Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home Improvement (Or Something Like That)

I was invited to a media reception at Kenmore's new live studio in Chicago tonight. Ty Pennington was there. Ty's on my list. You know, my list...

I was all set to go and while I was there, I planned on asking him to marry me. Or build me a house. Or come live with me in said house. And he'd be so impressed by my stellar home improvement skills, that he wouldn't be able to resist. But alas, I goofed up and dropped the ball yesterday which set in motion the events that made it impossible for me to attend tonight.

I was supposed to join in a chat for Goodnites on last night. I got confused on my days and totally missed it. I also thought we had gymnastics then hockey at 7:00. I came home from gymnastics, made dinner and sat around eating and talking with the kids until I realized that we had baseball at 6:00 and it was 6:20. Oops. Being a little late never killed anyone, right?

So, because I had completely missed my chat last night, I needed to make it up tonight. The chat was fun. Missing Ty was not. Then again, I don't know that I could handle anymore ADHD males in this house.

But if I HAD seen him, he would've been totally impressed by my use of duct tape, yarn, and a cheap shower curtain to fix my shower door! See?

Oh yeah! I rock! The kids can't break anything that I can't fix!


Anonymous said...

I like to call those kind of fixes "artistic".

Gilsner said...

You can't marry him, you don't own a tanning bed ;)

I think the 'door' is very ingenius! Well done! :)

Anonymous said...

Loving the creativew solution. But why does the phrase "Tim the Toolman Taylor" spring to mind?

Hugs Dawn.

Robin said...

You are the QUEEN!! Right about now you should be grunting, growling and pounding your chest...Tim Allen style! Just don't start blowing things up. :)

Anonymous said...

There is a website called "There, I Fixed it". You should check it out and submit your photo of the shower. Very creative....Sharon

geelizzie said...

Did I miss something? What the heck happened to your shower door? Or should I even ask?

Duct tape is so versatile that you could probably have constructed a whole new shower with it!

Nancy said...

I hope your kids don't read this...they might consider it a challenge.
Like you need another challenge:}

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I love your creativity. I have been known as Lady McGuyver. I tend to find ways of fixing things too :) I Love this saying " Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver. LOL Kristine in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I am truly impressed by your ingenuity! That's awesome! I think you need to come to my house, I have a few small repairs that need attention!

-Beth in MI

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MISSED TY PENINGTON!!! Btw, my brother totally looks like him!!!!

DarcsFalcon said...

Just thinking of you and thought I'd pass this along.

Also, have you heard of a site called ? It's awesome for helping people figure out how to do typical household repairs.

Not that your shower door isn't wonderful, I meant for other things around the house, like dishwashers and washing machines. :D

Hope you're having a great day!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

DH always says "if you can't fix it, duct it!"

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