Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

Here's how Joe's father's day went....

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
What the???
Are you ok?
Oh my gosh! His eye's bleeding!
Think we should take Clay to the ER?

Yep, Jackson threw a pencil, hit Clay in the eye, and left us wondering - hmmm, should we take him to the ER? I think he's ok. I don't think they'll do anything for it. But it's his eye. You kinda need your eyes. Maybe we should have it looked at just in case. They'll probably give him some drops or something.

Anyway, we erred on the side of caution like usual and were told that Clay doesn't need to be a pirate. His eye is ok; just has an abrasion. He needs antibiotic drops.

OK, next. My design team is coming up with the most awesome, amazing ideas for my website. I'm so excited about it and can't wait til it's ready to launch! You guys are going to love it, I just know it! Eeeeeee! <---that's the sound of excitement. Yeah, it doesn't take much for me.

Anyway, first off, bookmark so you don't lose me when I switch over (it'll probably be a couple months before it's official). And secondly, would you guys be so helpful as to take a minute and leave me a comment with your 3 favorite mom-type websites? I know you adore my blog (wink wink) but don't list that as one of your faves. Tell me your top three favorite mom sites besides my blog. For example, or, etc. What sites do you love to visit? I'll choose a random winner from all the entries and they'll receive a set of Wonder Pets beanies and a $75 gift card courtesy of Angie at Good for the Kids!

And now for Sunday Sound Out!

Did you find anything exciting on the memory card? Was the watch still keeping time? Just wondering!Sandy, HE, Illinois
I found about 200 pictures on the memory card, but I'd already put them on my computer so nothing new and exciting. And nope, my watch was definitely not keeping time anymore.

How old is Brooklyn?

That is too funny...although I'm sure it wasn't at the time....Let me ask you this, does blogging take the place of the therapy one would need after raising children? least you can look back and make light of it later, huh?
By Kristy
Since I've been blogging, I totally look at things differently. Instead of freaking out over things, now I grab my camera. I guess you could call it therapy. It's sure a lot cheaper!

What do you do when Brooklyn throws a never-ending tantrum?
She hasn't done that because we just give her whatever she wants in order to avoid the screaming. Honestly, toddler tantrums don't phase me at all anymore. It's small potatoes compared to other stuff that goes on as the kids get older. Don't get me wrong though - back when I just had one or two kids, those tantrums used to seriously stress me out.

...I thought of you - 1) You haven't (apparently) struggled with lack of fertility and 2) Aren't you soon due for another yourself?Holly Maudsley
It took me over a year to get pregnant with Austin. I was beginning to freak out that I'd never have kids and I was just starting down the path of infertility treatment. I conceived the next 5 when Joe breathed on me, hung his toothbrush too close to mine, used the same toilet seat, drank out of my cup, and simply looked at me.

You mentioned that Austin also threw a few fits when he was younger. Just curious....When did Austin outgrow the fits? What did you do to handle him during that trying time? Are the rest of your kids fairly calm? Hey, I noticed that you call PJ's (pajama's), jammies. Is that a Chicago thing? I'd love to hear all the unique words that are heard in Chicago. I'll give you a whole list of Texas-isms.Thanks for the laughs!!~Lisa, San Antonio, Texas
I don't remember when Austin outgrew his tantrums. We had to put him in his room when he was throwing a fit. While there, he'd take all the sheets off his bed, then he'd pull the mattress off the frame; he'd empty all his dresser drawers and pull down curtains; and he'd empty his toybox of all toys. I'd actually blocked that from my memory forgotten all about that! Wow, good times, good times.

As far as "jammies" goes, I didn't know that was a regional thing. I thought everyone called pajamas "jammies". Here's a regional saying that cracks me up: apparently people from the south say, "The kids were playing in the floor" instead of playing ON the floor. How do you play IN the floor?

Although don't all kids like gross sandwiches though?By Michelle
I know Austin lives to gross out people with his sandwich combinations. Yesterday he ate a sandwich of a cold, fruit/whipped cream (ambrosia-like) salad on French bread.

The sardine one doesn't sound that weird (maybe it's cultural thing, here in the UK that's a pretty common sandwich filling =) but the others.. Wow! I like pineapple and cheese on sticks but as a sandwich? With OLIVES?! =X
By Lizzy
Pineapple and cheese on sticks? OK, I'm thinking that sticks means something other than sticks (as in branches off a tree). Explanation?

I HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!!! A few weeks ago you mentioned in a post that you couldn't get your scanner to work with vista. I was having the same problem and have now figured out how to do it. Open Windows Photo Gallery, go to File>Import from scanner or camera. As long as your scanner is connected to your computer you can scan! YEA!
LOL! Ummm thanks, but I wrote that August 20th and I gave my scanner to my neighbor about 10 months ago. Thanks for thinking of me though!

Does yours have a list of recipes for invalids too?I love reading cookbooks- this is just one example why.
No, it doesn't and I'm inexplicably bummed about it.

Oh......... Looks very proffessional! Will you come and caulk mine. You are so good at it.I'll order the caulk for you. There will be chocolate.
Chocolate? Chocolate? Did someone say CHOCOLATE? I'm so there!

When I signed up for the caulk single, it asked for my birthdate. Is there illegal underage caulking going on that we didn't know about?! Who'da known?
Underage caulking is no laughing matter. It's serious. If you think it can't happen to you, you're wrong. Underage caulking can happen anywhere, in any town, and to any family. Always know what your kids are up to!

So I after I use my fancy-dancy finger to smooth it out, how do I correctly clean it off? (I figure I should find out before I try tackling my shower on my own.)
By Pangolin
I don't know, but I'm going to try licking mine the next time.

WOW What a great job are you sure that you werent a plumber in a previous life??????
roseys madhouse
Thank you and I don't think so. I like to wear my pants around my waist.

You are putting me to shame. I need to go do all those things, but I keep hoping I get pregnant instead.
Ahhh, there's the difference. I keep going to doctors in hopes that I don't get pregnant again.

Oh yeah - my new doctor (we'll call him Dr. L) called me the very next day to discuss my blood test results. Do you understand what I'm saying? HE called me HIMSELF to DISCUSS the results! He didn't have a nurse call. He didn't just say, "Oh yeah, everything is fine." He's a keeper. And yes, everything is fine. I attribute it to my wonderful lifestyle luck and genetics.

Sunday sound out Q: Who is the most trouble making, hard to deal with, kid? (If not all of them) (Hee Hee!) :D
By Anonymous
They each have their issues and annoying behaviors. Thankfully, they also each have their own strong points and awesome behaviors.

I don't recommend going to the doctor when you're dead. You'll stink up the whole office and make it uncomfortable for the rest of us non-zombie types.
LOL! Thanks Rick. I'll keep that in mind.

PS - do you use an external mouse or do you use the touch screen on your laptop all the time? I had carpel tunnel until I switched back to a mouse - it's MUCH better now.
By Anonymous
I use the touch pad that I swore I'd never get used to. It's second nature now. My doctor told me to take a vitamin B complex to help with the carpel tunnel. What he didn't say was that my urine was going to turn neon yellow. It's a very funky thing. Sooo, if you want to do a stupid human trick and pee unnatural colors, take a vitamin B complex. I'm not a doctor, but I play one online. Please check with your own real doctor before taking anything to make you pee a rainbow.

Okay, I tried a million times to leave this comment on the SSO post, but unsuccessfully...I really must know, and it fits under "medical"--maybe a SSO question? You mention you had migraines before you had kids. Does that mean they went away after? Because it is the reverse for me. Between pregnancy, lactation, and not sleeping more than two hours in a row for eleven months, my migraines went from twice a year to twice a week. So my question is, do you have some secret? Did you make some healthy, drastic lifestyle change? Did the hormones just work out for you? Or is it that mommies just aren't allowed to get a headache and spend twelve hours in a dark, quiet place? Please share your secret, Doctor Dawn. :)
By Anonymous
Sorry to disappoint, but they just kinda went away after I had my first kid. I still get really bad, make-you-throw-up headaches, but now it's only a few times a year. It used to be twice a month. I wish I had a secret cure to tell you because I know migraines really suck.

Was that the Brookfield Zoo? I haven't been there in a while!
By Mere
Yep. We got a membership so we can go whenever we want. We just pack a lunch and head off for a couple hours. It's nice because we don't feel like we have to cover the entire zoo in a single visit. (It's a big zoo!)

I take my kids out for the exact same reason! They forget to fight when other people are around. LOLWhat other exciting things do you have planned for the kids?Our town does Concerts in the Park, so we take the kids there (FREE!) and we also do the Wednesday movies for $2!!!By BoufMom9
We plan on doing some camping (oh joy), going to Navy Pier, Millennium Park, the water park, maybe Six Flags (the kids earned tickets in school), nature center, and we have those cheap Wednesday morning movies too!

Aahhh! They took the fountain out? Why would they do that?!?!
To make room for the human exhibit, of course! They also tore down Ibex Island that's been there since 1936! They're putting bears in that space now.

i think Jackson's tongue is hanging out because he's getting gored in the neck by a buffalo horn.
After I published the blog post, I enlarged the photos and noticed that. Goofball. That's exactly what he was doing.

So do the squirrels just run around wild?
Ummm yes. Are there no squirrels in Australia?

That's a chipmunk, no?
~Dawn S
I thought so too until my kids set me straight.
"That is not a chipmunk." duh
"Sure it is! It isn't a squirrel."
"It's a thirteen lined ground squirrel." double duh
"If you say so."
It's amazing you've made it to adulthood being as stupid as you are, Mom.

Looks like a fun time!!!!!!! Did Joe go too or did you tough it out alone? If so I will give you a gold star!!!!!!!!
Nah, he was working. Just me and the kiddos. Can my gold star say "Sheriff"?

Ok, I know this is way off topic, but I LOVE the Curious George shoes!!! Where did you find them? I have 2 boys who need those!!! (yes, I know I get inappropriately excited over stupid mommy things...)
LOL! I got excited when I found them too! I got them at my favorite store - Target.

I wanna go to Brookfield Zoooooooooo! I miss Olga the walrus - is she still there? She'd be what, 40 years old by now?
The walrus has a name? You know the walrus's name? The walrus's name is OLGA??? Hmmm, I guess I have to pay more attention to the signs the next time I go to the zoo. And to answer your question, I have no idea. We didn't make it over to the swimming animals the other day. I'll check next time.

Your kids really are adorable. Did you pay them to take those cute pics so people wouldn't think that they are heathens?

So, is Austin taller than you?
By Margaret
No. No! Really no! Honestly, he isn't! Neither is Savannah. For real! They are, most emphatically, NOT taller than me.
We're the same height, see? Not taller! The same!

I have a question. Awhile back you posted about a program to download that lets you blog without using the blogger tools. Another program that lets you do more and not put the pictures on backwards! I downloaded it and love it, but I took my computer in for repairs and clean up and it isn't in my tool bar anymore! Can you remind me what you are using and what I was using!! Pamfellow mom of six!

Thanks for the fun posts. I am so glad your little Brooklyn wears her socks! :)Best Wishes,Stacey By Beaded Socks
How on earth could you tell she was wearing those socks? Wow! And yes, she loves her "jingly socks"! Thank you! (If you've got a little girl, check out the link for these cute beaded socks! They're adorable!)

I have a question for you. How do you handle the situation when someone else's kid is being mean to your child/children. We ran into this at our local zoo recently. A boy was intentionally trying to ram a stroller into my 3 year old as we walked passed him. His parents were oblivious and only heard me say to him that wasn't very nice. Am I right for correcting someone else's child or should I have just talked to my kids about his behavior later? I just wanted someone else's thoughts about this.Thanks. Shannon
I tell my kids to bite or kick the offending child. That'll show him to mess with my kids!
Actually, I don't think there's a right or wrong answer. I don't usually get into it though. I generally walk away and say something to my kids like, "See? That's why I tell you to behave! So you don't turn into a little punk like that," at which point they roll their eyes at me.
Remember - please leave me a comment when you have a minute, with your top three favorite mom sites. I'll pick a random winner on Friday and they'll get a set of Wonder Pet beanies and a $75 gift card good for merchandise at Good for the Kids, courtesy of Angie!!!


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Rachel said...

hope clay gets to feeling better!

Spelling bee champ said...

First of all, I want to tell you that I love your blog. As a mom of 7, I can identify with a whole lot of what you go through on a daily basis!

I also want to tell you that I'm a stickler for good spelling and punctuation, just like you. I really appreciate the fact that you spell properly and that your writing is so readible. Now can I go ahead and be nitty gritty about the one mistake I did find? You wrote in your gynecologist post something about a "Ladie's Journal" (I think--maybe it was Ladie's something else). That's supposed to be "Ladies' Journal", isn't it? If it's supposed to be in the singular, then it would be "Lady's Journal" but "Ladie's Journal" just doesn't work. Thanks! I'll sleep better once you fix that!

Aubrey said...

mom-type blogs I love:

All are fun, light reads by/for mommies.

Colleen Durham said...

Don't leave home without a grocery list:

Advice to help keep you sane when your child is far away in college:

Yeah well, I don't understand Dutch either, but I can figure out how to play some of them:

And, I check grades online every couple of days during the school year.

Anonymous said...

I like:
-Juliansworld at carepages
-this blog Dawn Meehan
-And a handbag/purse/headband/card website.

Amanda R. from WA

Duck's Mom said... for a great diverse group of mommies that can help with anything and everything from developmental delays to potty training and even potty training kids with developmental delays. for a wealth of information on anything health related, I feel like an informed mom when I go to the pedi's office rather than just a raving lunatic. for anything baby-related and it's sister site for preschoolers.

as for blogs? My favorite is my friend Michelle's at said...

Step Monster said...

Well I can't list yours but I have been a faithful reader sinc eyou started it!

I also have been faithful to this site the message boards there helps me get through my first child and my second child!! I love them there
another great website for moms would be I have it saved to my favs
and my last one they are so amazing there!


Anonymous said...

I like;; and -MEM (Columbus Ohio)

Jennifer in Houston said...

I would love to check out the websites and blogs that have been mentioned, but it's really hard to pick through the comments to find the links (especially on some). Just too many words to distract me!

Are you going to post a list of the suggested sites to make it a bit more user-friendly? CAN you please do that for us? If you did you would be my BFF! :)

Anonymous said...

Other than this one,theres like only one other blog I read! Anyway this is it

Fat & Sassy said...

I enjoy READING YOURS! But here are some other favorites...
I am private but if you would like an invite in to my world please email at
You do a great job!

momto6 said...

My biggest addiction is babycenter

but then I like

hope all those work I went off memory cause I couldn't get them to cut and paste!

Kelly S said...

Just your everyday average married momma... said...

1) - Local online forum for mommas in my town (sponsored by our local Newspaper)
2) great for safety items and neato "things"
3) for funny kiddlets/baby gear with a bit of a "bad" side LOL!

Those are truly the ones I like the most or have frequented the most (barring people personal websites/blogs)

But I do also love my friends blog (she's a homeschooling mom of 5 and a fabulous freelance writer as well with a few published pieces on homeschooling).

Shelia said...

Dawn, your blog is one I definitely log in for a daily dose! There are a few other moms who make me laugh, cry, and appreciate our shared insanity. Regular moms like us who are happy to make it through each day with our children's limbs still attached and sweet tuck-ins at night.

Another fave that snarks at the celebrity moms is:

Enjoy! And, thanks for all you do for all of us!

LaDonna said...

The three (not including yours) that I check every morning while I drink my coffee is:

Trista said...

Jackie Friedland said...

My three favorite mom web sites are: (life saver when I was nursing!) (has some of the coolest things on there for parents) (full of little ideas from real parents, yay!)

Thanks so much for your blog! It keeps me sane :)

Tara Levin Mack said...

these are 3 of my faves

Anonymous said...

I love your site!

Three sites I like to visit:

Lu in VA

ElleBee said...


Cate Ness said...

Three sites I like are: (because watching the evening news with a baby or reading a newspaper just doesn't happen!) (my baby was born with a cleft, and this blog was inspirational)

I'm looking forward to checking some of the other suggestions!

MatthewT said...

Amelia said...

1. utterly addicted to please help me

2. because they find neat stuff, even highlighted a local toystore that I didn't know about, and I'm going to win something one of these days :)

3. because I will some day be neato crafty like this mom and her guests, I will...

Jennifer said...

These are three I like

Jennifer said...

These are three I like

Mamapajama said...

I have weird taste in Mommy blogs, I know! For good measure, here is an awesome Daddy blogger...

Christy said...

Wow, there are a lot of websites here that I'll have to check out.

My recent favs are:

Jewel said...

Kate said...

Here are my top three "mom" sites:
(for mom's of triplets or more)
(great slow cooker ideas)
(love saving money at grocery store!)

Hope I win!

Blessed Mama said...

Good Golly..only three. is great

Chris said...

My daily visits include::


MPMommy (Colleen L.) said... (when kids are sick)

Nicky S. said...

Theses are the ones I like: (for food) (for anything kids) (next favorite after yours) (for relaxing and fun)

btw..some people have awesome sites thanks for doing this..

Nicky S. from Chi-town area..

erika325 said...

Ooh, those WonderPets are so cute...I want MingMing! ;)

Sherri said...

Fav mommy blogs are:

Bad Mommy! Bad, bad mommy
Mommy Needs a cocktail

Anonymous said...

I visit: (my only connection to the news!!)


kareninkorea said...

I like your blog quite a lot.

I read kellymom dot com EVERY day

askdrsears dot com is a life saver

letteroftheweek dot com has good preschool curriculum

Hoffman Family said...

bonbonmc said... (all time best) (this is great if you are preggers)

Dawtch said...

I have already listed 3, but I want to add this one. Not for the contest so much, as because I think EVERY PARENT should visit this site, read it, and remember it. Visit frequently, lest you forget...


Lizzy said...

Sticks = cocktail sticks =] Like you'd use for an olive in a martini glass or something (only other example I can think of right now *lol*)

Anonymous said...

Here's mine:

You're my favorite though!! -mainiac at

HeyItsBeej said...

::The walrus has a name? You know the walrus's name? The walrus's name is OLGA???::

I'm one of those annoying people who remember almost everything. Which is why I remember nearly everyone from our graduating class. I know...I annoy myself with this curse/gift.

Olga was the name of the walrus at Brookfield when we were little, and I remember because my Aunt Terry's first name is Olga, and I can recall proudly telling her that the walrus at the zoo was named after her. Heh.

Sara said...

I was taking prenatal vitamins, hair, skin and nail vitamins (the little bugger is making me go bald!!) and vitamin C. Not only does did it make my pee lovely colors, my breast milk was a lovely shade of yellow-green!!!

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