Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Sound Out

Hey there! I've been MIA the last couple days because the AC adapter on my laptop broke. My computer would only charge if I stood on my head and held the wire together with my thumb and my pinky on my left hand while holding my computer with my feet while making sure it was pointing due north. Thankfully it's still under warranty and after spending half an hour on the phone with "Steve" from India, I was assured a new part would be shipped to me right away. Sooo (real quick before my battery dies) here's the S.S.O...

Hey! You said the next time you made a cake that you'd try to remember to video it. Did you remember?
Of course not. Ugh. I'm sorry. I did, however, remember to take a shower today. Does that count?

Dawn, does Lexi have migraines?
She never has before, but Austin gets them and I used to before having kids so it wouldn't surprise me if they started for her too.

Something occurred to me after reading your post about the second mammo. If they do the ultrasound to get a definitive answer after the second mammo (and the rather painful stretching and squishing, why don't they just skip the second mammo and go right straight to ultrasound?!?
The technician's son is starting college in the fall and her daughter's getting braces. These things don't pay for themselves.

I have a 10 month old and am considering becoming a stay-at-home mom, but I don't know, it kind of seems like you lose part of your identity. Why did you decide to stay home?
I don't think you "lose" your identity. I just think it just changes and that's not a bad thing. There was no decision for us. We just knew I'd stay home when we had kids. Then again, I didn't go to college. I didn't have a "career" that I'd worked at for years, you know? I had a job that I liked, but it wasn't my life. It was very easy for me to decide to stay home.

What kind of discipline techniques do you use?
the rack, the stocks, being drawn and quartered, you know - the usual.

You mentioned Clay has ear tubes. Do any of your other kids? What do you do when you take them swimming? Do you have the "custom" fit earplugs?
Right now just Clay and Lex have tubes. I've done the custom plugs before, but I honestly don't think they fit or stay in any better than the wax kind you can get over the counter. Plus, if they fall out, it's a lot easier to part with $2.99 than $150.00.

I do have a question, my 6 yr. old has a speech problem. For instance he calls sherbert shorebert. I think its kinda cute so that's what I call it now. Do you correct your little ones or just go with the flow?
It depends. I corrected Brooklyn's pronunciation of the word "truck" for example, but I don't worry about it when Clay says "Fank you" instead of thank you. He can't really do the TH sound yet anyway.

Remember how Bill Cosby used to say that kids are brain damaged and that's why they can't remember something you've told them a million times?
LOL! Love Bill Cosby!

We're at the pool - my crazy 2 1/2 yr old boy is in a swim diaper. I catch him crouching, thinking "he's trying to leave a present". Did he ever! Next thing I know, I see brown water running down his leg (thankfully he wasn't in the pool at that moment). flash forward to the bathroom. No shower, just a changing table and a small sink. Imagine something really gross and runny and you got it - all over his legs and changing table. I had friends relaying wipes to me to help out. Then picture trying to bathe a 2 year old standing in a tiny sink. It was not fun! But at the end of it all - after much cleaning with lots of soap - I had to laugh and that's when I thought "what would Dawn do?"
It cracks me up that you thought of me, but I applaud your resourcefulness! Moms have the amazing ability to handle any situation, don't they?

But I will say that manly Dawn could potentially be pretty hot with the right haircut. How disturbing is that?
So disturbing I might have nightmares

thank u very much for ur laughter and for being u..hehe..may GOD continue to bless u and ur i've got a quick question..while i have a free moment..anywho..i was did u know that ur son had vitiligo? also, wat kind of symtoms did ur kid show for having ADHD? i'm just curious..thanks for answering have a great day and weekend..'ater
First of all, is this a text message from my daughter? I've discovered I don't speak "text". It's probably because I'm embarrassing and old. As far as Jax's Vitiligo - I searched online when I first noticed his white spots. I suspected Vitiligo so I took him to a dermatologist and had my suspicions confirmed. As far as ADHD, it was a combination of many things. He never walked; just ran. He gave up naps before he was 2 and was always on the go. He just doesn't seem to be able to stop and think. He'd run out into the street to chase a ball without a second thought even though he's 9. He has 2 volumes - loud and louder; he can't sit still for 2 minutes, among other things.

but, what do you say to yourself to make the negativity and/or down feelings about being judged go away? i mean, i can "amen" your post and repeat it to myself but i'm not taking it to heart. suggestions??
OK, this is going to sound doofy, but awhile back I got some negative comments and they bummed me out. Later that night, I was flipping channels on TV and this show caught my eye. Now this is not something I would ordinarily watch, but I just felt compelled to leave the channel right there. Anyway, it was all about how God has big plans for you and don't let the naysayers get you down. There will always be negative people trying to get you down, but if God is for you, who can be against you? It helped me put things in perspective.

Although I know that the chances of you reading this comment are extremely low...
Nope. I read all my comments. :) My email, on the hand, generally piles up for weeks...

Don't judge me for my spelling/grammar ;-)
I only judge spelling and grammar on nasty comments. See HERE for explanation.

Thanks to a reader named Tina who sent me a link to this commercial. I laughed out loud!

EDITED TO ADD: Please make a note of my blog address change. It will soon be changing to

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Thanks for the Bill Cosby - that was great!

BoufMom9 said...

Do you know the actual date you are changing over???
I have this crazy paranoia of not being able to find you...LOL

Me, Myself and I said...

OMG! That commercial was great! There are so many times I have wanted to do that it's not even Well thanks so much for the uplifting SOS. I have to say it comes at the best time as I have been feeling down about my parenting abilities. Thanks Dawn!!

Kristy said...

LOL I love the commercial at the end of your post! I should try that next time ;)

Arah said...

That is a hilarious video...I didn't know someone was vidoetaping me...hahaha. I really do that at home when my 5 year old decides to throw a tantrum then she starts to laugh at me instead.
I have a question for you...You live in a small house for having 6 children, did you have that house before you had kids? My house is 884 sf. and it can be pretty cozy and there are only 3 of us, soon to be 4.

dynamitt said...

yay! my favorite ad :) I live in Australia and I see this one on tv all the time now since it is winter here.

I only wish though more parents behaved like her.

Donna said...

Your Sunday Sound-outs are my favorite entries to read in your blog.

Mabunny said...

Hehe, good morning Dawn. Loved the commercial , and I haven't done it to that extreme, but when Nicole used to whine so bad I wanted to cement my ears shut, I'd start whining back at her , about everything, like she was doing, and it made her stop. Don't hitnk I'd really go to that extreme though, lol.
Hope your computer feels better:)) lol

Trista said...

Thanks for the laugh. That commercial is HILARIOUS!!! I have so wanted to do that in the middle of the grocery store. That'll teach 'em.

Michelle said...

Dawn, I so empathize with you on the computer issues. My work laptop (which is the computer I use mostly at home, too) refuses to charge the battery and has for the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, if the power cord gets bumped in the wrong way... there is no battery power left and POOF! goes whatever I was working on. I've been trying to get the tech guys to fix this issue, but no such luck so far.... At least you got Steve!

So glad you use the wax earplugs. I never even knew about the custom ones until a couple weeks ago when a friend with new tubes mentioned them. Maybe it's because Little Miss was so young when she got them? Or I had an ENT who had enough money? Nah...

HeyItsBeej said...

That commercial is a HOOT! I think it's a take-off of this one:

Knitty said...

Thanks for making me smile (if not laugh out loud) with most of your posts. I've decided to blog because of you. That may not be a compliment until my content improves, but the inspiration is meant as a compliment.

My kids are 30 and 28 so the days of grocery store tantrums are over unless you count my own at the check out.

Nothing is funnier than everyday life, and almost nothing is more important than being kind to one another. You get that and I like that.

If you're wondering about the "almost" in my statement, there are days when chocolate just has to come first. Kindness kicks in after a few swallows.

Sharon said...

Regarding the second You Tube video...I actually did that once, just to get my kid's attention! I don't think they EVER acted up in public again! As I said before, I live to embarrass my children.

Mrs. Tara S said...

I LOVE that Vicks commercial. I am going to pull that trick on my kids one day when they are old enough.

Shari said...

That video is seriously hilarious! LOL--my now 5 yo used to do that and I did the same thing once. He didn't get quiet, he got louder and yelled, "That's stupid Mommie." duh!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Dawn, we have used the vaseline and cottonball earplugs, they work great and are even less expensive than the wax ones.

Anonymous said...

In response to Sunday’s sound out. Negative or down feelings.
This is what I do that helps me. In the “very moment” I’m feeling offended by other’s comments or actions (including those my kids make) I ask the Lord to take these feelings from my heart. That I might not feel these negative feelings and that I might do as He asks and love my neighbor as myself. If I allow the Lord to help me I have found that very soon the feelings of resentment are gone.
Dawn, I really enjoy your family and that commercial was hilarious. Thank you for sharing. Susie.

Mama Duck said...

LOL @ truck ;).

Erin said...

We had to order a new AC adapter for our computer and asked for overnight shipping since, I worked at home and needed the computer asap. "Sure no problem, but it would take 3 to 5 days to ship" huh! Seriously, when we ordered our computer it was assembled and arrived at our house within 3 to 5 days. It would take them the same period of time to ship a simple ac adapter. They then sent it to the wrong address. Oh well, after many calls to India we ended up with two adapters.

Chrissy said...

That commercial is GREAT! I am totally saving that to do with my kids...actually I'm surprised my mom never tried it with me.

Anonymous said...

ROFL -- that commercial was WAY too funny! What a creative marketing team Vicks has, no?

As for Bill Cosby, everytime I watch that video, I laugh so hard I cry. I love that!!

Thanks for sharing, Dawn!

Donna in PA :)

Anonymous said...


The question about the mammogram and the ultrasound. I might be able to shine some light.

in early 2004, I was 22 and found a lump in my right breast. The doctor had an ultrasound done first, to try and figure out what it could be ( maybe a deposit of calcium or a fatty deposit since most women have these). Because he could see the "mass" but could not tell what it was, he decided to do a mammogram to get a better look.

A mammogram can see through-out the breast tissue and the ultrasound can see in the breast tissue. If you have dense breasts then they squeeze you extra hard in the boob-sandwich machine.

I ended up having an aspiration (a huge ass needle) stuck into the lump in my breast to suck out the liquid. I cried, it hurt (I do not suggest it unless necessary). That was inconclusive so I had breast biopsy (No it was not my unborn twin like in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding). I had a lump the size of a golf ball in my breast with some cancer cells in it.

It was all taken out and every time I go in for my mammogram (ever 6 months) I get the strangest comments from the old ladies. "Aww hanging out with you little sister while your mom gets her mammogram!" I totally love correcting them (nicely of course). "Nope I am 26 (even though I look 17) and this is my 5 year old. I am here for my mammogram!"


I hope that somewhat answers your question... sorry for the book!!

Cort said...

That commercial is HILARIOUS, especially because my mother-in-law was just telling me over the weekend that she did the exact same thing -- sans grocery store, I think -- with my sister-in-law when she was little, and she never threw a fit again -- at least not one where she threw herself on the ground and screamed. Apparently, my sister-in-law was completely terrified and confused by it. Ha!

AlaneM said...

Loved that commercial - I want to do that sometime!!

And Bill Cosby? He's the best! My fave quote from him: "I've met the enemy and they are small."

Amir said...

Good commercial- I also try this type of thing As Alanem said. but the vitiligo as according to my knowledge is very serious thread which is mentioned in this post i recently see a vitiligo site that say our millions of population is suffering from it and it is a difficult mater to completely cure it.

JEnn said...

I love to read about your daily escapades with the kids! It literally makes me laugh out loud at the end of some very long days so thanks! I have 3 kids (almost 7, almost 5, and 1.5) and am currently expecting #4 in a couple of months. I can imagine the comments you get because I get them so often with only being on the fourth one, I love that you can be so sane and funny about everything! I did want to comment about your inspirational show you Joel! I have read a couple of his books and am currently reading a devotional that goes with Your Best Life Now's so great and makes me feel really great when reading it. It's so hard to only read one devotional day though, but his teachings and books are so down to earth and about such real issues that it can reach alot of people. Thanks for pointing this out and I was thinking after reading about those wonderful recipes, have you ever had a "weirdest recipe contest" now that would be funny...I have some old cookbooks from my grandmother that surely has some winners in it!

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