Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back-to-School Nightmares, er Memories

Today was 'Meet the Teacher' day here in Orange County.  And just like last year, every school was open to pick up schedules and meet teachers all on the same day.  I have two kids in high school, two kids in middle school, and two kids in grade school, and since I still haven't perfected my cloning device or teleportation machine, it was a trick getting everywhere at once.  Unlike last year when I had a meltdown of epic proportions (You can read about me breaking down, losing it, and crying in the middle of the high school campus here.  Go ahead; I'll wait.  I don't mind reliving the humiliation.) , my super-powers were intact and working this year and I managed to take care of everything.

We had ‘Meet the Teacher’ day at my school today too.  I had two kids show up.  Two.  It doesn’t really surprise me since the reason most of my students are with me is because there’s a lack of support at home.  I can’t wait to see my students on Monday!  I’m in a much better place myself this year and I’m really looking forward to working with these kids.  I love being able to make a positive difference!

After that, we headed over to the middle school so Jackson and Lexi could get their schedules and find their classrooms.  I still can’t get over how enormous the schools are down here.  Back home the middle school consisted of one building.  Down here, it’s comprised of ten buildings and eight portables.  If I was back in middle school, I’d fake being sick every day just to avoid having to navigate such an overwhelming campus.  Oh wait, I kind of AM back in middle school!  I think I feel a fever coming on . . .

From there, we went to the grade school, or elementary school, or whatever they call it down here.  While we were there, Brooklyn had to give a hug to her teacher from last year before meeting her new teacher.  Her new teacher seems really nice and I think Brooklyn will have a good year, even though she was more interested in eating the graham crackers her teacher had set out than in answering her teacher’s questions.

Clay stopped by to say hello to his teacher from last year.  As he did his goofy, spazzy, running-like-a-dork-with-his-arms-flapping thing, his teacher smiled and said, “I miss that run!”  I’m pretty sure that’s code for, “I’m so glad you’re not in my class this year!”

Finally, we went upstairs to meet Clayton’s teacher.  As I filled out some paperwork for her, she talked to my kids.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Lexi,” my daughter answered.

“And what’s your name,” she asked Brooklyn.

Brooklyn answered and told her she was in first grade this year.

Then the teacher turned to Clayton and stated, “And I know you’re Clayton.”

Keeping his head straight ahead, Clay looked up at her through his lashes and said in the most sarcastic way possible, “No, I’m Bob.” 

I heaved a huge sigh and simply apologized in advance for the entire year of having Clay in her class.  Then I recalled Austin telling his art teacher a couple years ago that his name was Paco.  He went by “Paco” all year in that class.  I made a note to go home and yell at Austin for corrupting Clay.

There’s nothing about last year’s ‘Meet-the-Teacher’ event that I want to remember.  And although this year went a thousand times more smoothly, it’s probably not something I really need to remember either.  I think I’ll break out the video camera to record our last weekend of fun and freedom before school starts instead.  I’ll go around and tape everyone talking about school and their hopes and expectations for the upcoming year.  It’ll be cool to look back on that later.

What back-to-school memories do you capture on video?  Is there something special you record every year?

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Unknown said...

I can relate to your epidemic. Although I only have 3 children, I feel like I run around nonstop all day. I have 3 children. One in Kindergarten and twins. My family is down to one vehicle so I wake up, get my son on the bus, go to college, pick my son up from school then try to make it home in time to let my husband have the vehicle for work. I then have to burden a family member to allow me to use their vehicle to take my kids to extra curricular activities. By then end of the day I am worn out!
Love your blogs :)

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