Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Sound Out

Hey, it's technically Monday now. What happened to the SSO?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cut me some slack. I went to bed at 9:00 last night. I was drop-dead tired and just couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to write.

Hmmm. Ok, this is going to come out wrong but what did you think of the Bippity Boppity Boutique? I was somewhat creeped out by the little girls all ritzed up like that, but maybe it's the nightmares I used to have about JonBenet?
We didn't actually go there. We never made it to Downtown Disney at all, in fact. I'm sure Lexi would've loved it though! She loves to play dress-up and put glitter and lip gloss on for fun.

love ur blog and u got me started on the whole twitter thing (cause i am a facebook status junkie) but i have a confession to make i thought u started the whole twitter idea! then i started using it and realized (atleast i think) that u are just inlove with it not the maker of it i am such a dork!
LOL! Nope, I didn't invent Twitter. And I'm a dork too so you're in good company. :)

It looks like it's about 2-3 years inbetween all of your kids. Does that mean it's almost time for number 7?
What? I'm sorry, did you say something?

has anyone told you that Amazon has your book listed as written by "Meehan and Dawn" ?? did you co-write your own book with yourself??!
Yes, well Meehan wrote most of the stories and then Dawn added some humor to them.

Brooklyn sleeps with you? How does your husband deal with this? I have a 13 month old that I want to take into bed with me b/c she is waking up screaming every 2 hours from teething, but don't want to start a habit. Is it just easier, or is it because she's your last child and you want to savor it, or are you just sparing the other kids from having to share a room with her? LOL I'm curious, not judging. Thanks!
She's just a brat that has us trained and I'm quite frankly too old and too tired to deal with it.

LOL, I'm the same age as Austin (my birthday is actually just a couple of days before his) and I've been reading and laughing at your blog for about a year now. What do you think of that?
I think it's great! I can't even get my own kids to read it.

I know others have suggested this to you before, but I'll go ahead and do it again: have you considered having a maid/cleaning service maybe once every couple of weeks or so?
Nope, because I'm one of those insane people who would have to spend several hours cleaning my house before the service showed up. I wouldn't want them thinking I'm a slob or anything!

Here's a SSO question: I've been worried about you. You mentioned having marital problems. I'm sorry to pry...are things okay?
Eh, the issues have been around for many, many years. I don't think they're going to disappear overnight. Thanks to those of you who suggested we see the movie FIREPROOF. And thank you to Kris for sending me a copy to preview! It was awesome! If you haven't seen it, it comes out on DVD at the end of January. GO PREORDER IT! And have a box or two of tissues nearby when you watch it. Kris told me they've received literally thousands of letters from men saying they wanted to date their wives again.

I cant wait to see pictures of your room! I love your blog, Hey what do your kids rooms look like? that would be a instering blog topic. (hint)
OK, coming soon to a blog near you....

The picture of you 'climbing' up the rock looks like Jackson...could it be the snazzy hair?
Yes, I looked like a boy back then. The Dorothy Hamill haircut is evil.
And I can't believe how many of you wrote I looked like Jackson and Austin. I'm extremely disturbed by that!

So cool to know you've been on a canoe trip in the BWCA. After high school, I went to live in Ely, MN and learned how to fly because I wanted to be a bush pilot. That's where I met my hubby. Been canoeing in the BWCA a few times. Love those outhouses with no walls! Did you encounter any bears? We had a bear steal all our food once.
We had bears in our camp, but thankfully we'd been taught the fine art of making a "bear pole" and had hung our food packs way up high.

Ok, SSO question - Dawn, did you ever have a Kodak Disc Camera?Nope. I didn't have a Beta or an 8 track either. I did have a few albums though. You know, the classics like Grease, Michael Jackson's Thriller and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I read a study about children of the digital age. Some psychologists theorize that they have an inflated sense of self-image because all the "bad" pictures are deleted and they don't end up with the class pictures with the goofy grins or one eye closed. Do you keep all the digital pics of your kids or do you delete the "bad" ones?? The study said that the children of the 70's (our age) have a more realistic sense of self image because we know we can look goofy sometimes and we've grown from that. Whaddya think?
I think some people think too much.

I always have to ask my 10 year old where we parked the car, which hotel room we're staying in and so forth.
"Where the car is parked"! Oh this reminds me of the time I was shopping at the mall with all the kids about a year ago. We left the mall and walked through the parking lot to our car (at the time I had a green van that didn't lock). I opened the passenger door and threw my purse in the car and started to open the sliding side door. The kids were standing there, looking at me like I was nuts. I snapped at them, "Get in the car! Why are you guys just standing there?" They answered, "This isn't our car, Mom!" I looked in the passenger side where I'd tossed my purse and saw a pack of cigarettes on the seat and some other items that didn't belong to me. Oops. I quickly grabbed my purse, closed the door and hoped and prayed that no one would think I'd just snatched a purse out of someone else's car. Then we very quickly walked down the row to our real car. The kids still haven't let me live that one down.

Any advice on how to deal with a know it all brand new driver... (my oldest just got his permit)...
I'm not there yet. I'm thinking I may never let my kids drive.

Oh Dawn, HELP!! I discovered Starbucks last week (yes, I think I was the last person on the planet). I had the Peppermint Mocha Twist Espresso and I am TOTALLY addicted. I have spent hours thinking about this dumb drink and too much money already! Rumor had it that General Foods Intl. makes a mix but I've struck out at 3 stores. Who makes Peppermint Mocha creamer? If I just added it to coffee will it taste similar to the Starbucks espresso? Thanks...I'm desperate to find a cheaper version.
I just bought Peppermint Mocha creamer from CoffeeMate (refrigerated section). De-lish! I love the Gingerbread and Eggnog ones too. Yummy stuff!

When we find ourselves passing the same landmark/turning around I say "Look kids, Big Ben! Parliament!" They have no idea what I'm talking about. (Do you??? Name that movie!)
ROFL! I almost wrote that, but I figured no one would have a clue what I meant! Hee hee hee European Vacation and we say that ALL the time!

where do you find out the google things for your site?
OK, for you and all the people who emailed me about it this week:
I use I'm sure there are a lot of other sites out there and probably better ones too. This is just what I use. It counts your hits, IP addresses, countries, cities, and states of your visitors, the keywords people googled that brought them to your site, etc.

What? No bat poop this time? What is the world coming to when you can't count on some crazy person googling about bat poop and ending up at Dawn's blog??
Could it be? Could someone have just (gasp!) skimmed my blog?! And here I thought everyone read every word I wrote. Oh, I'm crushed. Now go back and reread THAT POST. NOW!


Stressed Out said...

SWEET!!! 2 SSO questions the first time I submitted one... and NO I do not think to much - I just read the study ;)

noexcuses said...

You are just about the hardest working woman I know (I don't actually know you)! It's hard enough to write something humorous, but to read through all your questions and then come up with a witty goodness! It's time for another girls' weekend for you!

If you need sitters, I have two know-it-all teen drivers!

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

hey, is your picture from your twitter profile anywhere on the blog? it should be! it is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

Michelle said...

Wow, it's nice to be loved, huh? People really miss that Sunday shout out. Of course I didn't realize it was Sunday or I would have been curious, too! I need a little more sleep.

And I TOTALLY forgot about my disc camera. Thank you to whoever mentioned that one. Brings back lots of memories!

miss said...

Holy crap, your followers grow daily. Give us a pecentage of daily growth. So interesting. See world stay at home moms are worth listening to.

Candi said...

Don't fret about looking like your sons. Truth is, they look like you!;)

Shari said...

I am laughing! My Mom owned a Datsun B210 HoneyBee. Yeah, it was bright yellow and said HONEY BEE on the said. It was a trippin' car dude! We went to the mall and went to the car (so we thought). She put her key in the door and unlocked it. We got in and DROVE AWAY! Can you believe that? I freaked when I realized there was groceries in the back and it wasn't our car. We raced and I mean raced back to the mall and then the parking spot was taken. LOL We parked way out in the middle of nowhere and found our car on the other side of the mall. I will never forget this! I still laugh at this and that car was my very first car when I started driving!

Dana said...

Hi Dawn - Not sure if you looked at your book listing on but it lists that there are 2 authors, Meehan and Dawn hahaha

I was putting together my Christmas list for my husband and I want to pre-order your book when I noticed that your name was listed as 2 people. I wonder if your publisher can get that changed so you get all the recognizition possible!

Sheila said...

Hi Dawn! I've done that with my car, too. That's one of the bad thing about living in small towns. The cars are always left open. If everyone locked their cars like reasonable people should, we couldn't walk into someone else's by accident!

Glad to know you have unresolved issues in your marriage, too! Wait, that didn't come out right. But you know what I mean! We are not alone! And I speak at marriage conferences! I think the thing that matters is your direction, not your status at any given moment. I'm working towards loving him more. Even if he only brings me flowers after we have sex :) !

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Keren said...

I would have totally gotten the European vacation quote - we use it all the time too. And I love that your quotes are all at least 10 years old and that I recognize almost all of them!

angeleyes Blue said...

I just connected to you through a family member. You guys make me feel younger. We are the house of teenagers. My son is driving now--he is pretty good actually. His sister takes Driver's Ed in the Spring. Oh Goody :)

I remember Thanksgiving when I was a kid...many years ago. We would all pop into the green car and travel to Grandma's. She lived on Long Island and we lived in Rochester. It would take us all day to get there.

I remember the train that wold take us into the city for the Macy's Day parade. What fun it was. My family is now broken up all over the country. We ended up in New Mexico. What fun is that?!

I often forget where I parked. I actually attempt to park in the same general area every time. Takes the guess work out of the equation. Have a great holiday all. Teens are almost home from school and the turkey needs more basting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, loved the Monday SO. So I have a question for next week's SSO: What do you think about Chicago possibly nabbing the 2016 Olympics? Is that exciting/would be a huge hassle or do you think your city could pull it off well? Just curious. I never hear about Chicago without thinking of you. It's always tempting to say I know someone in Chicago because I read your blog everyday. I'm such a dork. - becky

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