Monday, April 26, 2010

Clay's Life of Crime

I'm blogging at ChicagoMomsBlog today. Check it out HERE. You can read all about Clay's life of crime. Oh yeah, and leave me a comment there so I'm not the only dork writer there without any comments. Yes, yes, I am begging.

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Michelle said...

Yes, it's definitely the right thing to do in bringing a child who stole back and having them return the item and apologize. What do you do, though, when the store makes a mistake in your favor? i.e., an item doesn't scan and they just put it in the bag without realizing it?

I 'n'CYST said...

This story has more to it then I am going to tell you but who really listens to their mother in law anyway. I guess when my hubby was little he stole a piece of candy his father being a police officer at the time called in a favor and had an officer go to the house. The officer arrested him (hand cuffs and all) and brought him to the station. After 30min his dad "bailed" him out...Everyone thinks if you just apologize these days that it makes it all better. It's like the boy and the fence, you can apologize all you want but the damage is already done! Way to stand strong!

trousseau4 said...

Hey Dawn. FYI when I first connected to this, the story was not the only about Clay but instead one about a woman battled with her oldest son's mental illness w/ ADHD and other problems and whether or not to place him in a residential hospital. I was a little confused and clicked on it several times and it kept coming back to this story. So I left a comment of support thinking it was you and noticed others had done the same. Then when I read your blog later and clicked on it again and the story of Clay and the balloon came up, I ralized it wasn't you. So whoever the other Mom is got alot of comments/support from people from your blog. Loved the story about Clay. My son took a pack of gum from the market once when he was little and I made him return it to the store. The manager went easy on him too but he was still devastated and he learned his lesson. Keep on blogging Dawn. I look forward to it every day.

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