Thursday, August 18, 2011

The One in Which I Lose It

It was meet-the-teacher night this evening for all six of my kids. Six kids, three schools, all tonight. And it’s not like my kids have gone to these schools forever. If we were still back in Chicagoland, I’d be comfortable if we didn’t make it to every school. My kids know their way around the schools. I know the teachers. We’re all familiar with the rules, dress codes, and procedures for getting to and from school, etc. If we were back home, we’d walk around the school while stopping every few steps to talk to friends.



Katrina said...

Oh wow, I'm nearly ready to burst into tears just reading tiring and stressful...

Michelle said...

LOL -- I just had to share this with you -- I was reading a few posts from wayyyyy back in the beginning of the whole Ebay adventure, & found a little blurb about how much you detest winter & you'd like to move south. Here is what you said on Sept 23, 2007

"I joke around that I'm moving someplace warm. Someplace south of IL, but not as far south as Florida or Texas. Let's face it, Florida has bugs the size of Volkswagons and I have a friend in Texas who just told me that she had scorpions (yes, scorpionS, plural!) drop on her head while she was in the bathroom! Scorpions! On her head! While peeing! I don't think I'd ever go to the bathroom again! Needless to say, those two states are definitely out of the running for me."

I laughed out loud when I read that -- times have changed! Hope you love Florida! I was born there -- live in WI now -- I'll take the snow any day over those roaches & scorpions my mom is always telling me about!

Dawn said...

Ha! That's hilarious, Michelle! Yep, times have certainly changed! :) Thanks for sharing that!

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