Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm (NOT) Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm unpacking my suitcase and my special little quart size, zip top bag of 3 oz. toiletries because CBS called me today with the news that my segment is postponed indefinitely. I'm sure those are the words she used, but in my mind, I heard, "Don't call us, we'll call you. You stink. We don't want you on our show."

Oh well, as always, I believe things happen for a reason so it's all good. Disappointing, yes, but meant to be. Perhaps, if it's rescheduled, I'll finally be over this stupid cold. It probably wouldn't go over too well if I coughed up my lung on live national TV anyway.

I have an announcement to make! I'm toying with the idea of starting another blog solely for product/website reviews with free giveaways every week. What do you think? Take my poll to the right and let me know. ----->

My youngest son is on to me. My older boys like to play video games now and then. They go in spurts. They'll play nonstop for a couple weeks until they tire of it and then they'll go equally as long without playing a thing. It's actually really nice when they're on a video game run because that becomes an effective punishment. "No, you don't have to clean your room. The choice is up to you, but you can't play video games until you choose to clean up." Mua ha ha!

Anyway, when my two oldest play, my little guy always wants to join in. Instead of watching him throw himself to the floor in a fit until he spontaneously combusts, we pretend to hook up a controller for him and let him "play". He's cluelessly "played" along for a good year. Until today. I think he now gets the concept that's he's not really "driving" the car on the screen.
"Why won't the car turn? I keep crashing! I want to use his thing!" indicates his brother's controller
Uh oh.

I'm off to go supervise the middle kids in their mission to clean up the puddle of glue off the garage floor.
"Why did you guys put glue on the garage floor?"
"I don't know."
"Really? You don't know why you did that?"
"Well, I wanted to make bird poop out of glue."
"Makes perfect sense."

I wrote tonight's post out earlier today so no, I don't really let my little ones stay up until 10:30 at night to clean glue out of the garage. Are you kidding? I generally count down the minutes until bedtime around here!


Anonymous said...

Bummer about the trip being cancelled. I'm sure there will be a slough of interesting opportunities to follow! Will be interested to see what comes of the blog/review idea. Good night.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you are not going. I was looking forward to meeting you on TV. At least you got a new outfit! I love what you are doing and are praying for you. Keep up the good work.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I say YES to a product review blog!

Tell the kids to use the glue for more purposeful uses like covering their hands with it and peel their "skin" off.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that your interview with CBS was postponed. You don't stink--you ROCK! I hope they'll reschedule you soon so you can get out to the best city in the country soon. If they don't, it's their loss as I know you'd bring in some much needed ratings.


Anonymous said...

So sorry there not having you on T.V. :( There lost. Maybe Oprah will call. Or Jay Leno.
I still hope you will be on world news. I've been watching it. Waiting for you to come on. I hope they will let you know when you'll be on it.
Look at the bright side when your famous you can snub them. :)

V said...

Too bad about Early Show. What about World News--have they shown it yet? I'm addicted to Ninja Warrior which shows at the same time but I'll skip it to see with Charles Gibson!

I don't know how you're going to fix the situation with your littlest boy, but I'm sure you'll figure out something that works and is really hilarious, too!

hpalleiko said...

Hmmm... bird poop eh? Sounds like something my kids would do.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!!! I'm so freakin' happy - I can't stand myself. I clicked on your link tonight - and "VIOLA" you are there!!! And I could actually READ YOUR BLOG!!! It was getting really old typing in "" on google - just to find a page to take me to your site. Don't know what "rules you violated" but I'm estatic that you're back.

I am soooo overjoyed to know that my kids are not "alone" in their creativity - and it was comforting to read about your kids doing the same silly things. WOOHOO!!!!

For instance: Today my youngest son - Rogan, who is 3 - told my mom - my dad and mom drink beer all the time. or wine. DUH - My husband and his father have a winery - and they make their own beer. We are 'official' taste testers. My mom thought it would be HI-lARIOUS for him to announce this in Sunday School - at the BAPTIST church. That I work at. *gggrrrrr*

ANYWHO - missed you - glad to have you back at 'one touch' of the favorites link....LOL


Matchbox Mom said...

I'm so sorry about the interview. That breaks my heart! I'm feeling really bad for you! It's okay, you're still wayyyy cool in our book!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're not going...yet...hopefully they will call you back soon. My sister was on 'The Early Show' last Spring, after winning a writing contest. She had a fantastic time and they treated her very well. Good luck to you!

Rick said...

Maybe one of the good things that could come out of the cancelatioin is that by the time that CBS does call, your book will be done and you'll be able to plug it. Which is one of the things that I am doing for my blog by posting the URL here. ;-)

plainprecious said...

Ahhhhhhh Glue dont you love it. My youngest 2 ages 4 and 3 got into glue the other day and Sawyer 3 ended up with it all through his hair. When I asked why they put glue in his hair I was told they were doiing his hair. I am guessing that it has something to do with their 17 year old sister Kadie whom they are amazed with. She is always putting goo in her hair and they wanted to join in. I think that was the day they ended up having 3 baths and still werent clean at bedtime.

Speaking of bedtime. The two mention kiddoos are rarely in bed at a descent hour. Sunday night they were but that was because we went to a state park near our house and Noah wanted to take a hike. He just kept going and going. Not wanting to go back. Heading up hills checking out springs (water) not actual metal springs. Chasing chipmunks and ect. Then of course Noah and Sawyer tired and wanted to be carried back. I have arthiritus (spelling is wrong sue me) in my ankles which makes such journeys torturous on me but I enjoyed watching them exploring. That night they were asleep by 8 PM. Noah was up at 7 AM which was fine with me since i had been up since 5 AM. Anyone else out there get up at stupid hours just to have ME time. My me time consists of washing clothes cleaning and maybe if I am lucky taking a bath by myself.

Well sorry to hear of your trip being postponed but on the bright side give you more time to shop for appropriate clothes. More time stuck in that dressing room.

Take care ELisabeth

Anonymous said...

The video game "playing" made me recall a time about 14 years ago when my son was about 2 yrs old. I used to play Tetras all the time. One time I entered the room and saw him playing with the remote in his hand, and he was making all the pieces fit into place; I couldn't believe he was playing. I stood there in disbelief for about 30 seconds just watching him when a "press start to play" notice came up on the screen! It was so hilarious. I probably never shared that one with anyone, so I wouldn't get the dumb blonde award!

Thanks for making me laugh and helping me recall an event well forgotten.

God's Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Knickers to CBS... come to the Uk instead! I'll get on to GMTV....

The WORLD needs you!!

arah said...

I was looking forward to seeing you on CBS...too bad.
your kids are hilarious. My brother, many years ago, when he was 3, brought a sprinkler into the living room, turned it on, and we played in it, all because my mom said he couldn't play outside...not that i want to give your kids ideas, but your family is as "normal" as the rest of us.
thanks for all the laughs. I've needed them.

Nate B said...




Can you start selling the energy you somehow come up with to do all you do and still think to yourself, "you know, I should start another, separate blog because I just don't feel like I have enough to do alrea... PUT THE YOGURT DOWN!"

Bottle it, bag it, sell it in a pill, something, yeesh.

Who needs the big news folks? They probably realized that Paris Hilton will provide plenty of "('*news*')" for the next millenium. You should only feel sorry that you got dissed on a free trip to NYC to see some friends.

nutralady2001 said...

Awww sorry to hear that you won't be on TV just yet....I believe it will happen though! Keep your chin up, maybe some-one at the network muttered "budget cuts" :(

Can't wait for the book, would love give-aways etc only trouble is getting them across the pond (the Pacific) to me lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Your blog is amazing, and it stinks that CBS cancelled on you like that. Not only because you won't be on TV, but because you won't get that day to yourself lol. I think if all of your loyal blog readers were to bombard CBS with a request to see an interview of you on the network, we could make it happen!!!
Letter writing/Email campaign anyone?

Anonymous said...

Bah... I like ABC better than CBS , but I would have changed channels for you. Their loss.

I haven't voted cause my choice isn't there... just review/feature items here in separate posts...

but it maybe time to get a different host if bandwidth(or whatever it is called) usage is what trips the TOS violation.

you rock, girl !!!

Another Dawn

Mamarazzi said...

i am still a huge fan...someday your news segment will come!

love the idea of the new blog...umm free stuff? YES please!


Anonymous said...

CBS has always been the network that's always one step behind. I wouldn't worry about them.

Anonymous said...


So sorry to hear about the change of plans for the interview. Sort of like being "unasked" to the Homecoming Dance. (I just heard that a boy at my daughter's high school actually did that!) However, you know the God message of "close a door, open a window." He has something else in mind for you right now.

Glue: the Barbie house fixer, the drapery hem mender, the "dad will never notice" chair leg repair job...and on and on. Actually, glue can be used to remove splinters in little hands and fingers where tweezers dare to go. You know, that beautiful cactus plant that looks so soft and cuddly....just dab the glue over the area, let it dry, and voila! You can peel off the 2 million little pointy things that no longer adorn Aunt Barbara's gift from her week at Burning Man.

As for the video car chase...isn't there a toy with a hand-held steering wheel and dashboard for preschoolers that has a monitor built into it? If it is no longer available in stores, I am sure one could find it on Ebay....good luck!

You are an awesome mom and a gifted writer.

God Bless.


Tiffany said...

Their loss not would have been a great story. Keep blogging!

Jenny said...

It amazes me how much your kids remind me of mine. We, too, do the video controller trick with our 3 year old, but he's also beginning to catch on. I thought I was cruel at first.
I read your blog everyday and it helps me to realize that maybe my kids are just doing normal kid stuff that all kids do. For a long time I just thought my children were crazy and I blamed my husband!!!

Anonymous said...

What the heck is wrong with these news people??? Do they not realize that we are tired of hearing about Brittany Spears and would like to see something cheerful for a change?? (I mention that because that's what's on there at this very moment AGAIN!!) We should flood their website with objections!! Put on something interesting for a change!
We do the same thing with our 4 year old...make her think she's playing the video game....she has yet to catch on....ssshhh.
My daughter made a chocolate cream pie on my carpet with liquid makeup and hair mousse. Never did get that stain out.
Still looking forward to seeing ya on t.v. You'll get there, maybe Oprah will call. She does fun shows sometimes...we need more of those.

Tiffany said...

What?? CBS doesn't know what they're missing!

I had to laugh about the glue thing, your kids are so creative! I love it!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Yes, I've thought of introducing video games into our household for the sole purpose of taking them away as punishments. It's hard to motivate someone by threatening to take his book away, you know?

And even though you are not going to NY, you've got the clothes! They can't take that away from you.

Anonymous said...

CBS's loss. HEY CBS. We would have watched it! nannernannernanner.

twinmom2ra said...

Why oh why can't I select two choices for the vote - I really do like pie too! :) Thanks for the chuckle! I love reading your posts. That is great trick for your little one playing video games but now you're going to have to figure something else out!

maggiebsmocks said...

Well, Missy! I for one am happy you won't be on CBS! When you are famous and they come courting you, you can just tell them I'll CALL YOU!

Enjoy the day!

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

I am so bummed for you - but I, too, am a FIRM believer in EVERYTHING HAPPENS for a reason! There have been too many times I have been running late only to find had I bee on time I may have been caught up in an accident I pass on my way to where I am going.

You are blessed to have that attitude and a great example to be passing it along to others!

Karen said...

A product review would be fun for us, extra work for you. Where do you find the time?

I'm sorry about the TV show. Perhaps they'll get you when your book comes out, then you'll go on tour like the mom in Cheaper by the Dozen. :)

I wanted to share this fun site (that probably everyone knows about) that tells you how much your blog is worth. Give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Well I went to and left them a feedback (in the contact us at the bottom of the page) about you not being on! I hope this helps I was really looking forward to seeing you on TV! and you don't stink you are great! if they don't put you on it's so much their loss!

sfcgijill said...

So sorry to hear you won't be on that show- I was kinda looking forward to putting your face with your blog! Good news is, there's always a better opportunity just around the corner.
I am so with you on the clothes shopping thing- I would pay somebody actual money to do my wardrobe for me and just let me skip the whole dressing room dance.

Have a happy day!

houseofdanes said...

don't worry you'll be on the show.. .you're writing is great and your house seriously reminds me of the Brady Bunch episodes.... they should do a sitcom about you!

Nicki said...

Don't we all count the minutes before bedtime? 8:00 can't come fast enough for me.

Giving Love Encounters said...

The SAME thing happened to me last year!!!!

Or was it now 2 years ago....I have 4 kids under 6 so dates and I don't go together.
Anyway, I was supposed to be on CBS Early Show because my husband had packed up a truck with a trailer full of supplies and left to go assist the Hurricane Katrina victims.

I'm not sure why I (!) was the focus instead of him unless it was because he left behind a wife with (then) 3 kids under 4 and a BIG belly! :)

At any rate, they canceled at the last minute....probably a good thing since I am extremely un-photogenic. :0

At any rate, I love your work and would love to get a copy of your book someday. You go girl!


Mrs. Guthrie said...

*snort* Bird poop.... I could have been worse, I suppose. *lol* Very creative. :)

Sorry about the interview.... I am sure that when they do air it it will be awesome!! :)


Tina said...

Stinky! Sorry you won't get your day alone in NYC...but just think about where that 'glue bird poop' could've been splattered had you been gone...hmmm. :)

bigwhitehat said...

I'm sorry your trip was canceled. But on the bright side, you don't have to talk to the phonybaloney airhead on air talent.

For the boy's benefit, Elmer's glue and black pepper makes the best fake bird poop. When he makes a million dollars as a hollywood prop man, you'll be glad. (mostly because he can make that first house payment)

Unknown said...

CBS canceled your interview because they are always last in the ratings and they just don't know what's good for 'em!

Glue on the floor. Huh, that's a new one of me. I remember the look on my sister's face when she walked into the kids' bedroom and say three foot hole in the wall. In the midst of losing her mind Connor said, "Stormy said there was a ball behind there. I can't find it."

When Aaron (Heather's husband) built their house a couple of years later, you guessed, the walls are all cement. Really. So's the floor. He built a home his kids cannot destroy.

Teacherperson said...

I'm so sorry that your interview was canceled. What a disappointment that must be! But, you are loved over the internet, even if CBS doesn't have enough sense to air you on television.

Bird poop makes perfect sense to me, too.


AdventurerMom said...

i play video games too! but not really're supposed to control the cars?
then i guess i'm not really playing...i'll have to fix that...

Hoffman Family said...

It is truly CBS's lost and they will regret it. I also beleive things happen for a reason, bigger plans are in store for you.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know I'm writing to CBS to complain about them not interviewing you. I'm pretty sure your other loyal fans will as well. So you might want to keep you luggage handy :)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know I'm writing to CBS to complain about them not interviewing you. I'm pretty sure your other loyal fans will as well. So you might want to keep you luggage handy :)

omystarling said...

Sorry it didn't work out. I am still a big fan. I was hoping to see you on national tv.

You will appreciate this --- Sunday my oldest (4 years old) was in his room. He was tasked with getting his shoes on so me and him could go run errands (to him that means McDonald's or an ICEE). He was gone for a little bit longer than normal. Next thing I know I hear him in the bathroom. He was trying to wash Desitin off his hands. By hands I mean he was covered in Desitin from his shoulder blades to his finger tips and from his knees to his toes. He also had a little in his hair.
His room had Desitin all over the floor and you can shee his Desitin handprints from his room to the bathroom (both door knobs and light switches).
So I asked him, 'Why did you put Desitin all over your arms and legs?'
He replied 'Because my tummy itched.'
Good thing he is cute :)
So, how do you get Desitin out of the carpet??

Anonymous said...

Oh, how disappointing that you won't be on tv....for now. You'll definitely be putting that new outfit to use. Have you returned what you bought yet??? Still hating them every time you walk by them? :-) I hate trying on clothes now that the pounds I lost a few years ago are slowly creeping back on....

And just what were the kids intening to DO with the bird poop? And how did they propose to scrape it off the floor? And did they really think you wouldn't notice? I love the way kids think...or don't! Your family is so funny....makes the rest of us all feel "normal", too!

Anonymous said...

Here's the comment I left for the CBS News people. Take THAT CBS!
"Dawn from Florida with 6 kids was supposed to be on CBS and was canceled. I am one of her fans and feel you should rethink postponing her interview "indefinitly". I'm sure your ratings would be through the roof if you put her on. Thank you." Aren't I so poetic?

Kim said...

So sorry you will not be on CBS but we all know how funny and awesome you are! Too bad for CBS! Their loss. Yes, we tried the fake video games with my daughter too but she quickly caught on and her big brothers had to let her play.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the controller issue. My four year old finally gets to play now, and he actually gives his brother a run for his money. I suggest a Wii, get them onto the boxing, it wears them out, and they are too out of breath to scream at each other! As for the glue, be thanful it's not yogurt?

Sarah said...

Your better than ole dumb CBS anyways.

quarkwright said...

Advice on the video game conflict - if you have older systems, sometimes it works to have the older system (your youngest boy gets "his own" game system) on a different TV. Super Mario 64 was one of THE BEST games for younger kids to practice the controls, because there is a section before the game actually starts where they can run the character around without the constant frustration of game overs and restarts.

Not that I think younger kids need to practice video games. Sometimes it's just not worth the fight of trying to convince them they aren't big enough yet.

{{{{Hugs}}}} to you, and once again - Thank you for your blog!!!

Eternal Sunshine said...

Any advice for dealing with brain-dead 13 yo boys? I can handle the 4 & 5 year olds and anything they dish out, but those teenagers...

I'm slowly losing my mind (What was left of it...)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I was sooo looking forward to seeing you on TV! Bummer!

Anonymous said...


IMHO, CBS has foolishly missed a WONDERFUL opportunity to boost their 3rd position rating in Network morning shows by cancelling/postponing your appearance!

It only takes a glance at your visitor count/Buddy Map to calculate how many viewers they would have attracted by featuring you on their program. I'm one of the millions of faithful TODAY SHOW (#1) viewers, but would have gladly JUMPED SHIP to watch your segment!

And the thing that gets me the WORST is that, instead of featuring you and your sweet family, the networks would rather devote air time discussing Britney Spears' ongoing substance abuse/custody battles.

Am I the only one in America who could give a rat's rear end about Brit/Kev's dysfunctional life? I'm sick to DEATH of hearing about it! God help their children!

Rest assured that something BETTER is in the works for you, my dear!

Nancy Binky

stephanie said...

Thats too bad about the early show. I'm still hoping that you will be on Ellen. I love that idea about the product review/giveaway blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey we can get here and we can comment. Maybe some PITA producer had the same problem so they deemed you a serial cookie baker or soemthing. Mom to 3 and one who is trying to type on my key+board

Carla said...

Sorry about the interview being cancelled. That's show biz, eh? You have the best attitude about it!

trishia said...

I ditto "a whole lot of nothing" and her idea of peeling off glue skin, that is WAY more fun than making bird poo (though that was a creative idea on their part!)

Fyi- did you know that if you mix a LOT of food coloring with glue, then pour it onto wax paper in a puddle of sorts and let it dry, you can lay it down and lay an empty fingernail polish bottle next to it and it is VERY convincing? People will see it and think "Oh NO, the fingernail polish spilled all over the couch!" he he

Anyway, on the second blog- that would be great, as long as the products were actually useful to families, none of that "Want to be an illustrator? Just send $400!" junk that we see in the backs of magazines. I have an idea for a review for ya, go to and see any of the GREAT women who own a business making various baby wearing products, from pouches to wraps (my fav) to slings. It is a great day when you can do the dishes while your crabby baby is content wrapped on your back rather than fussing in the swing, and it is much easier to navigate through the zoo with a toddler wrapped on you than with a stroller that baby Houdini can escape... just a thought!

AutoSysGene said...

Sorry to hear your trip was cancelled.

Don't get me started about bedtime. Are you lucky enough after you get them into bed they stay there? Every night dd is up at least 5 times before she falls asleep...but I still count down the minutes.

justmylife said...

My boy does that to his sister, at 8 she knows he is the one playing but atleast she is in the room with him and spending "quality" time with her big brother.

Terra said...

How disappointing. :( So sorry, but hey at least you don't have to do the dreaded shopping thing now.

Growing up said...

You amaze me! I enjoy reading you blog everyday!

Anonymous said...

Baha, we used to call it "Pretendo" when we let my younger stepson do that until he, too, caught on.

See you tonight with Chuck!

Anonymous said...

What a bummer about the segment being postponed. I was looking forward to seeing you "live and in person" or as close to it as possible. But all things do happen for a reason and this will give you more time to write, right? :-) Please keep up the've become my morning cup of coffee!!

Anonymous said...


Hoping CBS would take note, I posted the following comment on the EARLY SHOW's LEISURE section webpage under the BRITNEY SPEARS: IN DEEP DENIAL story:


The Early Show (as well as all the other network morning shows)devoted a ridiculous amount of air time to this dysfunctional family, yet they have indefinitely cancelled an appearance by Dawn Meehan.

For those who don''t know her, she is the HILARIOUS mom of six who sold her kids' Pokemon cards on eBay and who has WELL over 1 million views and perhaps as many dedicated readers of her blog. IMHO, she is Erma Bombeck...reincarnated!

The EARLY SHOW's executives have foolishly missed a WONDERFUL opportunity to boost their 3rd position rating in network morning shows. I, for one, am SICK to DEATH of the media's incessant coverage of this pitiful family's plight. It's a shame that the EARLY SHOW chooses to follow suit with the other networks and broadcast this garbage because, as a faithful TODAY SHOW viewer, I would have gladly jumped ship to watch Dawn''s segment (as would hundred of thousands of other fans) instead of being subjected to the continuing trailer-trash saga of Brit/K-Fed.

May God (and the family court system) help those kids!

Well, at the least, it could bring new fans to your blog and at most, CBS will reconsider! Anyway, the above comment was actually published so it's definitely "out there" and didn't end up in some executive's DELETED email file!

Best to you!
Nancy Binky

Anonymous said...

Glue on the floor I can deal with. I am still trying to figure out how my kids got glue on the cat and where the rest of the glue is. There is no way that much glue ended up on the cat and the floors remained clean.

Mom*2*5*princesses*&*2*peapod*girls said...

Dawn...Their loss! Don't they know by doing so that they are making Moms everywhere EXTREMELY angry at them? We might form a protest, block our TV's from watching them at all, therefore leading to their television demise? Muah, ha, ha!

I, too, have a daughter that "plays" video games with the extra remote. I think she's catching on, too. UGH!

I would love your blog about products and services...I tried to vote, but I keep getting the "page is down, wrong, or otherwise". ARGH!! I hate that message!


nutralady2001 said...

Just gotta now 31 year old is a chronic asthmatic so when he was growing up we'd spend lots of time at Accident and Emergency and in hospitals. One night we were sitting there and a Mum came in holding the hand of one child who was crying enough to break the drought we have here :( He was about 3 and there was another child dragging behind her As she walked past she rolled her eyes and said....."Superglue! " This kid had superglued his eye lashes together! Thankfully there was a happy outcome.

I live in a country town and found out later these 2 boys were twins..nicknamed "Search and Destroy" .One night and don't ask me how because I do not know, they managed to lock their babysitter out of the house and of course she didn't have a key to get back in. (reminds me of the time my then 2 toddlers locked me out of the house but that's another story for another time) Never did hear the rest of the "babysitter locked out of the house" story.Those 2 would be in their mid-20's by now

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Does this mean you're taking the clothes back?

I am bummed out for you! : (

But do believe in the 'meant-to-be' philosophy of life!!

stephanie said...

Heck yes to vicky2005, I love Ninja warrior!!! It is so awesome! sorry about your trip to NYC.

All moments remembered said...

OMG we have done the same thing with the controller for the little kids!! LOL!!!

Sorry about CBS their loss!!

Anonymous said...

I hope my little one doesn't catch on to the fake controller scam for a while!

Chaim said...

What a bummer that you won't be going to NYC after all. Ah, well, just look on the bight side: Now you won't need to deal with the potentially aggravating business of cab's after all!

My brother and I used to pull the fake controller thing on my sister all the time to keep her from whining. I'm not sure how long it took her to figure it out, but I seem to remember it working better than either of us had expected.

Becky said...

:( I'm bummed for your sake about the cancelled trip to NYC (because I know how much moms sometimes need to get away for some good old grown-up conversation), but that's a news affiliate for you...they gotta capitalize on the BAD news...some sensational celebrity DYSFUNCTION. Grrrr.

They totally missed the boat with that one...especially when they could have had the hilarious,FUNCTIONAL,everymom-with-a-million-readers-to-her-blog on there! They don't know a good thing when they see it, obviously! I'm guessing Oprah, Ellen, Conan, Jay or Dave will be calling before too long. Hang in'll get your trip eventually!

And glue-bird poop on the garage floor, LOL? I'm a little worried about what they'll come up with next with their "chemistry" experiments, lol! (Just don't leave packing peanuts anywhere near gas-mixture. Some boys I know discovered on a father-son outing that this turns into a highly flammable 'gel' when mixed together.) Almost makes a mom afraid to sleep at night!

P.S. Loved what Karos called the whole fake gaming trick for little kids in their home..."pretendo". That's perfect!

Simplysouthern said...

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

In my family we call it "pretendo." The act of mimicking your older brother's videogame playing with a non-functional controller... :)


Anonymous said...

Dawn, CBS sucks. I am also an avid Today Show watcher but was going to 'jump ship' to watch you as well. Good point from a fellow fan that networks can run Brittany to death however 2 mom stories in a week is too much. Makes me sick.

BTW we do the same thing with T and the game controllers. He hasn't figured it out yet. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm a full time mom ("stay at home"? hardly. I'm here long enough to throw the load from the dryer on the couch, scoop up the nasty football clothes off the bathroom floor and add them to the washer. . .) with five kids, 12, 10, 8, 6, and 5. Your anecdotes sound SO familiar, and brilliantly told! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how I really enjoy reading your blogs. I too am a mom. I have 2. My son is 14 and my daughter is 6...eeeow! I couldn't imagine any more than that. Juggling 2 kids & a fulltime job is quite enough for me.
You keep writ'n & we'll keep read'n. You give us moms a little laughter in the insane world of motherhood.
And BTW like Marie and many others, I too am guilty of the "pretendo" scheme. Works great until we get busted!

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