Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Sound Out

From Chicago, where it goes from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in the span of an hour, it's Sunday Sound Out with Dawn Meehan! Tonight: answers to your questions and musical guests The Plain White T's! And now, the woman with the 88 year-old grandma, it's Dawn Meehan!

I have a question. When you're gone, who watches your six pack? Also, is it weird that people want to interview you and fly you places to talk to you about being a stay at home mom?
Joe watches them. And you know, I just don't get it when people gush all over the fact that he watches them the few times a year I'm out of town. I mean, don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate it and he does a great job with them, but they're HIS KIDS! And, of course, no one goes on and on about how wonderful stay at home parents are for watching the kids so their spouses can go and work day in and day out, year after year. What's up with that?
And nope, I don't think it's weird. I think it's wonderful. I think it's awesome when any stay-at-home mom gets a little recognition for being a stay-at-home mom!

Since you haven't ever had slaw on hot dogs, have you ever had slaw on bbq sandwiches?
Oh heck no! I didn't even know what "slaw" was at first. "Oh, you mean COLE slaw? For real? You put cole slaw on hot dogs???" LOL

OMG.! Who cares if they aren't conducive to hiking, you probably had the best lookin' feet on the mountain! Where'd you find them? And not that it matters, but are they comfortable?
They're the most comfortable shoes I own! They're Sanita clogs. :)

What?! No pics of your hotel room???
I know! I totally forgot! But I did take pics of my hotel room in South Bend.

And check out the FULL LENGTH MIRROR in the bathroom...

Yep, I can't think of a better place to hang a full-length mirror than right across from the toilet because really, there's nothing more attractive than watching yourself poop.

I have to say I am totally jealous that you went to the Varsity. It was one of our favorite places to go when I was in college. Please tell me you washed down that delicious hot dog with a Frosted Orange, right?
Yep. I was told I HAD to. Creamsicle shakes! Mmmmm

Does it [Think it Over Baby] actually cry in the middle of the night?
Oh yeah!

hey in the video in post Atlanta day on, your hair seems much darker than normal! guess cause of winter but still,its a big color change.
Not really. I think this is my natural color. I can't totally remember though as I've been covering the gray highlighting it for several years now.

SSO Q: you said that your dog passed away at the last sound out,well i read your book and on the:we arent having chicken! part you said that brooklin tossed food to the dog,did you get a new one or something? And you also said it when you talked about clay having all those clothing changes on the day of Lexi's birthday,and it said he poured dog food down his shirt. I was just wondering
On the clothing change story, we still had Cody. On the We're Not Having Chicken story, I had originally written that one when I had 5 kids, but I rewrote it and included some scenes from a more recent dinner so all the kids would be in the story. I guess I forgot about Cody and didn't take that part out. Originally, it was Clay who tossed food to the dog.

I was wondering,have you ever played the online game Runescape?
Never heard of it. I'm pretty sure I couldn't find the time to play. Unless I gave up doing laundry perhaps......

Just finished watching your interview on (Thanks to reading your Twitter .. or should that be Tweet??)You were FanTasTic!! Very natural & at ease & Funny! Youv'e gotten to be a real pro at this 'Famous Author stuff' ... and you looked Great ~ can't forget to mention that!!!
Thank you! My mom told me I played with my hair the whole time and needed a haircut. Mothers!

Hey, famous person,Did you know that your book is mentioned as (one of three) best new parenting books in the May Parent and Child Magazine?!?
Noooo, cool! :D

Wow, what a great interview--you're a natural! It was very funny and entertaining to watch. Do they tell you what questions they're going to ask you ahead of time? I would have a hard time thinking of answers off the top of my head like that!
Nope, I have no idea what they're going to ask ahead of time. I've been stumped a couple times on radio interviews when they threw an odd question at me. I think I covered pretty well though.

When kids have sex, they are assuming a baby won't happen. So this sort of project will not have the desired effect, in my opinion.8th grade, though? I'm shocked!
That's exactly what I said. I agree. But I'm not shocked about 8th grade at all.

My husband wants to know if he got a "pretend wife" as well. He said if he had a pretend wife and baby in 8th grade, he would of been single for the rest of his life!!
ROFL!!! Nope, no pretend wife.

Grandma! You're calling your grandbaby "it". What are you thinking?? He has a name!! :)
Well, considering Austin named the baby Satan Junior, I thought "It" was preferable.

And now, The Plain White T's with their video shot in Chicago!


Beth said...

"Well, considering Austin named the baby Satan Junior, I thought "It" was preferable."




Kristin and Co. said...

When the husband/dad/father of your spawn "watches" the children while you are's called PARENTING. We do not say "my hubby's babysitting tonight." No, we say "my hubby is parenting tonight." I'm with you there 100%.

danger girl said...

I totally agree that kids don't think they will get pregnant if they have sex (they also don't think they will get addicted if they try drugs). However there are some kids that think they want a baby at age 13 (or younger). A girl my daughter used to know said that if she had a baby she could move out of her parents' house and life would be better. She was in 5th grade at the time. So while they may not make the connection between having sex and accidentally ending up with a baby, this exercise might stop some kids from doing it on purpose.

Jess said...

Oh god, the gushing on men. I hate it when people just gush because men take care of their kids. Makes me insane, even my husband thinks it's weird when people do it. When we had out first a couple years ago, my family & my husband family all just gushed on & on because of my husband...I was cooking dinner for all of these people, no one offered to help minus my mom, & yet HE was the hero because *gasp!* he "even holds the baby when he's crying!" And I thought everyone was going to cry tears of joy when he changed a diaper because he's just so amazing & wonderful. Oh, & lets not forget it was so nice of him to "watch the baby" while I cooked even though I didn't ask him to watch the baby while I cooked for these 12 people at my house. Yes, people sat in my living room talking about how they were suprised I didn't ask him to watch the baby while I cooked. My theory is he doesn't wake me up in the morning to ask me to watch the baby all day while he's at work, so I don't think I should ask him to "watch the baby" for me anytime either. Of course, he should know better than to wake me up in the morning if I'm actually sleeping...

Bridget said...

So I remember you twittering and asking if you should get an iPhone and then twittering how you got your iPhone. How do you like your new iPhone?? (I love mine a lot!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Plain White T's video. I hadn't heard it before, but today is my 24th wedding anniversary so it was very timely!

Anonymous said...

You like Sanita clogs? Well check this site out:

I seriously want almost all of the clogs on this site.

No, I don't have anything to do with the site - it's just AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I think the first question about it being weird that people fly you AWAY from your home to talk about being a stay at home mum might have been asking about how ironic it was, not whether it was wrong or not.

Anonymous said...

Wow, things are much better than when I was in high school when the kids had to haul around 5 lb bag of sugar. I kept threatenting to bake cookies with the little one. Hehehehe.
In 8th grade,they got hollowed out eggs to care for. Needless to say, the infant death rate was very high that year.

Rick said...

My wife had me put up a mirror behind the toilet, so you know what kind of view I get when going #1. I've discovered that before, when I thought I was finished, I wasn't finished—know what I mean? I guess that was information that I needed to know.

WhisperingWriter said...

Okay, I giggled over the mirror across from the toilet.

But I am horrified about it. I'd probably have to tape a towel over it so I could poo in peace or something. Otherwise I'd be frozen in fear and my imagination would run wild thinking that the hotel employees could somehow SEE through the mirror and were laughing at me while I was on the pot.

Sue (aka Soo) said...

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Mystii said...

Oh! I LOVE Plain White T's and 1,2,3,4! I heard Star 96 play that song in February and had to get it. I hope it is a huge hit for them and I'm tickled pink that you included their video in your blog!

Anonymous said...

The mirror across from the toilet is just horrible. My in-laws moved into a new house that had the mirrored closet run the length of the bathroom. Needless to say, I learned to inspect my feet while on the potty...too wierd with the mirror, two feet in front of me!

Out on a Limb said...

Two things:

1. In Pittsburgh, we put cole slaw on sandwiches. Primanti Brothers sandwiches are a delicacy in this here city.

2. I saw your book in my latest advertisement for Family Christian Stores! I felt such a sense of pride...I guess since I've followed you from the beginning...but it was cool to see your book in there.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your SSO pics: Why would you shut the bathroom door when you're all by yourself?? -Becky

Michelle said...

I'm with ya on the fathers babysitting thing. Then I see the problems -- e.g., my husband taking the wee ones to Mister Man's t-ball game today.

1) Forgot the water
2) Couldn't find the hat and glove
3) Didn't bring anything to entertain Little Miss
4) Let Little Miss go off to the far away park barely in sight distance to play by herself while he helped out with Mister Man's t-ball game
5) Forgot to tell Mister Man the rules of running the bases before he got up (he needs the reminder)
6) Forgot to draw the lines for Mister Man to stand and then to bat (and yes, he needs the help to focus and do it)
7) Planned to take the wee ones swimming after the game but didn't think to bring his swimsuit so had to double back home to pick them up

And I'm afraid to ask what else ;)

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