Monday, August 29, 2011

Will the Real Dawn Meehan Please Stand Up?

Okay, so apparently there’s a contestant on the new season of Survivor. Her name is Dawn Meehan. My name is Dawn Meehan. She’s forty-one years old. I’m forty-one years old. She has six kids. I have six kids. Apparently she’s all fit and ready to compete on Survivor. I like rum. Okay, well I may not be exactly fit, but I compete in my own version of Survivor every day. And I win!



Kaia said...

"Driven, positive and enthusiastic." I had to check her out and she actually sounds a lot like you!

Mouthy Mama said...

OMG if I see another organic lunch at my kids' schools I may just scream! For Gods sakes people--give them kids some preservatives!

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