Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Sound Out (A Day Late)

From Chicago, where Cubs fan are made of 90% scar tissue, it's your host who's always a day late and a dollar short, Dawn Meehan. And now, answers to this week's questions.

I have just finished reading and *thoroughly* enjoyed your book, "Because I Said So"! As the mother of two, I have experienced almost everything in that book so I feel a sense of sisterhood with you, girl! Thank you for telling it like is really is and not sugar-coating...As a writer myself, I just started a blog called MOTHER TONGUE & Other Sharp Objects...I thought of you yesterday when a strange woman attacked me (I still haven't quite figured out her rant) and I thought, "I bet Dawn Meehan gets this sort of garbage frequently enough to wonder what the heck is wrong with some people with whom we share this world. It's humor, people!"I would love to hear what your M.O. is with strange people, especially moms, who feel the need to act like this...
Thank you for your kind words and best of luck to you in getting your ms sold! As far as the people who sling mud my way - well, I used to cry when I got negative comments. Seriously, I'd well up and sit, staring bleary-eyed at my computer screen, wondering why people couldn't just be nice. I don't do that anymore. Now I just send them a jar of vile-tasting delicious Vegemite to thank them for their contribution to my blog.

So, I want to see a picture of your not so curly do that you got compliments on! I have curly hair and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it straight, but HATE the time and effort it takes to achieve that look.
I hate it frizzy curly, but alas, I just don't find time to straighten it most days.

Why is it call an L?
It's short for "elevated subway". I believe about half the tracks are elevated above ground. The other half is either at ground level like a train or below ground like a subway.

Someone has to ask, so it may as well be me: What kind of cups are you buying that you don't drink out of? The only thing I can think of are Diva or Luna cups...LOL if this is what you mean then the closet greenie in me rejoices ;).
Uhhh, yeah. Clearly, you don't have boys in sports. And because I'm insane I have to research anything I'm not familiar with, I looked up "diva cups". I've gotta say I'm a little grossed out. I'm all for going green, but I draw the line at reusable toilet paper and diva cups.

I dreamt I rented a banana costume once for Halloween. What does that mean?
That's crazy. They must have been all out of the monkey costumes.

What on EARTH did you eat before you went to bed?
Just the usual - a handful of Tums

What is The Neverending Song? Wait, do I really wanna know?
It's too late. You asked. Here ya go...

I can send a card from Hawaii! Where do I send it? Did you post an address?
Oooo! Better yet, how about I come pick it up? I'd be willing to do that, you know. For Savannah, of course. I'd go to Hawaii just for Savannah. But if you insist on putting it in the mail, you can send it here.

Savannah Meehan
836 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

What is the picture showing exactly? And yeay for absorbable screws and pins! Glad everything went well..
I have no idea. The doctor gave us sixteen pictures. I can't remember what they each showed.

Is that really a pic of her knee?? It looks so much like those 4D ultrasound of a baby... with eyes, nose a mouth..
LOL As far as I know, it's her knee. I guess they could've been going around taking close-up pictures of random items in the O.R.

LOVE IT! That reminded me of when Joseph fractured his growth plate in his heel and was wearing an air cast (boot) and the dr released him to play but the baseball association required we put some kind of padding around it to prevent other injuries so we wrapped it with bubble wrap. LMBO Us Blankenships are not known for our speed but Joseph hit a double that game AND STOLE A BASE! Guess the pitcher figured he'd never even try to steal with that boot on. LOL
Amy, tell me you have a picture of your bubble-wrapped son!

Anyone in the Chicagoland area, the Lands' End store at Sears in Oak Brook is hosting an event on Saturday, May 1st.

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Fun activities for the family include:

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* Learn about the wonder of worms through hands-on exploration.
* Register to win essential gardening supplies.

Saturday, May 1
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Lands’ End Shop at Sears in Oakbrook Center
2 Oakbrook Ctr
Oak Brook, IL


Shelley said...

I just have to tell you that my 15 year-old daughter and I just had a lovely nostalgic moment over that Lambchop video clip. She used to love that show on PBS when she was little. *Sniff*

Carol said...

Dawn, you're really missing out by not trying the Diva cups ( It was one of the best purchases I have ever made... economical, yes, but also cleaner and so much easier than carrying "supplies".

Carol said...

Well, if Amy doesn't have a picture of her bubble-wrapped son, take a look at this: Pretty funny.

Oh, and I love your hair curly. For those of us with stick-straight, fine hair, we'd LOVE to have something to work with that has more body than a drowned rat.

Lee said...

Ahh the Diva cup. My advice is don't knock it till you've tried it :) As far as I am concerned it is the best invention ever, ever, ever. You just have to block out the grossness and think of all the money and time you are saving. I have a friend with five daughters and she pushed through the gross just by thinking of all the money she will save by buying one cup per teenager. The Diva Cup.....a beautiul thing!

Donna said...

no no NO NOT THAT SONG!!!!!!

Rachelle said...

I think your hair looks really pretty curly. Having very curly hair myself I know it is a pain to work with, but you have soft pretty curls and I am very jealous!

Keekee said...

YEA!! I was featured on the SSO! Thank you for posting a picture of your curly do! I personally think it looks good! I also stick with my curly locks most days as it is WAY more quicker than straightening it.

How is Savannah doing?

pigbook1 said...

I know it sounds gross, but honestly the diva cup is AMAZING! Best menstrual handling device of all time. Think about it x number of tampon/pads a day or change the cup twice. I love it.

Tammy said...

Noooooo! Not the song that never ends! Arrggghhh! I'm going to have that in my head for weeks now! When I was a nanny, the little girl I cared for watched Lambchop every morning. @@

Nancy said...

Ack! That song is stuck in my mind again! My daughter loved that show when she was little, and she just has to mention that song to me and I'm stuck for the whole day. LOL

Amy Flippin Blankenship said...

Why yes, yes of course I have pictures of Joseph wearing the boot wrapped in bubble wrap playing baseball. Will send them your way now =)

Anonymous said...

Diva Cup: NEVER leaks (seriously, never, never ever), super cost efficient, extremely comfortable (much better than anything else available, including tampons), can be worn comfortably and safely when you're not quite sure if you're going to start menstruating or not (surely I'm not the only woman who has this dilemma?), can be worn for hours at a time (like, up to eight, ten, twelve hours, depending on how heavy your flow is), did I mention that there are NO leaks?

I can't believe I resisted the idea of a menstrual cup for as long as I did. I'll also tell you that everyone I've convinced to try one has been utterly sold on it and everyone gives the same great testimony about them. I've never known one woman who tried a Diva Cup and didn't like it.

Seriously, it's well worth trying, and it's nowhere near as gross as it sounds. Honestly.

lawnajo said...

I love Shari Lewis! I think every mom can relate when she says, "How do I turn you OFF?!?"

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Ok that's so weird because I've been singing "the song that never ends" since yesterday when it popped into my head. I'm so not clicking on the link lol.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

OK, I'm not sure if I should thank you or curse you for that never ending song. But, since I don't curse, I guess I'll just thank you instead. :) Thanks. Now it's in my head.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, after YEARS of watching ER, you've finally explained the 'L' train for me, thanks! (don't ask why I didn't google it)

Z. from Down Under.

Chris said...

I grew up with stick straight hair and spent many dollars getting perms over the years. About five years ago I let my short hair grow and now it's curly. Not kinky curls but really curly. It's VERY strange...BTW, your curly hair looks nice!!

Wendy said...

OMG I haven't heard That song in it's in my head the rest of the day! LOL

We used to watch that with the boys I used to Nanny for and OY - we'd sing it for hours. That was a cute show!

Love getting to know you better - I've been following your blog the URL from a friend about 6 mths ago and had it saved in my mommy blogs folder but just today I followed you via google now that I have that set up!

Anyways, have always loved your blog so thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

I had to look it up, too and my reaction was...EEEWWWWW!! I've never even heard of that before.

Anonymous said...

haha I bought a Diva cup, didn't gross me out at all - but it irritated me no end. Got to return it and got my money back. I know lots of women who love it, though.

Carrie said...

i'm sure you were expecting this response, but the diva cup is amazing. i wouldn't do it any other way. :P

and i knew what cup you WERE talking about. good luck with all that.

Nina said...

ha can I tell you I have a diva cup and hate it. hate.hate.hate. it is gross. I have no idea why I bought it. now I feel compelled to use it. and did I mention I hated it.

Regina said...

I found out about the Diva cup in my forties and am so angry I didn't know about it before. You never need to worry about having extra protection with you- just empty it out and reinsert. This was wonderful when I was having awful, awful periods. I finally had an ablation, so I don't need it anymore, but I recommend them to everyone. Just cut most of that little tail off of it. It's really annoying. In fact, I and some other readers convinced another blogger to get one and she loved it!

Lyuda said...

LOL...yeah, maybe doctors even have a competition on who can take the best close-up pictures that look like they could be located in the human body. Hey, you don't know...! I always say that it is good to know medical stuff (I'm going for a nurse), because others do not know what you are talking about and thus, won't question it. ;-) I can be wrong but nobody will know..and I will appear so smart..Ah, the advantage of using big medical words...LOL (But really, I don't just babble without knowing what I am talking about..promise!! Even if I like to joke about this.)

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