Saturday, May 20, 2023

The Great Chicken Wars (Part XIII)


After my coworkers did such a fabulous job on my birthday, I was determined to return the favor. Unfortunately, Rachel's birthday kind of came and went several months ago. She was only in the office in the morning so I made a coffee cake to celebrate it.

Phoebe and Dan both have summer birthdays when no one is in school so I decided to celebrate them now.

Phoebe did the best birthday theme from The Office for me, so I decided to do a Friends theme for her and Dan.

I was in charge of cups and ice.

We had a cup banner.

A cup chandelier.

And the thing that started it all - the cup.

And there was cubed ice, Italian ice, and dry ice - ooooo mystical!

Here we are in our cup party hats.

Phoebe is holding the chicken nuggets I made her for her birthday.

But of course, Phoebe being Phoebe, rearranged the cups while I was at lunch duty.

1 comment:

Sandy Marcks said...

I've enjoyed reading your school blog. I hope you have plans on how to entertain us this summer. Chocolate faced Brooklyn is all grown up. I remember her as a baby bump. hugs

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