Thursday, September 7, 2017

Getting Ready For A Hurricane

As my family prepares for record-breaking Hurricane Irma which has already left widespread destruction and devastation in its path, my kids, as usual, have to lighten the mood. These are the texts they've been sending me all day.

On a serious note, be safe to all those in Irma's path. I'm praying for everyone who has been/will be affected by all these hurricanes.


Adelaide Dupont said...

Ah - that family of yours!

The family who messages together stays together - even in a hurricane.

Shellie said...

Stay safe!!!! Praying out here for all of you!

Cindy said...

I think my favorites are "I'm going to Disney World!" and "Pivot..." These were good to lighten the mood but we are definitely keeping everyone in our prayers!

Debbie said...

Your family is a level of awesome beyond a describable awesome. I was laughing so hard at, "hold my beer," that the bed was shaking and I almost woke my husband. In the end, all we will have is how we treated others. The way you love and laugh in triumph and tragedy is beautiful. Thank you for sharing these slices of your lives. You have my prayers for peace.

V1nce said...

Love that your family is keeping up their sense of humor; these are by far the best! Stay safe everyone!

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