkids, some camping, hiking, quilts.

Nice to meecha!


Michelle said...

Wow, comment number 1 on someone's blog! Great blog. Great graphics. Thanks for the info about blogher. I have been wondering about that.

Kimberly said...

Ads are a awesome idea but its just as you say, a person is going to have to get a million hits to make anything.
I just started a blog solely to help moms. It all started with a friend who tried to make it and failed , she lost her self esteem over it. Little did she realize the majority of successful women failed a time or ten and just kept picking up the pieces and trying until they fulfilled their dreams. It would be wonderful if we could just post a story like you (Dawn) and magically all our dreams would come true but reality is in a thousand years its unlikely we will see something like this again . I to love to write I spend countless hours doing it ..and would love to go to take writing classes but I cant afford it ,so I set out to help others (who can deal with my grammar errors) find away to make it and show off that stuff that they worked so hard on that didn’t get recognized at the time they felt it needed to be.
Add up those pennies work hard and even if you don’t make a zillion dollars you can still accomplish dreams .. It could be saving a buck at the grocery store and saving for that dream trip to Orlando or to end with a successful buisness to just saying hey I did something for me !



Michelle said...


Unknown said...

I just hopped into the blogging world, I figure since I homeschool my children I can teach myself too. Great blog that you have I enjoy reading it...if you ever want to check out mine it is at:

The Gang's Momma! said...

You can make money at this deal? NO WAY?!!! I was just doing this for fun, but I may have to look into this. And by the way, did you know that Good Housekeeping magazine just recently started a feature spotlighting one blogging woman a month? I think you ought to contact them - a lot of what I've read so far was good stuff (Antique Mommy, for example) and I think you'd fit the bill. And wow, you could get paid too!

Thanks for the tip. Gotta investigate that one a bit.

Anonymous said...

I left this comment on the original story, but I'll say it again here, as well. I think the opportunities that have been proffered to you have been nothing short of amazing, but you are right, your experience is unusual. Women who read your story and who are now wanting to begin a blog to earn money should not be lured into thinking that they will have the same luck. In fact, they most likely will not. While I have been blogging since January 2006, I've only been at my current blog (hosted on WordPress, which I highly recommend, since August 2007). I had been on Blogger, but I felt, being a freelance writer, my blog was becoming a little . . . unprofessional looking. I began to have people contact me for site reviews/ product giveaways, etc., and wanted something that reflected who I am and what I am capable of doing. And though I will never regret switching, I lost my "clout" when I did so (think Technorati) and have basically started from scratch (as far as stats go). I receive about 175 daily clicks now - measly to me, but okay to others. Successful blog moms like Scribbit(www.scribbit.blogspot.com), have worked years (3, I think) to get where it took you four months.

The one piece of advice I can give you, Dawn, is ride the wave and enjoy it!!! Take that book deal!! Take that sitcom deal!! Do it for the rest of us moms who are working off our collective arse to be in your position ;-)


Anonymous said...

I did a whole in depth series on how to start a mom blog. It was cross posted on BlogHer as well.

You can find it here if you are interested.

Scribbit said...

If you're interested in starting your own blog one site that is helpful is
Blogging Basics 101 at:


is a good place for general, easy information.

If you're interested in increasing your readers Problogger is the best blog for that though after a while his posts get rather repetitive.

The biggest thing for increasing readership however, is through commenting and participating in the blogging community. People notice those who comment on their blogs.

And usually it takes time (not in your case obviously! :) But normally it also takes time to establish a strong readership base.

Heidi said...

I appreciated you writing about this. I recently started a blog and have been wondering how to get popular and what it takes to make money off of it.

You are very talented, so I'm glad you're able to make money on it!

Casa De Galletti said...

I was told by a seasoned blogger that the best way to drum up traffic on your own blog is to go to other blogs that you like and leave comments. Other people read your comments on that blog and then they click on your link/profile to read your blog. If they like what they read then they will come back and maybe add you to their favorite blog lists so that their friends/readers will check out your blog. It's like those old Faberge shampoo commercials with Farrah "You tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on".

Anonymous said...

i ddin't even know you could make money from your blog - i certainly couldn't make any from mine as i haven't posted on it for over six months!
I'm seriously glad i came across yours though - there are only three sites I check daily and your blog is one of them. Keep up the blogging - you're fab!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you were one of the reasons I started my blog, although a child with SPD is not (usually) as funny as a three year old with a squirrel. But if a blog can give people hope and make them feel better, there is a lot of mommy company out there.

Anonymous said...

Well, the way to get hits on your blog is easy, really, but sort of time-consuming.

That is, if you don't come up with a brilliant idea like the owner of the site you're reading, right now.

The way is to read some other blogs, find sites you like, frequent them (an RSS reader's good help) and comment a lot. My site's in Icelandic so I don't have all that many readers (about 200-600 per day), but I've gained good friends (yes even to the point of IRL meeting, inviting to dinner and such). A great way to meet people you like. If you don't like the way blog authors write, well, it's easy to stop reading and commenting.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your blog! It brings a smile to my face every time I read it!

Dorothy said...

Hi this is my first time on your site... Great content/

Dorothy from grammology
call your grandma

Sherrill said...

Confessions of a Grannie …
Dawn, I have visited your blog daily since late August when I received your blog address from my SAH daughter of 5 children. Yep, I’m a Grannie who enjoys living vicariously through my daughter’s blog: hatzidakishomeschool.blogspot.com and now you and your friends.

It’s marvelous to be acquainted with so many moms who are dedicated to their families. I’m a trainer by profession and have observed that what you are accomplishing in the blogging community is similar to what business attempts to organize professionally: a mentoring program. Ladies, keep up the good work, you are a blessing to us all.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of places to start blogs (Wordpress.com is my favorite but I know a lot who use blogger.com, homeschoolblogger, Livejournal, even Myspace. Once you start a blogchoose a template that asppeals to you and start writing and reading other blogs and commenting EVERYDAY. Once you get going and have a few reades you can slow down to a couple times a week but you need to have a nice back-up of writing. A great way to get started in communities is to follow a weekly meme--like Wordlesswednesday.com (you post a picture each Wednesday with no explanation and link back to Wordlesswednesday.com) or Saturday Photo Hunt at Tnchick.com. Thursdaythirteen.com is another great place to start blogging weekly (you post a list of 13 things , any 13 things and link back and everyone looks at everyone elses posts. Memes are good if you have no clue what to write. However, a blog that is not meme focused will do better in the long run--memes are good for mixing things up and making yourself known, not so good for finding regular readers.

Having an individual voice and an individual look helps. I have been blogging off and on for 6 years and have had my recent blog for 1 and a half years. once you catch on to blogging getting your own look will make you distinctive and draw people back. There are a lot of different designers who will be glad to help you out. Your best bet is to find a blog you like the look of and find out who designed their blog. Each designer has different prices and different types of blogs they will work with (for instance I design for Wordpress and Blogger though I don't do Livejournal, Godaddy, Typepad, Cafemom, homeschoolblogger, or Myspace. I know others who design exclusively for one format or for just a few. ) There are many types of blogs out there--start reading what you like, look for their favorites in their sidebar and develop a list of your own favorites. Once you know what you like you will figure out what works best for you (I personally hate posting on Blogger but that is because I work with servers, css, html, and php and don't like some of Blogggers issues. Blogger is great for those starting out because it is easy to set up and once you grow out o0f it you can move to something a little better suited to your needs.)

Darlene Schacht said...

I found you through your ebay listing for Pokemon cards. Hilarious! Another blogger had it linked on her site. My husband and I were laughing all through it. :)

Darlene Schacht said...

Oh, I want to add a blogging tip too--forgot that. Christian Women Online Magazine has a blogroll of over 2,000 women. So it's easy to get connected to other SAHM moms through there. Alot of bloggers on there get visitors since it's popular. CWO is found on google. I don't mean to sound like an ad for CWO.

Brenda said...

My blog is for mom's or those interested in Reactive Attachment Disorder.


All moments remembered said...

You are sooooo right blogging is the easy part!!! Getting readers is much harder! My blog has picked up but nothing like yours! My dream is to have hits like you do some day! I have a scrapbook blog and cater to that crowd. Find a nitch and go for it. Blogger.com is super easy to navigate and get going. So good luck to all and remember to leave comments when you visit another blog. I love reading comments the most!!!

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your post but I thought it was cute and you might be interested in watching it.


I want to be anonymous just in case you hate it.

Send in the Clowns said...

I was one of the people that sent you an email. Sorry, didn't know the etiquette. Now I will try to post a comment.

I started my own blog based on your advice. I didn't want to try to make any money, I'm trying this for therapy...

Take a look at my blog, tell me what you think. Make suggestions. I know I need to post a lot more info, I have a looooong story to tell. Be patient, and chek up on me once in a while!


Anonymous said...

I am sooo bummed. I missed you on ABC! I have been following your story since the Pokemon auction on Ebay. I was really looking forward to seeing it! Call me an idiot, but I cannot get the video on ABC's site to play. I don't want to tell you how long I messed with it. Every time I tried to get your video to play, I would get that SAHD's video. I would yell, "I don't care about you! I want to see Dawn!" O.k., I am seriously losing it now! But please....do you have a direct link to your episode?????


Anonymous said...

I am not a mom, but I am a dog trainer and have four dogs and your writing has captivated me from the first time I got the ebay email. I am torn between being envious of your talent and energy to being awfully proud of another chicago girl doing good! I love your blog and hope mine is as well read and funny as yours is - when I get around to writing one! : )

Heather said...

Thanks for being such an inspiration. I started my blog so I would not forget some of the great things in my son's life as he grows up. Keep Blogging!


Check out my Blog!

Sue said...

To start a blog is easy. Keeping it up is the hard part. When I first started blogging in 2003 I wrote nearly every day. Now I write a couple times a month at www.osborncountry.com/blog. Always though I write to entertain (mostly my kids).

You do a great job entertaining everyone! Seeing your success encourages me to once again write more often. In fact I wrote one yesterday and one today (well, actually my eight-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer wrote the one for today). Congratulations on your success. Thank you to ABC for introducing you to me.

Matchbox Mom said...

I love that even when you are just discussing general ideas, you are hillarious. I sincerely enjoy your blog, and appreciate the time you take to entertain us.


Pamela Hammonds said...

I just started blogging this week and am so hooked. I'm also a mom and a writer. I blog daily, so come check it out and be sure to say, Hey! My postings are honest and hopefully humorous. At the risk of sounding like a would-be online dater: I'd love to meet you!

Pamela Hammonds said...

I forgot to leave my blog site:



Brenda Maas said...

My children are grown and I am retired now; but I enjoy reading your posts.
I have been blogging for about 2 years on our life since retirement. We sold everything that we owned and moved from Canada to Mexico. Living in a new country certainly gives you lots to blog about.
If you're interested just click on my name to go to my blog.
Wish you continued good luck.

Anonymous said...

HI Dawn!
Actually my name is Dawn as well... I only have two children~ BUT my hubby is a fix-it guy handy man jack of all trades. Kinda strange the similarities. Anyhow I wanted to say your blogs are an inspiration. I have heard so much about how "you need to write" "why don't you submit short stories to magazines" "when you gonna make a book"? I think they are likely biast opinions, but perhaps theres more to it. Anyhow to get to the point (I realize you do not have all the "free" time in the world, if any) I would love it if you could stop by and read a post I put to my newly born blog page. so far no one reads it. Theres not much there, and its not really the reason I started it anyhow. Mainly to make happy family and friends. So if you get a chance in your busy busy life, I would be so honored to have your two cents. thank you
much respect~dawn http://www.gulfcoastmommy.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Dawn - you're the best. I've been reading you daily since I was forwarded your link by a friend. I could have used a Depends a few times.
I liked your old format - I like the new one, too.
I also love the job Rick did for you on the "family portrait". Lots of talent out there.
Enjoy your upcoming vacation - you all deserve it.
God's Blessings to you and your family.

ps Sorry to everyone for all the "lurking" - I'm new to all this, too.

Tina said...

Best of Luck to everyone of us who are just getting started! :)
Keep it up, Dawn - you are an inspiration - like it or not, sista!!

Amelia Antwiler said...

Of course it came in an unusual way. God has a sense of humor. *L*

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say thanks... to my mom... she told me about your story on the nightly news the other night... I've been looking for something to do to reach outside of the house... the walls of my townhouse can get pretty small and my husband... God love him... is very patient with my many ideas on how to fill my time... I love my two little boys, but I am trying to find a way to maintain some sort of personal identity... I'm jealous of my husbands hour and a half commute... I started my own blog last night because of you - and my mom - and am excited to be sticking my warped sense of life out there... thanks!

Janet said...

Thanks for the good information. Since I have about 5 faithful readers I think I'll skip the ads for the time being. :)

In the meantime I've got you linked on my blog, so hopefully more folks will find you.

itsallaboutmyboys said...

Thank you so much for your help! I saw the news clip about you & your blog and thought wow-this must have been meant to be! One of my twins has just had spinal surgery, he is only 17 months old. He is in a halo and I am now, once again, a stay-at-home mom. But, this time it is so different. Because of his surgery and halo, we are staying home. No parks, or McDonalds, play groups, MOPS-none of that. We are doing the most we can to reduce the risk of any injury to him, including a car accident (people drive kind of crazy where we live). I wanted to reach out and talk with other parents. Thank you, thank you.
my blog is:http://withaspoonfullofsugarandalotoflove.blogspot.com

Terri said...

Love your blog! And I've learned a couple of things tonight..... I need to look into WordPress and that bloggers don't like "lurkers" lol. Soooooo here I am coming out of lurkdom. I did know that you could make money from it, my daughter made 33 cents so far!!!

I'm not blogging to make money. I've always wanted to be able to write. My dream would be to develop a novel..............

Anyway, I've heard that the best way to get better at it is to just do it. So as lousy as it is, I'm doing it :)

You are an inspiration!

AprilMay said...

I don't blog for money; it is just a way for me to let off steam, LOL! So I don't have any blogging tips. My question for you is: How did you get those three girls? I am halfway there...I have three boys and things are a bit uneven at my house. Do you have any tips for someone who is outnumbered by all the males in her house? :) Maybe you could write a chapter in your book about us moms who are so outnumbered that we forget what it means to be a girl!

And I'll Raise You 5 said...

I just wanted to tell you that I had been thinking about blogging for a long time, and reading your inspired me to just do it. And you are right: it's very easy, so I would say the same to others: just dive in and try it. It's fun! And since my kids don't really care about how interesting, funny, and insightful I am, I needed an outlet to express myself...and found the blog to be just the ticket.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I will admit it. I am what some have called a "lurker" I don't usually post comments. I did want to say thanks for the laughs. A family member e-mailed me your grocery store story. I was cracked up so hard I had tears in my eyes. You remind me to lighten up when things don't go the way I expect with my girls, and that I don't have to be a "perfect mom" (in my own eyes) to enjoy my kids now.

Colleen murphy said...

I started a blog less than a month ago after reading about you. Thanks for the inspiration. It serves as a therapy for me. I have seven kids and blogging helps me find humor in many stressful situations. I never run ou of material. My kids are a little older than yours but I enjoy reading about the stopped up toilets. Been there done that!! We had to replace our bathroom floor 5 years ago due to the numerous bathroom floodings.


Peck Clan said...

Just wanted to tell everyone thanks for all the great info!
Dawn, thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Butterfly said...

Love reading your blog.

juliette said...

Success is contagious! Congrats to Dawn and the courage to be real. Cyber space has the power to reach people like never before -- there are no limits so be daring and bold...start typing...your audience in the world wide web awaits. I invite you to share your colorful experiences of mommyhood at my blog color me mommy

Unknown said...

When feeling down my best friend and I always reminded each other that:

1. We don't live with our mothers anymore.
2. We don't have big, hairy moles on our face.

Now we've added a third item - we don't have to do groceries with 6 kids!

I started a blog to share what I'm learning as a mom, homeschool educator, scout leader, and child advocate. I figured that if I waited too long, I would forget everything I ever learned.

SUGGESTION - Consider promoting new blogs on MyBlogLog, Yahoo Groups, and StumbleUpon.

By the way, I'd like to find out if it's worth switching from Blogger to Wordpress. Your audience seems to have some opinions on this matter.

Come visit at onlivingbylearning.com.

Love your blog! Sandra, Living By Learning

Jenrey said...

I missed the episode too! I can't download the video either it just shows the story about the stay at home dad. Please tell me you have a direct link to the video. If not, ABC should give you one for all the hits they have gotten due to you.
Keep us laughing :)

Adria said...

I read the original auction, in fact I showed it to my tween boys who were duly impressed.

I'm even more impressed that it's garnered you so much attention. That's awesome!

A mile in my Birks
Marathon Dreams

itsdevin said...

I just started my own Blog. I'd been blogging a little bit on Myspace, but this is way more fun. Taking everyone's advice, i'll shamelessly plug my own blog: devinisagirlsname.blogspot.com. Stories of a busy 23 year old who spends her time with everyone from toddlers to classmates the homeless. If for no other reason, I love writing and take any chance I can to make other people laugh if at all possible!

Shellie said...

I started blogging in August after finally checking out my niece's site. How fun! You can post video, pics, audio, polls, you name it, and write! Which is just talking on paper, really (or is it on a keyboard? I'm old). I'm also slowly learning how to do more things on a computer. I have to say that blogging is about the funnest thing I've run across in years. I had been e-mailing family and friends for a long time, but I'm such a noisy person that I wanted to spill my brains and guts to more people, and I have met so many fun and interesting people online. The other nice thing is you can just drop by and visit at 1am and they will talk back to you, usually at a more earthly hour. Being able to reach out to adults again has been so very therapeutic for me. Commenting is the best way to meet people and have them visit you and talk back. The comments here were interesting, so we all messed up signing up to blogger, eh?
So if you ever get a chance to read the comments, Dawn are you planning to do a sitcom sometime? That is one thing I think would be a blast writing for, after all, my life is pretty much a sitcom. I'll have to let you know when I post the sequel to Family Heirlooms (the same knife struck again!)

Ganeida. said...

Yes, but where can you get help when you screw up? I practically deleted my blog on accident & have had to start all over. At least it's easier 2nd time round but man is it embarrassing to have to admit to being that 'technologically challenged'!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all you've done for so many people. From your writing, and then the comments, I am entertained, educated, and inspired. Technology-challenged, I hope to have the guts to start a blog soon. Some of your readers mentioned "outlet." Many of us desparately need that!

Have a "magical" vacation at the "Happiest Place on Earth II" (I'm from So. CA and think Anaheim is HPE I)and come back to us refreshed and packed full of incredible stories to tell!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing how in such a small amount of time you've got your name out!! I'm so happy for you and it's so inspiring to know that we all can be successful!

Anonymous said...

so are all the ads to the side of your blog from different advertisers that have contacted you?

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and think the success you've had is amazing. And I love what you're doing by using the readership you've gained to help out mom-owned businesses!

I started my blog because I found it was a great way to share my thoughts and to keep in touch with people - and what I discovered afterward was a truly incredible community of women that I feel lucky to be a part of! I look at blogging as a way to express myself and a way to meet people and make wonderful friends. It's strange how addictive blogging can be - I love keeping up on the blogs that I read and writing down my thoughts to share with others. I consider it a form of 'free therapy', LOL!

I think one of the best ways to get started with blogging is to read as many other blogs as you can to get ideas and to get to know people. And comment as much as you can! Others will return the favor and you can both build readership and make new friends... :)

Liz said...

Hey Dawn! I've left a few comments before, but I wanted to say thanks for the blog info, and for putting a smile on my face daily :o) I have three boys, and a handy husband, two dogs and two cats, so there is NEVER a dull day around here! I love writing, and when I first read your blog, I was like "Duh Liz...if you blog, people will read, you will get practice writing, and all will be well!" So, I blog almost daily, both here and on MySpace, about the adventures that seem to find us every day, and I love it. I get NO comments, which kinda stinks, but it's still pretty new, about a week old or so. I get an outlet to vent and put my own unique spin on things! I also use Bravenet for my hit counter and traffic generator. The traffic generator hasn't been AS successful as I'd hoped, but I guess I can't expect miracles overnight now, can I? LOL

Take care, keep up the great work, and congrats again on your success and your ABC segment. I missed it :o( But if you're able to get a link to it, I'll DEFINITELY be checking it out! Take care!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I won't lurk anymore either. Dawn's blog is the first and only one I read, I'm very new to the whole scene. Your blog is terrific, I can always use a laugh when it comes to mommyhood. Thanks for "keeping it real".

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Just didn't want to lurk!

Heidi Hyde said...

Wow- Congratulations to you. I would throw my hat into the ring with everyone else who tips- to get readers you have to be a reader.

Comment, read, review, and your success will follow.

Thanks so much for this post- and again good for you! You're doin' great!


Chris said...

Thank-you Dawn for getting bck to me .I am trying this blogger thing but I feel like a total idiot everyone says it's easy and I can't even figure out how to put pics or anything else on my blog.HELP

Laural Out Loud said...

You have a cult following in San Diego! Almost everyone I know reads your blog, and loves it. There is no better way to veiw life than through a sense of humor.

Kathy said...

Ahhh, I missed the TV appearance! I hate that I missed it, but I'm sure you were wonderful. You seem like such a great person.

As for the blogging, I started one and have no comments and doubt anyone has even viewed it. I'm reading here though in hopes of getting ideas. Keep up the good work Dawn!


Anonymous said...

Bonsoir from France
Just managed to settle my brood down for the night and finally got the chance to put my feet up for half an hour with your blog.
Ive had to miss out for a couple of days and so I hope your tooth ache is now much better and unfortunately, now living in France, I didnt get to see your ABC interview either so if you have a link Id love to know what it is too.
Well done to all the other SAHM who have been inspired to start a blog and thanks again Dawn for bringing us altogether.

Monique said...

I really like to blog. I try to make it interesting, but lately it has to do with my youngest, who was born premature (27 weeks). Who, low and behold, will be coming home (crossing fingers) this weekend.

I like your blog because I think all mothers can relate. Goes to show we are not in the mothering game alone. LOL

Itworksforbobbi said...

What great tips and advice! I've been bloggin' for a few months and find it very theraputic (also a great way to showcase my photography and scrapbooking). I learn so much when blog browsing and often find new blogs that I add to my favorites.

QUESTION: How do you customize your background (with the fun flowers etc.) I've done my own header, but that's as far as my blogpertise goes :)

San said...

Saw you on TV last Friday,congratulations to you and the wonderful blog you have, it made my sil and I want to build a blog, so yesterday we did. We have always wanted to write a book together so now we can just write a lot and have fun. Check us out!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

Don't want to be a lurker anymore so just wanted to say I love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw you on ABC - great story. Love your blog.

Janine said...

Love the blog. I started one a little over a month ago, mainly for family and friends. It's been a lot of fun and it's made MANY people glad that I'm not their mom!
Sorry to say that I missed the ABC spot but a link goes up soon!

Unknown said...

Another blogger mommy to SIX kids here! I can totally relate to the chaos and the joy...I love it! Congratulations on all your success.

Berleen said...

My tip? Maybe someone has already mentioned it - put your blog link in your email & message board signatures and don't forget about family & friends! A lot of them love family blogs because it keeps them up to date on those who they don't talk to everyday! And many times, if you say something that they really like, they will pass it on to their extended family & friends! It's a chain reaction!!!

Judy W said...

I love this blog! Someone emailed the link to me from the ebay ad.

I have two kids who are now 18 and 22. You forget how much of a handful little ones are when yours get older! Blogging is a great way to share thoughts and life experiences. My blog is fairly new but I enjoy posting to it!


Heather said...

I recently started a blog. I post on www.cafemom.com and www.workingmother.com. Posting on these blogs brings traffic to my blog. I also comment on other related blogs, and include my web address to direct traffic to my blog.

Heidi said...

My mother in law saw your ABC spot and keeps trying to convince me to take my blog public. It never occurred to me people who didn't know me would want to read about my adventures with my first pregnancy and now baby boy. Why do people read "stranger's" blogs?

TammyC said...

Like many others here, I started blogging in one place and ended up moving somewhere else. In my case, I started at homeschoolblogger and then, while working my personal website (http://tammycardwell.net), my webmaster and I decided that it would serve me best to move my blog to my own site for several reasons: it would allow me to feel comfortable blogging on a wider range of topics, it would keep all of my readers' attention in one place, it would simplify my life... I do still maintain the homeschoolblogger account, but my posts there are few and far between and I try to stick to homeschooling/educational topics.

I second (or third or whatever) the Wordpress suggestion. It is wonderful to work with and I very much appreciate all of the options it offers.

One thing my webmaster did was set me up with Feedburner so that readers can subscribe easily. My subscriber numbers have increased since doing this and, again, it's a site that provides interesting statistics. (Statistics are fun! LOL!) I couldn't give any details on this service, unfortunately, since my knowledge is limited and my brilliant webmaster takes care of all such things for me.

Getting attention for your site is a challenge, though the search engines like blogs, so a blog has a better chance of showing up high on search engine rankings than some other sites.

I highly recommend posting often, because it keeps people coming back. I have also found that posting on a variety of topics helps, because you appear in more searches. In fact (back to those stats provided by Wordpress), it's been fascinating to watch the searches that result in people coming to my blog. For fun, I'll often run those searches myself just to see what else shows up and where I am in the rankings.

And then, of course, it helps build readership if you have something big happen that draws people's attention to your site. This can be a really good, big thing, as happened with Dawn (Yep, I too was suckered in by the eBay auction and am now a faithful reader.) or a really bad, big thing, as happened with me. In my case, some of my self-publishing friends found out about the seriously not good conditions my husband and I are living in and held a fund raiser for us. Since it meant people getting a huge number of homeschool products for very little money, news of the fund raiser made it all around the 'net. Even though this was back in August, I still get visits today as a result of that sale.

Which brings up another point, and that is being faithful to your readers. Because so many of my subscribers are a result of that sale, I make sure to post progress reports on the new house we're building. I figure at least a good portion of my readers keep an eye on my blog for that reason just like those of us who are hooked on Dawn's blog keep coming back here to see what's up with her hysterical household.

Too much information? If so, I apologize. I love blogging and enjoy sharing the fun with others.

And here's the URL for mine.

Anonymous said...

i just want to say congrats on your blog being so popular! i've been blogging since January, so when my mom saw your story on the news she called me right away. i had already read the story when i checked in on Angie's site (A Whole Lot of Nothing - i "met" her a few months ago, and i adore her!), it was funny to find out that you two were friends!

and congrats on "Mamas Like"...great site!

Wineplz said...

I can't believe it's only been four months since you started your blog! That's awesome! I'm sure it helps that you have 6 co-contributors of material. :)

Can I just say that the Halloween pictures made me miss Chicago? Your neighborhood looks similar to the one I grew up in. *sigh*

Jana said...

My friend told me about this and thought my blog might be the type you're looking for so I hope you'll check it out! http://scrappinjana.typepad.com/these_are_days/


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