Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Sound Out - Grrrrrrr!

I had almost finished my Sunday Sound Out when my computer started acting all wonky and I had to reboot. When I came back to my blog post, it was gone. Nothing had autosaved along the way. I considered throwing my laptop out the window, but decided to just get a good night's sleep and come back to it in the morning. So, I'm sorry, but Sunday Sound Out this week is going to a Monday Sound Out. Check back for it tomorrow.


Josh said...

You're fired.

And so is your laptop.

Traffic School said...

Happens at times so you need to keep your cool.

Melanie said...

Wonky?? I've been using this one a lot lately... What is it with this word? My son went to school and said it and his teacher thought he said 'honky' and sent a letter home to tell me about it!! :-0

Funnyrunner said...

Argh! That stinks! I was helping my husband write a last-minute paper in college once (well...he wasn't my husband then). We were in the computer lab at 2 am (in the days before everyone had his/her own computer) and we were just about finished when this chick came along and UNPLUGGED the computer. I'm not kidding. She said: "oh.. was that your computer?" We hadn't saved the last few pages.

Becs said...

Looking forward to it. Have been in the hospital with my 2 month old since Thursday am and hope every night when I log on the computer there is a post from you :)

Michelle said...

Ohhhh that bites. But ummm would you believe that for months and months now (like 2 years?) I've thought it was Sunday Shout Out? I only just now realized I've been reading it wrong each and every time. I'll go hang my head in shame now.

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