Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Four Things

You know the best part of election day? The fact that I won't have 20 pounds of political flyers in my mailbox and I won't be getting half a dozen political phones calls every day. Even Clay voted this week. He had a choice between SpongeBob and Scooby Doo. (SpongeBob won.)
Since there's enough election coverage everywhere else and since this isn't a political blog, here's a little something light for you.

Today Clay and Lexi "flew" down the street on a rake. Broomsticks are so yesterday. I wonder what the neighbors think when they see my kids running down the street while "riding" on a rake. I can just see them shaking their heads. "There goes those weird Meehan kids again. Too bad their mom doesn't buy them bikes or skates or normal toys."

I was tagged for this meme quite a while ago and just never got around to doing it. I'm sorry I don't even remember who tagged me. Anyway...

Four jobs I've had -

1. Cocktail waitress at Pheasant Run Resort
2. Receptionist at a distributor of heavy machinery parts
3. My first job was working at K-Mart
4. I was a waitress at probably more than 25 different restaurants

Four movies I could watch over and over -

1. The Princess Bride
2. While You Were Sleeping
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4. Ella Enchanted

Four places I've lived -

1. IL
2. Land of Lincoln
3. See number 1
4. Illinois
Although technically I was living when I was in Florida and California the past couple weeks...

Four TV shows I love -

1. Friends
2. Seinfeld
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. Ace of Cakes

Four places I've vacationed -

1. This year? As an adult? If it's places I've vacationed at some point during my life, I'll go with the Bahamas
2. Hawaii
3. Florida
4. Wisconsin... wait scratch that. Wisconsin doesn't count. Ummm, how about California?

Four of my favorite dishes -

1. Lou Malnatis yum!
2. Chicken fried chicken at Cracker Barrel
3. Tirimisu
4. Enchiladas - Unless "dishes" really means dishes in which case I like my Corelle dishes.

Four favorite drinks -

1. Coffee Mate Vanilla Chai Spice creamer with a little coffee
2. Sangria
3. Mojitos
4. Bellinis

Four sites I visit daily -

1. my blog
2. Facebook (and I'm very angry at everyone who told me to join! Facebook is like crack!)
3. I'm currently weaning myself from my Pogo addiction
4. the bathroom (it didn't specify WEBsites.)

Four places I'd rather be right now -

1. I'm happy being here with my kids
2. Ok, I hear them fighting now. Can I change my answer?
3. someplace warm and sunny with palm trees and ocean breezes
4. in bed

Speaking of, I'm headed there to watch the rest of Wildcats. I've seen enough election coverage to last a good four years.

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Michelle said...

Ok for the uninitiated when you fry chicken isn't it always chicken fried chicken? Am I missing something here?

Oh, and Little Miss now flies EVERYwhere. With her arms totally outstretched like a plane. And I do mean everywhere. Beautious!

Love your movie choices. No Hope Floats though?

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I'm sure the Postal Workers' Union will appreciate the lighter loads now that election season is complete. Is it just me, or were your political mailers getting physically larger as time neared to election?

Kim Williams said...

Come on Dawn! Don't leave Pogo...it is too much fun! Haven't you tried Everyone Wins Bingo? LOL...I don't have a Pogo problem! Why? What have you heard? I completely understand that one, it is hard to not start playing those games.

We are glad that the election is finally over as well. Now just 2 more months of the news talking all about the post-election stuff.

Have a great night!

Lisa said...

Well..being Canadians we still watched the Election coverage..(like we had a choice)
My teenage son is very opinionated and was very into the the election.
Actually both of our oldest were.
Our 14 yr old actually told us he'd be up all night watching...yet..they showed no interest in our own recent election..huh!

Sila Lumenn said...

Facebook really IS like crack. I have to check it every day, several times a day, to see what my friends are doing. Good thing I don't have very many. :-)

I also love Pogo. Care to share your username with the class?

Monkey Giggles said...

Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. Nice to meet you.

Debbie Yost said...

I am so with you on Facebook! Now I have to go add you as a friend. Have a great day.

Linda Davis said...

Dawn, You are right - Facebook is like crack and so is Pogo! Ha Ha I have to limit myself to both of these sites too! I'm putting in a friend request to you! Linda

Brenda said...

Clay voted well. Historically Sponges have made much better leaders than dogs. Good job Clay!

Mary Jo said...

I'm big fan. Wisconsin counts!!

MistryUnique said...

DAWN!!! You're on FACEBOOK??? You drank the kool-aid! :D Add me! Misty Traver...http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=905130216&ref=profile

I hope that shows up...

LOVE your blog! I call it my daily laugh. (or crack, whatever!) ;)

~ Misty

Anonymous said...

Ha! How funny! It's hard to keep from smoking that FB-crack when it's such a great connection to the world-of-people-older-than-4yo :-)

Thanks for brightening my day!

My name is j, and I've been FB addicted for a mere 5 months...

Jenn said...

Oh MY! I love your meemee. I wish Iw ould have thought of such creative answers. Now this will sound bad. I dont know what any of those drinks are. care to enlighten me? LOL
(Sheltered much?) Yup I am

tutietutu said...

oh, don't even get me started with facebook-yes, it really is like crack! And thank Heavens for no more political phone calls!!!
Hope you will visit my blog someime!! I've got a cute giveaway goin' on!

CatholicGirl said...

I recently did an entire post on my FB addiction. It's not *like* crack, it *is* crack! You're welcome to check it out in your free time! HA HA AHA AHA AHA AHA! WHAT free time? Right! Here's the link:


God bless and Be good!

Iny Scott said...

Dawn, check this image from The CHildren's Place

From right to left, the first girl... is that Brooklyn!?

I got this coupon at the CP and from the first moment i saw it, i thought it was Brooklyn.
Just wondering...

Kelly said...

Thanks for something non-election to read! I got burned out on the whole political thing over the last couple weeks. Btw, I think we have similar taste in movies. I like happy endings - no tearjerkers for me! :-)

Dawn said...

That's not Brooklyn, but oh my gosh, it DOES look like her! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Facebook is so NOT like crack. You can quit anytime you want. ANYTIME.

I'm going to quit just after I check these 341 notifications I have.

Oh, and finish that game of Scrabble.

Ooh. But that girl from junior high that I wasn't really friends with but always wanted to be just asked me to add her...


Erin said...

What does it say about our age when most of our favorite shows are no longer on the air? (syndication doesn't count.) Ah, good times.

Umm, sorry to be nit picky (is that two words or one with a hyphen?) but isn't "chicken fried chicken" a little redundant? Sorry, I'm procrastinating and now need to get back to work.

Cheryl said...

Thank goodness you didn't post anything political. I am so wiped out by this election stuff. And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be grumpy for the next four to eight years! I vote for Scooby! :-)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hi Dawn!

On your tv shows....you DO realize that the first three aren't on the air anymore, right? Well new ones anyway; I suppose they'll live a good long while on syndication.

Congratulations on your book!!! How awesome is that?!?!

Have a great night!

mommyrox said...

I laugh because I watched Wildcats too!

Chris A. Jackson, MI said...

to fully wean from Pog just stop paying.... trust me.... its no fun of you can't play the really cool games like Lottso! ;)

KraftyMommas said...

:0) You are so cute, Dawn!!
And, I just tagged you with some love!!
(It's on my bog... www.kraftymommas.blogspot.com)
:0) Trevor

Shellie said...

I think I have watched those movies over and over...

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Love the "dishes" comment. Har har.

Hoffman Family said...

You're on Facebook....OMG I am going to ask you to be my friend.

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