Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Not an Adventure Until Someone Throws Up

We left Chicagoland today and started our long drive home to Florida. Before we left, Eric came over to say goodbye. And awesome man that he is, he brought us donuts and iced coconut coffee with one Splenda and milk. (You know they care when they get your coffee right.) After saying goodbye to him and my mom, who also came by, we hit the road, but before we could really get going, Jackson begged me to stop at Jarosch Bakery for cookies.



Bailey's Leaf said...

:tap, tap: Um, please. Link needs corrected. How I love me a good story about puke. Girl, you left us hanging. Well, you probably had vomit to clean up. We'll forgive you -- this time. ;)

H.J. said...

Your continue reading here link is not working

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