Friday, September 15, 2017

The REAL Danger Of A Hurricane

When Hurricane Irma struck, I was prepared. I was informed of the dangers involved, and I took the recommended precautions. I was well aware that we could suffer damage to our home and our vehicle from high winds. I knew that flooding was a possibility. I was prepared to go without electricity for a week or longer. I even knew that we may not having running water for a time period. I had plenty of non-perishable food. My kids and I had mostly eaten everything out of the fridge and freezer in the week leading up to landfall. I had a bathtub filled with water for flushing toilets, and plenty of bottles and jugs of water for drinking. I had gotten completely caught up on laundry before we experienced so much as a drop of rain.

But no one warned me of the things that happen after a hurricane.

Namely, the force that takes over your brain after sitting around at home, off work, with the kids out of school, and everyone bored out of their minds. In what I can only imagine is heat exhaustion induced brain damage, you start to think of things to do. Now not every idea you concoct is bad.

I should clean out all the kitchen cabinets.

I should write a blog post.

I should go through email and pay bills.

But then you run out of constructive things to do and you start thinking it would be a really great idea to make Harry Potter wands out of chopsticks and hot glue because - Harry Potter wands.

I'll just play 50,000 rounds of Jelly Splash on my phone because I have no service and nothing else is working on my phone.

I can eat Oreos for breakfast because we just had a hurricane so it doesn't count.

I'll make a hundred chocolate roses to decorate the cake for Codi's baby shower (since her shower that was supposed to be last weekend was cancelled and rescheduled for this weekend.)

I need to paint my toenails with some Pinterest-y polish ideas.

I really should watch every old movie on Netflix - The Great Gatsby, The African Queen, Desk Set, Three Coins in a Fountain, How to Steal a Million, Sunset Boulevard . . .

But the worst one of all -

I decided I needed to color my hair. I went to the store and did eeny meeny miney moe to pick a shade. Yeah. Because that's what sane people do - they close their eyes and pick an arbitrary color off a shelf.

Then, because that wasn't diabolical enough, I decided I needed a haircut. Right now. Immediately. And not just a trim either. Oh noooo. I needed to have it ALL cut off! No need to wait for my sister to answer the text I just sent her.

No need to call my hairdresser and make an appointment for next week to give me some time to regain my sanity. (I'm sorry, Lauren! I have hurricane-induced brain damage.) 

Nope, I need to walk in to some random hair cut place and ask some random person to hack it all off. Now. Because I am stupid the aftermath of a hurricane induces crazy thinking.

When the random haircut person asked me what I wanted, I told her, "I want it short in the back and longer in the front. Oh wait, that's a mullet! No, it's the opposite of a mullet. I don't want a mullet! Oh my gosh, what am I doing???"



I admit it turned out sort of cute. It certainly could have been worse. Still, I know I'm going to be crying over it by the time I go to bed.

All I can say is - Thank God I go back to work on Monday! Let's hope I don't get any more hare-brained ideas before then!


StampingJoan said...

I love the new "DO"! Very cute and frames your face well!

Michelle said...

Hey that's a picture of me! And Melisa! And Momo! <3 I miss all three of you. And you not remember when you were having a garage sale before moving and I stopped by with DD for you and the kids right after I'd had the same hare-brained idea and how bad it was? I don't think I ever told you the story of what my NOW hairdresser said the first time he saw me (at a friend's house mind you, not in a salon). *sigh* You totally got off fine with a cute cut!

Also I need to see the chocolate roses.

BarbaraShowell said...

The hair looks great. Usually I hack mine when I dump a man.

Cindy said...

It is REALLY cute!! I was imagining some short, boy haircut but this is amazing! Glad to know you're all doing well after the hurricane.

Kelley O said...

Dawn, your hair looks GREAT! Super-cute.

Kelley O

mary ann said...

It's cute! I have no idea how much work it will take to style it, but there's nothing wrong with it by itself. You look current without being trendy. One random stranger approves! Unless it's going to eat an extra hour of every day or something. Then I take it back.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? That new 'do is stunning on you! It's very flattering, you should stick with it for a while :)

Barny said...

I was kinda expecting a G.I. Meehan / Tank Girl crossover haircut, luckily your hairdresser knows what they`re doing and it looks amazing, could have been a much hairier experience.

Hairdessing puns, a cut above your usual style @@

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