Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Brand-New Year, Deserves a Make-Over

Last year was my first year working in my school (or any school, for that matter). In fact, it was my first year working outside the house in seventeen years. I was so overwhelmed with moving across the country away from all my family and friends, trying to figure out everything in a very new place, and going back to work while trying to juggle everything and take care of my kids all on my own. Because of all that, I didn’t really do anything to my classroom last year. Other than the addition of a couple posters on the walls and a picture frame on my desk, my room looked just like every other plain, white, institutional room.

Over the year, I developed a routine.  I learned to navigate this new place, new schools, new procedures.  I got new insurance and found some new doctors.  I started meeting people.  I figured out what needed to be done in each school for each kid.  I made some friends and learned how to do my job.

This year, now that I’m in a more comfortable place mentally, I wanted to make a more comfortable place in my classroom.  I spend forty hours a week there, why wouldn’t I want a comfy place in which to spend all that time?  And I really want to create an inviting place for my students.  I’m hoping my warm, friendly environment will help make them look forward to my class each day.

Here’s what I’ve done to my room.  If you’re a teacher, please feel free to duplicate anything you like.  And leave me comments with great ideas you’ve used in your classrooms!


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