Friday, July 20, 2012

My Harry Potter Closet Gets a Makeover

When I moved into this house a year ago, I was so excited to discover the closet under our stairs. I fondly named it “The Harry Potter Closet”. You know, because Harry Potter slept in the closet under the stairs in the first movie. Yep, only the coolest people name parts of their houses after ficticious movie characters. Ahem.

Anyway, it’s a cool, slanted closet! (Apparently, it doesn’t take much to impress me.) I figured I’d leave it empty because it’s a totally cool place to play and I knew my kids would love it. Plus, it would probably be a good place to hide if there’s a hurricane, or an armed intruder, or a giant swarm of cockroaches.

However, despite my plans of being the awesome mom who lets her kids play in the empty Harry Potter closet, I ended up using it for storage. In fact, the closet ended up being the dumping grounds for all sorts of miscellaneous stuff (especially my tools). Being a single mom who is incapable of fixing pretty much everything, I have very few tools besides my shoe, butter knife, and duct tape. Still, the couple screwdrivers and other tool thingys I own had ended up scattered on the floor of the Harry Potter closet, thanks to my kids who like to use them for their “experiments”.

After a quick trip to Home Depot, I got things under control and organized. Here are the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of my Harry Potter closet.

thumbs home depot 1 My Harry Potter Closet Gets a Makeover
Here's the infamous Harry Potter closet. It was a dumping place for cleaning supplies and the few tools I own.
thumbs 2012 07 11 23 My Harry Potter Closet Gets a Makeover
My kids like to use my tools and then A. lose them, B. leave them outside in the yard, or C. toss them in the Harry Potter closet.
thumbs 2012 07 20 06 My Harry Potter Closet Gets a Makeover
It's amazing how a quick clean-up can improve things.
thumbs 2012 07 20 06 0 My Harry Potter Closet Gets a Makeover
This tool box from Home Depot is the perfect size to organize my meager tools and keep them nice and neat and off the floor.

A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.



Eileen said...

I have one of those too! since we live in wine country calif, I figured woohoo, a nice wine cellar.... only here it is called the "Hell Closet" because, well it holds all kinds of stuff. no rhyme or reason to what is in there, just a bunch of crap that we absolutely have to keep!and not one bottle of wine is in there! Yours looks smaller than ours, or maybe we just have more crap! no tools in ours, hubs has the entire garage for that, his own personal Hell Closet! It does always feel good once I pull it all out, reorganize it and shove it all back in all nice and neat like! pretty sure we will never have a 2 story house again, because I am not capeable of having a closet under the stairs that isn't a catch all! maybe we will get a real wine cellar next time....glad you are feeling better!

Esther said...

As a fellow spell-checker, I'm surprised at the oops you left in the title of this post....closet has only one "s". :)

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