Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Forgot Half of Yesterday's Post

You know, I can't believe I forgot to write the best part in yesterday's post! (I'm losing my mind.)

Anyway, when we left the doctor's office yesterday, I decided to make a stop at Trader Joe's. I knew there was a Trader Joe's near the office because I'd been to it a couple times before. I just couldn't think how to get there from the doctor's. I couldn't remember which street it was on. I wasn't even sure of the general direction it was in. I left the office and started off driving in one direction. Clay spoke up from the back of my van, "Mom, you were supposed to turn there."

"I know, Clay, but we're not going home right now. We're going to stop at the grocery store. I'm just not sure where it is."


So I drove a little ways and saw a sign for the next town. Oops. I turned around and started driving back. I drove a little ways in that direction and saw another sign for the next town. Oops. OK, how about I turn around and go this way. This time I got stuck in a neighborhood from which there was no escape. I drove around a hospital, a school, and a whole subdivision of houses. I think, after circling around, up and down the same streets, back and forth in front of this same school for like a half an hour, the Neighborhood Watch people were assembling and calling the authorities on me.

This was the point when Clay sighed and asked me, "Mom, are you lost?"

"No! We're going to the grocery store. I know how to get there! I'm just taking a, um, a special way to get there!" I lied through my teeth to Clay.

"Are you sure? I think we're going back to the same place again and again and again," Clay questioned me.

I admitted defeat to my 4 year old. "OK, I'm lost. Should I be looking for any sand piles to get to the grocery store?"

"You're silly, Mom!" Clay laughed uproariously.

(I called my friend Jen, who told me which street the store was on and I finally found it.)

OK, now back to working on my book......


Erin said...

Thank goodness for for friends and cell phones. I had to call a friend when we were looking for a Sonic, and doing the "drive so far till you hit the next town" thing.

Oh, and my son is the same way with electronics. Can't figure it out, give it to him.

Lucille said...

LOL - isn't that what HUSBANDS are supposed to do? Drive around and around and find that "short cut"?

Glad you found it. Now work work work on that book and STAY OFF of Facebook! :)

Michelle said...

Alright... if Joe doesn't buy you a gps for Christmas, *I* will ;)

Evelyn said...

Joe - Dawn really wants (and needs) a GPS for Christmas! :)

Shellie said...

I can follow both kinds of instructions, but I do embellish a bit and do some curly-cues as I realize I just drove past or jumped the gun on a step or two. Occasionally, I get really lost. My biggest problem is just my personal space, I guess. I have no clue where I really am and so I bump and poke my husband and hit my head and stuff like that all the time. It's frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, I just bet there will be a bunch of comments asking this question. Why did'nt you ask Clay how to get there? Kristine in Michigan.

ClistyB said...

Dear Santa,
I think I may need a Garmin GPS this year.

a snazzy one with oodles o'options will literally blow your mind, you will love it, promise.

Kate said...

GPS's are WONDERFUL devices for a directionally challenged, but it's also great for finding nearby stuff.

I ADORE Trader Joes. Wish they'd expand to the 4th largest city in the U.S. already~! (Houston) said...

You need a garmin GPS!! We have one and it is GREAT. We took it on vacation to another state, and all you do is type in the name of the place you're looking for (like Trader Joes!) and it tells you how to get there. Saved us a lot of hassle in an unfamiliar area for sure. I think you need to ask Santa for one for Christmas!

Patois said...

I'm sure Clay can get you there next time in a jiffy.

Candi said...

Your sense of direction (or is it nonsense of direction?) reminds me of my mother. We used to tease her and warn, "be sure to turn right when you go out the back door to hang the laundry, Mom. We don't want you to lose the porch!" She fed us in spite of our cruelty - and man could she cook - she was never lost in the kitchen. Thanks for stirring the memory.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's technically Monday now. What happened to the SSO?

Tina in Ohio said...

When we find ourselves passing the same landmark/turning around I say "Look kids, Big Ben! Parliament!" They have no idea what I'm talking about.
(Do you??? Name that movie!)

Paula in MS said...

To Tina in Ohio:

European Vacation! I knew immediately what you were talking about! Sometimes it's funny to make your own jokes, even though the kids have no idea what you're talking about.

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