Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why We Love to Hate Facebook

My car is still in the shop. You don't realize how much you depend on your vehicle until you don't it. The fuel pump went out which caused my car to die. I also need a new distributor, I have a sizeable anti-freeze leak, and I need a tune-up. (I'm pretty sure I've never had a tune-up on this car. Ever. Shhhh.)

On the bright side, at least my car didn't break down on the way to Florida! It could have been so much worse! And, even better, my dad gave me his car to use in the meantime. Two nights ago, at Austin's baseball game, a foul ball landed in the parking lot. Now, I know not to park in the first row for that very reason. I always try to park far away from the field. Still, this foul ball went sailing! It crashed down on a silver car. Ohmygosh, my dad's silver car? Noooooo! It can't be! I ran over and whew! It wasn't my dad's car! Thank God! It completely shattered the window of the car it hit.

I have a cold, I'm trying to get my house packed up, my kids are home from school, there aren't enough hours in the day. That's about it from Camp Meehan.

This is where I've been blogging, trying to amass enough money to pay for my repairs. Check it out!

In a recent L.A. Times article, the author cites a report which estimates that Facebook lost nearly 6 million U.S. users in the month of May. The numbers were gotten from Inside Facebook, a site that tracks Facebook and the Facebook platform for developers and marketers. A spokesperson from Facebook, while not addressing the exact numbers, stated that the company is happy with its traffic.

Whether Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds or losing users faster than I’m losing my battle with gray hair makes no difference to me. My biggest concern with Facebook is why I keep seeing ads for wrinkle cream, walkers, AARP, and wine. Wait, actually, the wine one is good. I mean, I’m only thirty-eleven! Some of those ads are just insulting.

I, like most of my friends, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Here’s why . . .


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